What are the Functions of PR In Nigeria

What is the most important function of PR?

The job of delivering information to a range of publics is part of the process of creating a company’s reputation. For example, companies provide press releases to the media to keep the public informed about earnings, acquisitions, and new goods.

What are the three functions of PR?

The functions of public relations managers and public relations agencies include: Anticipating, analysing, and interpreting the public opinion and attitudes of the public towards the brand and drafting strategies which use free or earned media to influence them.

What are the functions of a PR in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng
Every business’ success or failure depends significantly on its public relations department, and how this department manages operations. The PR department’s main purpose is to deal with the image and message of a company, its reputation, and the way it deals with its counterparts.

A skilled PR team in any organization or company is its pillar and strength to keep the business and its operations running smoothly and efficiently. Professional PR firms work on determining goals and tasks to build efficient and long-term professional relations with their counterparts, customers, dealers, and others.

That is why most businesses look for PR firms in Nigeria to help them build a positive image. This article contains everything you need to know about the PR department, its importance, and the main functions it deals with.

What is Public Relations?

Public relations is a kind of strategic communication that businesses, people, and institutions use to forge favorable connections with the general public.

A public relations professional creates and maintains a favorable brand impression and good relationship with the target audience, by using media and other direct and indirect means as part of a specialized communication plan.

Public relations, to put it simply, is a planned process of controlling the distribution and dissemination of information about an organization to the public to uphold the organization’s and its brands’ positive reputations. This process includes:

  • Information to be released
  • How the information should be drafted
  • How the information should be released
  • What medium of communication should be used to release the information
  • Importance of Public Relations

The main goal of public relations is to keep a brand’s reputation positive and to maintain strategic relationships with the general public, potential clients, partners, investors, employees, and other stakeholders. This helps to give the brand a positive image and makes it appear sincere, prosperous, significant, and relevant.

Advertising and public relations are two different things. Public relations firms do not purchase advertisements, produce stories for reporters, or concentrate on alluring paid positions. Public relations’ primary objective is to increase brand awareness by employing editorial material from publications like newspapers, magazines, news channels, blogs, websites, and TV shows.

Since information on earned or free media isn’t purchased, using it for promotion brings certain advantages. The public does not view it skeptically because a third party has verified it.

Functions of Public Relations

Here are the key functions of a PR department.

Reputation Management of Brand

An organization’s public relations department oversees and evaluates public perceptions and upholds goodwill and mutual understanding with the general public. It enhances communication channels and introduces new strategies for establishing a two-way knowledge exchange and comprehension.

Value Promotion of the Business

Talk about presenting a favorable image of your company and its guiding principles to customers worldwide, and you will have this specific PR function to handle. The mission statement that is part of your company’s fundamental principles can be used in a few press releases to tell the public a tale. Such tactics are crucial to maintaining any firm’s virtue, success, and general welfare.

Community Relations Management

Any successful firm must establish and sustain a strong bond with the locals to thrive. There are instances when businesses wish to appear involved in charitable causes and other initiatives that support a strong brand image. Make sure your actions and voice are seen and heard if your company participates in charitable activities to communicate that you are about this same thing.

Efficient Overall Publicity

A PR department handles the creation and distribution of information to the press. We call this publicity, and how this publicity is done is the sole responsibility of the PR department. Handling mediums of publicity, and its distribution and effective creation, are also important functions of this department.

Publicity of the Products

Customers or potential customers of a business read or hear the product information offered in the “Paid space” of the media. Through sponsorship initiatives, the department raises awareness of the product. Publicizing a business’s products in a positive light and spreading awareness about them is also one job of the PR department.

Corporate Communication

The company’s PR divisions work to increase public awareness of the business and its goods and services through effective corporate communication. They engage in internal and external communication to achieve this by building and maintaining strong corporate communication mediums.


Communicating with legislators and other government representatives to support or oppose undesirable laws and regulations is known as lobbying. Professional lobbyists sway important government decisions that impact a company’s future. This also means dealing with any lawful pursuits and legal actions taken by the government that directly and indirectly affects the company and business.

Counseling to the Management

On subjects about public concerns, top management is advised by public relations departments. Additionally, this entails advising the business in case of a product failure or success, legal action, or a foreseen change. A PR department counsels and guides the management about everything a business can engage in.

Internal Journals

Many service providers, including hospitals, health care facilities, salons, and others, advertise their periodicals distributed to clients. PR departments play a major function in creating internal journals. Companies also produce annual reports, brochures, essays, business newsletters, audio-visual resources, and internal journals. Making web pages about the company’s past and current developments impacts the target markets.

Wrapping Up

A PR department works as the backbone of a company, as it manages and plans everything related to a business or a company’s way of communicating with almost anyone.

The PR department plays an important role in determining a company’s success or failure and also how well a company will be perceived in the outside market.

What are the four basic functions of the public relations process?

This process is primarily composed of four steps: using research to define the problem or situation, developing objectives and strategies that address the situation, implementing the strategies, and then measuring the results of the public relations efforts.

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