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5 ways to build a secure data cloud nigeriantechng 0

5 Ways to Build a Secure Data Cloud

What are the four C’s of cloud security? The 4C’s of Cloud Native security are Cloud, Clusters, Containers, and Code. Note: This layered approach augments the defense in depth computing approach to security, which...

A quick guide to legal software 0

A Quick Guide To Legal Software in Nigeria

The categories of legal software include spend and matter management; eSignature; eDiscovery; knowhow and research; knowledge management; privacy and information governance; contract review; contract automation; and more. Managing a law firm can be a...

Copywriting Tips for chatbots 0

Copywriting Tips For Chatbots

Social media and instant messaging have taken off as the dominant form of communication online. Nowadays, web users have higher expectations than ever before about instantaneous engagement, so real-time communication is essential to providing...