SMC Ceiling Fan Price & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Ceiling fans are everywhere and they come in different types, shapes and design. While the eye catching part of the ceiling fan are the blades, which are usually important features to consider. Some brand designs are manufactured in order to make a statement, and others are just for bigger efficiency. Now whatever your style may be, with a few considerations, users should have no issues finding a ceiling fan that both suit efficiency and comfort needs.

SMC Ceiling Fan Price & Distributor Contact in Nigeria fan

In this post, the SMC ceiling fan is one brand that stands out among the fan brands there is in the nigerian retail space. With variations in motor type, blade number and pitch, airflow, speed, and control types, it can be hard to pick exactly what kind of fan is best for you.

The buying guide is the perfect way to shed some light on your most pressing fan questions and help you find your perfect fan using the SMC brand of products.

SMC Ceiling Fan Price in Nigeria

The SMC ceiling fan comes in two design models, the kl and the k models. This are considered the most effective to circulate air in a room.

Ceiling fans are even more practical than they are aesthetically pleasing. So, for energy-conscious and comfort-inclined interior decorators in Nigeria, ceiling fans are a must-have.

During hot times when the fan is being used in an air conditioned environment, it allows users to raise the thermostat setting without any reverse effect. A large or a more standard size ceiling fan is best. The k model brand is the most sought after and its on sale for (NGN) 27,000. Although prices differ sometimes because of the power output.

Ceiling fan styles today are vast and varied and some of the most striking variance is apparent in the blades themselves. The new types now feature blades bent at unusual angles,or they got only two blades and streamlined bodies in good creative designs.

SMC Ceiling Fan Distributor in Nigeria

SMC Ceiling Fan Price & Distributor Contact in Nigeria tech

When choosing an SMC ceiling fan, the blades are endless to pick from. There are different blade shapes, types and sizes.  With shades of light, the efficiency of a fan is a measure of many different factors taken together, the optimal number of ceiling fan blades is largely an aesthetic preference.

While in general, more blades move more air, the type of motor and how powerful it is, and the pitch, shape, and weight of the blades play a big enough factor that a three blade ceiling fan can create higher airflow than a fan with more blades. Maryanne obi is the distributor of SMC ceiling fan in Nigeria.

Some ceiling fans are certainly more efficient than others, and the best of these fans will receive an energy star rating. Ceiling fans with an energy star rating represent the most energy efficient products on the market, and these energy saver fans are a must have for environmentally conscious consumers.

There are even some highly efficient product brands with only one blade! Conversely, some windmill fan styles can feature ten or more blades and still cool and heat your room quite effectively.

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