Where to Get Inspiration for Your Logo Design

Whichever industry you create a business logo for, it’s helpful to start with a little inspiration to see what’s already being done in terms of logo creation and style. Unfortunately, logo design inspiration can be difficult to find.

Just imagine: you have received a brief from a new client, and now you’re tapping your fingers waiting for inspiration to hit you. Are you expecting the perfect logo design to magically appear, fully formed, in your mind? If so, you’ll likely be in for a long wait.
Where to get inspiration for your Logo Design Nigeriantech.com.ng

Seeking out inspiration takes proactivity. If you soak up a variety of ideas, gradually they’ll come together to form the logo you’re looking for. The only trick is knowing where to find your inspiration in the first place.

The competition in the market is cut-throat, so you should keep finding ways to be on top and keep your business thriving. One way to do this is by having an excellent logo for your brand. If done right, it has the power to create a positive and lasting impression.

As a result, customers will trust your company and choose you when they need your products or services. Since your logo plays a crucial role in the company’s identity, you should carefully consider its design. You can take inspiration from various things, including the following:

The company’s history

Your logo should tell your company’s story and the message you want to impart to your market. So, what better way to find inspiration than your history? First, relive the moments when you first thought about starting the business and the things you experienced before you got to where you are now. Then, you might just come up with something that perfectly represents your brand.

An example is the giant fast-food chain KFC logo that has the face of its founder, Colonel Sanders. Another one is Baskin Robbins, which is one of the biggest ice cream companies. The pink part of the letters B and R on the logo forms the number 31, which pays homage to its original flavors. While it now has over a thousand flavors available, the logo remembers its history and where it all began.

Designs online

Professional designers like Branding Design Pro have their portfolios posted online. Check their works, and you might find inspiration, especially from brand logos in the same industry as yours. Plus, it’s also a way to gauge their skills and output and possibly hire them to make your logo.

Choose a provider that will work with you every step of the way and guarantee your satisfaction. Some would only accept a limited number of revisions, which might not assure you’ll get the desired result.

Also, read feedback or reviews from their clients to understand their work attitude better. Social media is also an excellent avenue to get ideas about everything under the sun, including your logo. Encourage your followers and other users to suggest logo ideas, and you will be surprised by what they can deliver.

Industry giants

The big companies in the industry have a team of experts that carefully study and develop their brands, including their logos. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should copy them, as trademarks protect them. Plus, the logo should give you an identity, so copying will not achieve that; instead, you can take inspiration. For instance, the leading logistics company FedEx cleverly incorporated an arrow on the white space between the letters E and X. You can take a cue from their creativity.


Your competitors probably have something in common with you, including their objectives, products, or services. So, it makes sense to check their logos and find things you can adopt.

Once you have your logo design, test how it displays on various platforms, including prints, email, and website, to ensure it looks perfect.

Wrapping Up

Logo design is a beautiful and specialist process. The sad news over here is that this process requires a couple of hours even before you can start designing your perfect logo that fits are of the requirements of your brand. In this article, we have compiled the fifteen best places from where you can find the perfect logo design inspiration.

To tell you the truth, being a professional does not mean that you have all the answers. There are times when the old pros get a creative block while they are trying to achieve something new for their clients. A number of designer newbies find this problem quite disturbing.

However, creative professional logo designer finds these situations best through these type of situation. They are able to find their logo design inspiration. Through these situations, professionals are able to find and discover new and unique ways through which they can please their clients.

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