The EE Signal Booster Review in Africa

With a smirk on the reader’s face !! the first thought on his/her mind is ” what is EE signal booster for ?  well the thing is that Mobile phone booster EE is the most reliable solution to EE signal problem. The device is created to compensate the shortage of signal in the areas with EE poor reception. EE phone signal booster for resolving EE mobile signal problems. EE network as well as any other provider in the UK or Ireland has mobile signal problems. The good news is the problem can be successfully resolved once and for all even for us here in Africa.

The best solution is a mobile phone signal booster. This professional device will help to boost EE signal in your house, office, car, shop or any other indoor place that lacks of stable signal.
At you get a ready-to-use EE phone booster set including all the necessary components. If you are looking for Orange booster or T-Mobile signal booster, the EE signal booster set will completely satisfy your needs as these companies were merged by EE.

The booster system consists of two antennas and the EE signal booster box itself. The first antenna is mounted outside the house with the purpose of catching EE poor signal coming from the nearest cell towers. The EE booster box located inside the house intensifies the signal and then passes it to the indoor antenna that distributes the improved signal around the house.

The mobile signal booster EE is really simple in usage and installing. Basically, it’s enough to find a suitable place for an outdoor antenna and then connect it to the mobile phone booster EE with a cable – and that’s it.

The EE Signal Booster (Tech Buzz) Review

A huge variety of signal booster models permits you choosing EE mobile phone signal booster to improve EE bad signal for calls only, or calls with 3G or just EE 4G signal. There are also all-in-one solutions for all networks and types of signal.

Why Do i Have Weak Mobile Phone Signal?

The capacity of EE mobile coverage is on the high level in the majority of urban zones, whereas in villages of Nigeria, EE mobile internet and even phone connection is far from perfect. The reason of EE reception problems is usually in far location of provider’s antennas and their insufficient amount in rural areas. Though, in cities EE signal issues occur as well – in underground locations or skyscrapers on the high floors – where the signal does not reach. That’s when EE home signal booster will help.

Poor mobile phone signals can be caused by a variety of different factors, including location and building type. Before deciding if an EE signal booster is the right choice for you, it is essential to understand the reasons behind your poor mobile signal. Bad signals are caused by the distance you are from a network tower, obstacles in the way of this mobile signal and construction materials used on the exterior of your building. Every mobile phone provider (EE, Vodafone, O2 etc.) have broadcasting towers that are used to broadcast cellular signals to their customers. The closer you are to your provider’s tower, the better signal you will have.

Obstacles such as mountains or tall buildings can also interfere with signal strength. If you are struggling to receive a good mobile signal in your home, office or even vehicle, a mobile phone signal booster such as an EE signal booster can help.

What is an EE Signal Booster?

You can use a mobile phone signal booster to improve a weak cellular signal. It works in any building, whether it is your home or office. It is a small, simple device that sits at your property and amplifies the mobile signal it receives. The main aim of an EE signal booster is to take the existing mobile phone signal and amplify it to provide a stronger and more reliable signal.

How It Works ?

A mobile phone signal booster comprises of an exterior antenna, interior antenna, a signal amplifier and cable to connect all of these together. The powerful exterior antenna needs a position on the roof of your building. This is, so it receives the existing poor mobile signal. This signal passes through the low loss cabling to the signal amplifier that you place inside the building.

The signal amplifier then boosts the existing mobile signal and gives it to the interior antenna which rebroadcasts the boosted signal within the property. You should place the internal antenna in the area that needs coverage. Particularly areas that currently suffer from a poor mobile signal. If you need to, you can sometimes have multiple interior antennas if there is an extensive area that suffers from bad mobile signal.

Top 8 Best Mobile Signal Booster

EE booster The EE Signal Booster (Tech Buzz) Review

  1. Cel-Fi GO X. Best Choice When Outdoor Signal is Weak.
  2. HiBoost Home 15K. Best Choice When Outdoor Signal is Strong.
  3. SureCall Fusion4Home. Best For Budget-Conscious Users.
  4. Wilson Pro 70 Plus.
  5. SureCall Fusion5x 2.0.
  6. Wilson Pro 1300 and 4300 lines.
  7. SureCall Force5 2.0.
  8. Cel-Fi Quatra 2000.

To get better signal try one or both of the following:

  • 4G Calling can offer clearer calls than 2G and 3G.
  • WiFi Calling allows you to call whenever you’re connected to WiFi – even if there’s no phone signal.

Types Of EE Signal Booster

Mobile phone signal boosters are available in different levels and strengths. They can also vary slightly depending on the network you want to boost.

Network Specific

An option for your mobile phone signal booster is to select one specific for your network, such as an EE signal booster. You’ll need at least one or two bars of signal outside the building; then a signal booster should work just fine. Different mobile networks sometimes operate at different frequencies. Certain mobile phone signal boosters have a particular network in mind. EE signal boosters will use 1800MHz as this is what EE operates on. EE signal boosters are then available as either;

  • Home Essentials for a small home or office
  • Business Premium for multiple networks and larger coverage
  • Business Unlimited for high-speed 4G data and coverage for every UK network.

Professional or Entry Level

You can choose an entry-level booster that will cover a few metres. On the other hand, a professional system can cover a much larger area. These different mobile phone signal boosters differ because of how powerful the amplifier is.

Guide to Increasing your mobile reception and getting the best phone signal :

  • Switch network provider. Mobile phone coverage varies by location
  • Take your mobile phone higher
  • Open a window
  • Go outside
  • Keep your battery charged
  • Avoid electronic devices
  • Hold your phone correctly
  • Use a wi-fi signal.


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