Fastest Way To Configure Airtel Internet Settings in Nigeria

It is the start of a new dawn!!! As we all know the Airtel company brand say’s in most of their marketing ad’s that “data is life”, in order words we should not manage data.

Now purchasing an Airtel line is dope yeah all fine and good but what happens when you’ve got to configure your Airtel line, and you do not have a clue of how to go about that, so you can start surfing the web. That is what we will be focusing on in this article. This is because configuring your airtel line promptly or manually to troll the internet space is very mandatory.

I know by now you trust that when you come into the airtel family, there is more than enough mouthwatering internet access and data plans to go around for everyone.

fastest way To Configure Airtel Internet Settings in Nigeria

Whenever you find your self in that scenario where by your internet fails to configure/connect automatically, do not panic for you can also activate your internet settings manually.

Chioma Danladi is private personal shopper who is always traveling and on the go, she is always online and she loves it.

Eventually she got an airtel sim card and slots it in her phone and while she is using it, she figured she could no longer derive the joy she used to get while being online and trolling the web. Little did she know that the issue was because her internet settings where not configured and she could manually configure it on her device with ease. She had to go back to the dealer whom she purchased the sim card from.

To avoid being like Chioma Danladi keep reading till the end as i will show you how to do it in just 3minutes.

How To Configure and Activate Airtel Internet Settings Automatically

So if you find your self in a similar situation, for you to gain access to the internet through your mobile device the first thing you need to do, is for you to activate the sim card and this can only be done when you put a call through to the Airtel customer care service team via their mobile number 111 and instantly you will be received by a customer service agent who in turn will see to it that your Airtel sim card is activated Automatically.

After this, a configuration settings will be sent to you through your mobile phone so it can be saved /stored there. Just save it and instantly your handheld device will gain access to the internet.

or you can try out a different method and configure your device Automatically by texting Internet (space) phone model (space) phone model number as an SMS to 232.

To give this more clarity: If Pamela aderonke wants to receive an automatic configuration on her FeroY2 mobile device, all she needs to do is simply text internet FeroY2 as an SMS to 232 and she’ll receive the settings on her device.

How To Configure Airtel Internet Settings Manually

In order to configure your your mobile device manually,Go to settings, Mobile networks, access point names(APN), select Airtel, then pick Airtel Internet, then you edit the following accordingly.

Name: Airtel internet

Access point Name(APN):

Username: internet

password: internet

This is all you will be required to do for you to configure your airtel internet settings manually and with ease. kindly leave a comment if you find this article helpful thank you for reading through.

Chinedu Okeke

Chinedu is the founder of Nigerian Tech. He is a tech enthusiast who has the passion for emerging trends in the tech industry. He is also a professional web content developer.

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