Multichoice Nigeria: DSTv & GOTv Customer Care Contact Details in Nigeria

The multichoice Nigeria is a company that it’s specific goal is to provide digital satellite television (DSTv) services in Nigeria. They are the very first direct to home pay Television channel and at the moment they are the current leading top cable television service provider in Nigeria.

Note that the multichoice Nigeria, is a part of the parent company multichoice Africa. Which constitute of (the members of the famous Naspers Group).

multichoice nigeria

Multichoice contact details in Nigeria

Multichoice Nigeria was founded in 1993, as a joint venture an attorney of law, multichoice Africa and Adewunmi Ogunsanya. Popularly known as DSTv Nigeria, the multichoice Nigeria began operations on the 16th of April 1994 and since it’s operation began in 1994, the cable Tv company has put out loads of informative and educative series, entertainment series, and sports services all directed towards the audience in Nigeria.

Multichoice has got two dominant cable television in Nigeria these are the (DSTv) and (GOTv) Nigeria and they have been widely accepted by Nigerians.


GoTv is a cable television service in Nigeria that was introduced in 2011, since it was launched in 2011, the multichoice audience/customer base skyrocketed. You know before the introduction of GOTv, channels like super sport, and the likes of African magic were out of reach and could not be viewed by the average nigerian. This is the breach that GOTv covered and changed drastically. They also have a variety of local channels too just like the DSTv.

The GOTv is modeled just like a mini DSTv created to suit people who are not able to make up the high paying DSTv subscriptions or to suit Nigerians who feel the DSTv subscriptions are highly over rated as we all know that an average Nigerian only watches the television at night between the hours of 7.30pm to 9.00pm western African time.

The GOTv is very affordable and this makes it very popular among all the brands in Nigeria.


Multichoice Nigeria launched and introduce the DSTv in 1996, just a little while after it was launched by Multichoice Africa. DSTv since it began operating in Nigeria, has added a lot of channels directed towards the Nigerian populace. Some of these channels are : the popular African magic igbo, African magic hausa and African magic yoruba, DSTv access, DSTv compact and DSTv family etc.

Over the years, Multichoice has been abused and criticized quite often for the high rate charge it imposes on Nigerian customers which is not the same when you pay a visit to other african nations who makes use of multichoice services, all these criticism were directed to the fact that multichoice did not make DSTv subscriptions pay as you go.

In order words, i have to share with you that what makes the DSTv special in their terms is that it is a (DTH) direct to home satellite channel which consist of digital Tv original video channels ranging up to 17 of them when it was launched. To name a few these channels are : MNET, SUPER SPORT, STUDIO UNIVERSAL, TNT, BBC WORLD, CARTOON NETWORK, SKY NEWS, CNN INTERNATIONAL and OTHERS.


Below in this article, the contact details of multichoice customer care in Lagos and abuja is provided below simply put it this way, if you want to communicate with the multichoice customer care service team, all you need to do is send an email to them at or you can also email them at while their website address is


Legion house 3 kaura namoda street Area 3 garki, Abuja. if you are interested in knowing more about DSTv /GOTv / multichoice kindly use the comment section below.


Address: Plot 1381 Tiamiyu savage street: Victoria island, lagos state Nigeria.

Customer care number: 080 3900 3788


GOTv Nigeria email

GOTv twitter account :

GOTv Customer care number: 08039044688

GOTv website:

GoTv is the most affordable and cheap paid satellite Tv offered by multichoice Nigeria to the end consumers which of course are Nigerians, and trust me when i say they got quality channels also.

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