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Portable air conditioners are electronic devices that can be moved from one place to another. The benefit of a portable air conditioner over a window AC unit is the fact you can use it in rooms with or without windows. It is also easier to move if you have a window.

While the portable AC units can not run all day, users should not run their air conditioner 24/7. It is a fact that running your unit always puts strain on the air conditioner and wastes large amounts of energy while in use.

Portable Air Conditioner prices in Nigeria Ac nigeriantech.com.ng

There are different types of portable air conditioners in Nigeria. They can be bought directly from the distributors or manufacturer.

A portable ac unit is your ideal companion for quick heat relief on a hot day. A portable air conditioner takes the hot air inside, vents it outside, and replaces it with crisper, cooler air generated by its internal cooling system.

A portable A/C gives you immediate cool comfort by using a chemical called a refrigerant, which chills the air before it is fan release into your home.

Portable air conditioners need to be plugged into a power source and should be vented through an open source in whatever room it is in.

In this post, we will be considering the different types and prices of the known portable air conditioners in Nigeria.

Portable Air Conditioner Prices in Nigeria

Portable air conditioning units are quite easier to install in comparison to central air, especially if you live in a short-term rental or apartment.

A free standing air conditioner cools and maintains your ideal temperature all while being cost-effective. Plus, a portable air conditioner fan works wonders in large rooms and indoor areas.

Depending on the size of the room, you might need a unit that can produce more cooling to accommodate.Keeping in mind, that all portable air conditioners need to be ventilated to remove the warm out of the room.

Placing them close to a window is pretty ideal or you can always create a vent hole for a more permanent home improvement.

The retail market space for the portable a/c conditioner has been experiencing a rise in buyers pack over time, they are manufactured in various types, shapes and design.



  • Skyrun 1.3 HP Portable Mobile Air Conditioner — (NGN) 80,000 — (NGN) 100,000
  • Skyrun 1.5 HP Portable Mobile Air Conditioner — (NGN) 85,000 — (NGN) 110,000


  • Binatone Portable Four way Auto Deflection 220— (NGN) 60,000 — (NGN) 75,000
  • Binatone Portable Standing Cooler BAC 430 — (NGN) 70,000 — (NGN) 90,000
  • Binatone Portable Standing Cooler BAC 350 — (NGN) 80,000 — (NGN) 95,000
  • Binatone Portable Standing Cooler BAC 340 — (NGN) 50,000 — (NGN) 75,000


  • Eurosonic Portable Air Conditioner ES16 — (NGN) 60,000 — (NGN) 75,000
  • Eurosonic Portable Air Conditioner ES14 — (NGN) 25,000 — (NGN) 35,000


  • Scanfrost Electric Portable Air Conditioner — (NGN) 110,000 — (NGN) 120,000
  • Scanfrost 30 Litres Portable Air Conditioner — (NGN) 65,000 — (NGN) 75,000
  • Scanfrost 3-speed Portable Air Conditioner SFAC 4000 — (NGN) 60,000 — (NGN) 70,000
  • Scanfrost Inverter Portable Air Conditioner SFAC 1000 — (NGN) 40,000 — (NGN) 50,000
  • Scanfrost Inverter Portable Air Conditioner SFAC 9000 — (NGN) 80,000 — (NGN) 95,000


  • Restpoint 1.5 HP Portable Mobile Air Conditioner — (NGN) 86,000 — (NGN) 100,000


  • Elpine Portable Mobile Air Conditioner — (NGN) 50,000 — (NGN) 60,000

How To Install A Portable Air Conditioner In Nigeria

Portable Air Conditioner prices in Nigeria nigeriantech.com.ng

The convenient thing about a stand alone portable air conditioner is that it can be easily installed into any room with one of the following home or office features:
• Casement windows
• Chimney
• Drop ceiling
• Walls (permanent installation)

Portable air conditioners usually come with an exhaust hose to channel the hot air outside. The NewAir portable air conditioners come with a venting kit to make installation a breeze. So users will have to make sure their portable a/c unit comes with a venting kit feature or make their own venting space before it is installed. Follow this simple 3-step process to install your portable A/C in your home or office:

1. Choose the location
2. Measure the venting area
3. Attach the exhaust hose to the ac unit

Portable Air Conditioner Distributor Contact Details in Nigeria

Contact :  MacDonald Ugochukwu
Phone Number : +2347053977576

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Portable Air Conditioner in Nigeria

A portable air conditioning unit comes with many pros: it’s lightweight to make it easy to move and it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with casement windows or sliding doors. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing one of these devices :

  • Energy Saving Settings
  • Fan Speed Settings
  • Cooling Capacity


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