Why You Need to Use Google Trends For Better SEO Results

Google Trends allows you to see a keyword’s trending volume over the last year. Why does this matter? Because finding those that are growing in popularity means getting a step ahead of the pack — enabling you to create content around the industry-relevant keywords that people are actually searching for.

Why You Need to Use Google Trends For Better SEO Results nigeriantech.com.ng
Google Trends is a goldmine for market research as you get access to what people are searching for in which country. It’s an amazing tool that lets you refine your research and help you understand a new market with ease. While performing SEO on your or your client’s website, you have the power to deep dive into a specific country and then check the popularity of that keywords.

If you are new to Google Trends and wondering how it can help you in SEO services, we have got you covered. In this article, we will have a look at the top reasons why you should be using Google Trends to hone your SEO results.

Better market research

The first most significant advantage of using Google Trends is that you can elaborate your market research and add more relevant data to the overall research. You can dig down into the latest keywords trends and hone the market research. If you plan to run ads on a particular demographic, then you can easily search for that keyword in that particular area. It will give you an overview of how much the keyword has been searched by the audience in the past. You can also check the keyword popularity of the last couple of hours.

Keyword research

When people think of Google Trends, they never use it for keyword research. But, you can actually perform keyword research to make your content stronger. You will get the exact key phrases that the audience is searching for in a particular area. You will get long-tail keywords that have higher chances of ranking. While auditing the content of your website, you can use Google Trends to extend your keyword research. Compared to other SEO tools, Google Trends is a free platform that gives you more raw and accurate results as the audience is actually searching for.

Discovering seasonality

Seasonality matters in SEO if you are into the product business. You can check the product’s popularity in a particular region at a given point in time. If you are planning to introduce a new product that is seasonal then Google Trends will help you gain accurate data about the seasonality and demand for that product. It’s applicable for products like rain boots, winter clothes, and so on. As Google Trends help you dig down into the data results, you can get many accurate results for your queries.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a robust way to generate inbound leads for your business. To hone your content marketing tactics, you will need more personalized and high-volume keywords to support your content marketing. By pulling LSIs and long-form keywords from Google Trends, you can make content marketing more relevant to a wide range of audiences. You can improve the SEO by optimizing the titles, Meta descriptions, and main content using the Google Trends data. Even if you are planning to use images for content marketing, you can apply an images filter and search for accurate data.

Keywords result variation

While targeting multiple local areas in your SEO strategy, you need to know the results of keywords when they are tweaked manually. For example, if you need to find the search results difference of “local bike repair shop” and “local bike repair shops”, then Google Analytics will help you easily compare the results of these similar-looking terms. By comparing the results side-by-side, you can decide which keywords to pick for your content, ads, and landing pages.

Wrapping up

Google Trends is a powerful tool that can help you make the SEO strategy stronger and help you outperform the competitors. If you are not using Google Trends as of now, start using it and you can make the strategy more powerful.

How does Google Trends help with SEO?

Finding Related Keywords

Google Trends shows you these keywords in order of popularity, and will even provide you with the exact % search volume increase for each one. Sometimes, it will replace the % search volume with the word “Breakout.” This means the keyword has increased by over 5,000%.

Why is Google Trends important?

Google Trends normalizes search data to make comparisons between terms easier. Search results are normalized to the time and location of a query by the following process: Each data point is divided by the total searches of the geography and time range it represents to compare relative popularity.

Is Google Trends reliable for SEO?

If used right, Google Trends can be a tremendous help in developing an effective SEO strategy. From picking a niche to planning a content calendar, to creating a highly personalized marketing campaign — you can get valuable insights on all of these using Google Trends.

How can I use Google Trends better?

To start using Google Trends, enter a keyword into the search bar or choose one of the provided examples. You can also scroll down to see general information about current trends in your country. We can see a breakdown of how popular each term is in every state.

Is Google Trends Good for keyword research?

Most people use Google Trends to find keywords that people use in Google’s search engine. But Google Trends is also GREAT for YouTube keyword research. To use Google Trends for video keyword research, type in a keyword that you optimize a video around.

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