Using Opay App What Comes with it and What to Expect in Nigeria

The every day man you come in contact with during your course of living life, when he hears the word “Opay” the first thing that comes to his mind is “oh no Bikes”. Now considering the state of the roads and the fact that he will be on a bike which is thrilling, if you ask me but it is not always the best for moving around. However this article, shows you that they are other things you can do while making use of the OPay application and not just riding on bikes.

Using Opay What comes with it and what to expect in Nigeria nn

The Opay brand offers a lot of benefits that would interest you, this is not to get you wowed or anything like that but you might want to check it out too. I think it’s nice like;

The OPAY / OCASH: which makes it possible and easy to access credit anywhere, and everywhere through their loan products, with a loan amount ranging from (NGN) 2,500naira upwards to (NGN) 60,000naira. Including a loan term clause stating: the shortest exceeding payment tenor being 91days, and the longest exceeding payment tenor being 365days. The origination fee (maximum): 24% per year.

Take a look at this scenario:”if kamsi selects a loan limit of (NGN) 10,000naira with a period of 1 year, the total fees that must be paid is (NGN) 10,000 * 0,0006 * 365 = (NGN) 2,190naira“.

Security is as important as accessibility, this is the mission and vision being portrayed by the OPay brand which might serve you whether you like bikes or not. It just aids your movement quicker you know. Because when it comes to funds and lifestyle, OPay is a mobile wallet developed by opera and designed for IOS and Android devices. The application allows you live a life of comfort and to meet on time targets, events and some times appointments with ease all from the tap of a button on your mobile device.

When you register and download OPay, a cheap bike ride can be ordered by you using ORide. If you would like to receive and make payments you’ll use OPay QR. You can also purchase airtime and order food with OFood and other’s

yeah!! you do not need to download various apps, it’s all done with one, so no stress and hassle.

Key Features While Using OPay

  • Capital investment (OWealth) : A user can use OPay’s investment platform OWealth for investment where you can invest as low as N500 and receive returns on your investment.
  • Payments by Scanning (OPay QR) : A user can pay and receive money by just scanning the OPay QR code, without cash. It’s very convenient, fast, safe and free of charge.
  • Betting : Fund your Bet9ja and SupaBet wallet from your OPay.
  • Get a bus (OBus) : An OPay user can hail a public bus from OBus for a safe, comfortable and affordable, which can aid payment and ease the stress of commuting in Lagos.
  • Cash in/out :Find a nearby agent on the app to cash in or cash out for unbanked users
  • Subscribe for Cable Tv : You can pay for your GOTV, DSTV and STAR TIMES subscription using OPay and the beauty is we don’t charge any convenience fee.
  • Order Food :You can order food from your favorite and best restaurants from the OPay app.
  • Get a Bike : Using OPay you can hail a bike and pay instantly from your OPay account. Refer a friend to use ORide and you get coupons to enjoy free rides with ORide.
  • Other Funding Options : Funding your wallet is so easy. You can fund from your bank app or by adding your cards.
  • Paying Electricity bills :A user making use of the application can pay for your prepaid electricity with OPay and they don’t charge any convenience fee.

OPay Agent

You can also be an OPay agent in your neighborhood and it will enable you earn some funds from commissions on transactions from users. Go to or email at

You can check on their handle;

Twitter –
Facebook –
Instagram –


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