Xiaomi Mi LED Tv 4x Pro Features & Price in Nigeria

Among every other thing discussing about television could come in very handy as most times end users do not have a clue about what brands are killing it in the industry and what is best for them.

So on that note i present to you Xiaomi who is among the best manufacturers of affordable consumer electronics, You know ranging from smartphones to tablets, appliances and smart homes.

The xiaomi OEM company has a number of Tv in its collection but has recently included a new product which is the best among all that has been manufactured from this company.

The Mi LED Tv 4x pro aims to bring up to 4K viewing to homes at an affordable budget.

Coming in as a successor to the equally affordable Mi LED TV 4A Pro 49 Full HD Tv that was released last year, the Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro has everything you’d expect from a 4K smart TV: for instance, it has got brilliant picture and image quality, a credible redefined color reproduction capabilities, powerful image processing engine, Google’s latest Android TV software, pre-installed app store, wide content library, and a slick user interface for awesome gaming experience.

Xiaomi Mi LED Tv 4x Pro Features & Price in Nigeria


  • Memory: 2GB of RAM
  • Storage: 8GB
  • GPU: ARM Mali-450 graphics unit
  • Ports: 3 x HDMI ports (one HDMI ARC), 2 x USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, antenna port, S/PDIF port.
  • Others: 20W Speaker
  • Display: 55-inch (138.8-cm) Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) display, 60Hz refresh rate
  • Processor: 1.5GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU


Xiaomi say that they listen closely to customer feedback, having them test out upcoming features on television themselves, and building an extensive online community.

The TV comes out-of-the-box with two base feet (also plastic) but you’d have to purchase a wall bracket if you’d want your TV mounted on the wall instead.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X isn’t the slimmest 4K TV out there but it is ultra-lightweight, thanks to the plastic material used throughout the body of the device. The Mi LED TV 4X comes in a piano black plastic covering on the rear but has a metallic finish around its display in the form of narrow bezels.

And a red button light to give it a flare on such classic design

Sporting a 55-inch display, the Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro comes with a new image processing engine which will improve visual quality, reduce image distortion and noise, and supply brighter, sharper, and crispier images.

The screen used on the Mi TV 4X is an LED panel which comes with 4K UHD resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, made up of 10-bit color depth and supports HDR10. Whatever content (4K or lower resolution) you are viewing on the TV, expect accurate colors and top-of-the-line viewing experience.

Unlike the other smart 4K TVs with premium aluminum chassis, the use of plastic on this TV was most definitely born out of the need to keep the price as low as possible. Overall, the design language of the Xiaomi Mi LED Tv 4x is quite decent.

While the TV’s design is nothing spectacular, the remote control is fancy. With a total of 12 keys available on it, the remote pairs to the TV via Bluetooth.

The connectivity port is located in their various parts of the Tv set as on the rear: USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, Antenna/Cable port, S/PDIF, HDMI (and HDMI ARC) ports. The Mi LED TV 4X also supports wireless connectivity as it comes built-in with 802.11ac WiFi.

This is part i love the most saved for the last line the Xiaomi mi LED tv 4x pro also features a built-in microphone for using the “Google Voice Search” to navigate around the TV as well as search for content on the internet.


The biggest difference in Tv OS is that the Apple TV relies on being online all the time for its content whereas the Mi TV 4 is focused on a country like India where TV viewing is still largely offline through cable boxes or DTH service providers.

The UI will pick up the channel guide from your cable box or DTH box and integrate it into the Patch wall UI. So, you don’t need to resort to the program guide of your DTH box to know what is playing on which channel at what time.

We haven’t been able to test this feature yet, but we will analyze it in detail soon.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro is powered by Google’s Android TV operating system as well as Xiaomi’s native PatchWall interface.

The PatchWall interface on this TV has been improved with artificial intelligence capabilities that studies your viewing experience and preferences which it then uses to recommend contents over time.

Though the PatchWall’s Home screen is bit complex and cluttered with a plethora of contents and streaming services including Sony Liv, Hungama Play, Sun Next, Flicks tree, Hot star, Eros Now, Jio Cinema, Epic On, Alt Balaji, and a couple of other over-the-top (OTT) media services, the interface gives end users wide array of options to choose from.

However, i figured that it is somewhat overwhelming, plus you cannot disable a service you want or aren’t subscribed to from showing content on the home screen which is just balderdash.

This might be a bit uncomfortable for those who love Netflix because Another downside to the Mi LED TV 4X Pro is the absence of support for Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.

Although the TV comes with Google Play Store pre-installed, you won’t find either Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos on the store because the TV doesn’t support both apps.

Still on still you can watch contents on Netflix and other unsupported media platforms, you’d have to resort to using external media hardware, adapter, or dongle like Google chrome cast.

The Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro uses a 64-Bit Cortex-A53 CPU manufactured by Amlogic to power all its processes. The CPU comes with four core (Quad-core), 2GB of RAM and built-in 8GB of storage for installation of apps.


Search is very interesting on the Mi TV 4. If you search for “RED MAN” for example and the movie is available on any of the services that Xiaomi has tied up with, it will appear in search. When you click the movie, it will start playing.

You don’t need to open the specific service provider app or go to the particular app’s login. It’s quite the seamless especially if you are subscribed to the services on Xiaomi’s offer.

Coming to the audio, the TV has down-firing speakers and the overall audio output from the speakers is underwhelming. The has built-in 20W stereo speakers for louder vocals and decent bass.

Xiaomi Mi LED Tv 4x Pro Features & Price in Nigerianigeriantechngng


The price point of the Xiaomi mi LED Tv 4x pro is totally worth the features it offers take a look: A stunning 55-inch 4K display with HDR10 support, pure Android TV and PatchWall interfaces, wide array of contents, great collection of ports and connectivity options, redesigned remote, decent audio quality.

The design might also be lacking some premium-ness when compared to smart 4K TVs from industry big brands like the likes of  sony, samsung and LG but at the price the device sells for, is totally affordable which is how it is supposed to be considering a country like Nigeria and the whole of Africa at large.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro is available for purchase on several online and offline consumer electronics stores around the nation it however, goes for a price of  approximately USD($) 570 which is (NGN) 205,200 Naira.


I am an E-gamer and a lover of good things, i believe the same goes for each and everyone of us. The Xiaomi mi LED Tv 4x pro is a catch if you ask me because having a playstation gaming graphics on this mode of awesome display is definitely something to remember.

An interesting thing that Xiaomi has emphasized on is the fact that they will not just launch this TV and forget about it.

To add finally you have to know too that based on your viewing habits, the TV will throw up recommendations. If you watch action movies, expect recommendations of action movies. The only downside is that the TV does not have profiles. Other than this i believe it is a must have.

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