Yam Pounder Machine Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Now pounded yam meals can be prepared with machines made from technology, it is convenient while using the machine and so far, it has being accepted in the retail market space. Still, the manual pounded yam meal gives a feel that you will not get with the yam pounder machine. But the yam pounder machine is good to use.

Yam Pounder Machine Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria nigeriantech.com.ng

There are different types of yam pounder machine out there in the market space, but the goal here is to show you what the prices of these machines are and where you can purchase this product. Technology has gone a long way to make these processes seem easy.

Yam Pounder Machine Prices in Nigeria

Listed below are some of the known types of yam pounder machines and their prices in the Nigerian market space.

  • Qasa Yam pounding Machine & Cooker QYP-6000 — 55,000 (NGN) — 65,000 (NGN)
  • Rico Professional Yam Pounder —- 29,000 (NGN) — 40,000 (NGN)
  • Smart home yam pounder, Tiger Nut Grinder and any grinder 3 litre — 20,000 (NGN) — 28,000 (NGN)
  • Swiss Yam Pounding Machine Mixer Blender Fufu/plantain/ coco yam — 38,000 (NGN) — 47,000 (NGN)
  • Veronica Food Processor & Yam Pounder – 1000W — 31,000 (NGN) — 41,000 (NGN)
  • Prestige stand functional pounding machine 5.2 Litres — 55,000 (NGN) — 62,000 (NGN)
  • Pinnacle Yam Pounder- 1200W — 30,000(NGN) — 38,000 (NGN)
  • Century Yam Pounding Machine — 24,000 (NGN) — 32,000 (NGN)
  • Binatone Gourmet Machine & Yam Pounder GM-500 — 95,000 (NGN) — 105,000 (NGN)

Yam Pounder Machine Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria nigeriantech.com.ng

The Yam is a daily nutritional food requirement for man and in order to facilitate the processing of yam for consumption, a yam pounding machine has been developed using mainly some locally sourced materials. The machine consists of a shaft, bearings, electric motor, yam beaters, bowl and the frame.

The machine was developed to enhance the hygienic processing of yam for domestic consumption, while eliminating the tedious and laborious indigenous process of preparing pounded yam. The end product of the yam to be pounded by the machine is expected to have the same quality as the ones that are pounded through indigenous process.

In Nigeria today, the prices of goods and commodities will be dropped below the $1 mark and made available for all nigerians to benefit from as this is the first phase of promoting good leadership in governance after the post covid time so do not be surprised if you see the prices a bit cheaper in the retail market space.

Yam Pounder Machine consists of a shaft, electric motor, stainless steel pot, yam beater or blade, pulley and the frame. Mild steel material and stainless-steel sheet were used in the design on its availability, strength,appearance, and cost and corrosion resistance.

A power requirement of 1hp was needed to drive the machine. However, an improvement was made on the size, making it more portable than the existing ones and the use of dampers to minimize vibration with better reliability and working efficiency.

The machine was designed, constructed, assembled and tested according to specification. The performance of the machine was evaluated to its highest level of efficiency of 96% and demonstrated by pounding 3kg of cooked yam.

The designed machine is far better than the traditional method of pounding yam. It pounds within a short period and little or no human effort is required for the pounding process.

Yam belongs to the class of carbohydrate type of food and has been one of the oldest recipes known to man. It has been a major food crop in many of the African/ Caribbean’s countries such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Benin Republic and Nigeria in particular. Also, in some other parts of the world such as Brazil, India, Oceania and Latin America yam is a major source of food.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Yam Pounder Machine in Nigeria

The Yam Pounder machines will become a very handy tool among other kitchen appliances after this post, so before you purchase any yam pounding machine follow the guidelines below :

  • The size
  • The Cost
  • The Power Capacity of the Yam Pounder Machine

Wrapping Up

The Yam Pounding machine applies either torque or reciprocating force on a piece of solid for the purpose of changing its form from the solid state to a semi-solid nature.

There are two types of pounding and they are: Impact (Reciprocating) pounding and the rotary (torque) pounding. The impact (reciprocating) pounding modes reciprocate in its operation.

The mortar and pestle mode of pounding is classified under this class. The design uses the combination of both rotary and the reciprocating mode of pounding with the rotary mechanism incorporated at the mortar sent.

Rotary pounding mode involved the crushing of boiled yam through rotary twisting force (torque) produced from a motor through pulleys and a propeller shaft connected to the blades. It is on this principle that the existing yam pounders are based.

Yam Pounder Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Contact call :  +2347053977576

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