Virtual Driver Interactive Pick Focus For Africans

For some folks driving is a hobby, while for others it’s just a means to get around town. Regardless, i do not think virtual reality is gaining momentum in Africa which does not really sit well with us considering the way we Nigerians go off about tech buzz like this. well, maybe structures are not being setup for individuals to have a feel of what it is all about. Still, the virtual driver interactive platform is one to try out on those formal days when you just want to get off and relax or get yourself back on strong behind the steering wheels. VDI’s driving simulators have proven to be a cost-effective and engaging way to provide refresher training before and after accidents to our Postal Carriers and Tractor/Trailer Operators. More importantly, the simulation-based driver safety training has considerably reduced accident rates in the Sun coast District during their trial period compared to the same period last year. In fact, they have had only one backing accident since they got the simulator in Tampa compared to last year when there were 26!

e sports Virtual Driver Interactive Pick Focus For Africans (Buzz Review)

This simulator gives the kids a chance to actually try texting and driving without facing the consequences. They’ll ask them to obey all the traffic laws, use turn signals and concentrate. The simulator shows them just how hard it is to do all of that at once. I’ve been involved in the simulation presentation before and believe the simulator is making a difference. They had several students come back to the platform after the program and tell the operators that they thought about putting their phones down and they haven’t used them since. So if we’re able to change the habits of one person while they’re driving, everything we’ve done to promote safe driving has been worth it.

Teen Driving -The Most Dangerous thing they do

High schools provide many valuable tools for our nation’s youth. But when inexperience meets inattention, disaster happens. There is no need to restate the agonizing crash statistics for our 19-23year olds – they are horrific. So if the single greatest threat to a teen’s future is a car crash, why are most schools happy to ignore it and just leave it up to parents? Schools do not leave learning science or math up to the parents and those aren’t even dangerous to your health!

There is so much promising technology out there for medical breakthroughs, reusable rockets, and the potentially limitless speed and accessibility of information.

As exciting as those are, NONE of them will as directly affect a teen’s future as a crash does. After all, parents, school board members, and local businesses all care about teen safety but have grown accustomed to ignoring “accidents” when teens are involved. They aren’t accidents – they are MISTAKES caused by inexperience and a lack of “investment” in helping them anticipate the dangers of driving.

Millennial Employees Learn Differently

jon armstrong Virtual Driver Interactive Pick Focus For Africans (Buzz Review)

Millennial employees learn differently probably because they grew up differently. Unlike Baby Boomers and Generation X, Generation Y (aka Millennials) grew up totally comfortable with technology. Where it becomes relevant is that there are 80 million members of this group and as more baby boomers retire, generation Y becomes a vital component of the workforce. Their work styles and career expectations are distinctly different. This group is tech-savvy and requires work to be both fun and challenging.

Its a whole new world: The way people Learn

This current generation has grown up under the ‘digital wave’ with fast paced, individualized man-device interactions. Compared to previous generations, they have more knowledge of advanced technology. They have learned and expect to learn the same way when they join a company – fast paced, highly interactive multimedia interactions.

So, Whats the Most Effective Training Mechanism

virtual driver interactive

Simulation Training. Specifically, simulations that include hands-on training with what you actually use do and see when doing the task. The best would include the most natural interactions with the simulation experience. The more interaction involved the better. Think of the phone with a touch screen making it more personal than a keyboard. Think of SIRI where your voice controls the device’s actions. That is where we are heading with an economic model of highly interactive and realistic immersive virtual training. Better yet, the training would be conducted in an environment highly similar to the one in which the person will be working.

In summary, the millennial workforce grew up in a world pervasive with technology. Using innovative training including simulation is the optimal way to engage them and teach them new concepts.

Distracted Driving or walking – Who is to blame for the spike

Cellphone use among walkers and drivers is on the rise and so are the safety issues related to distracted walking. We are all well aware of the deadly consequences of distracted driving. But distracted walking?

Does Simulation Training really work?

virtual driver interactive

We are asked all the time if simulation-based training is really effective. The answer is a YES. Simulation training dates back to 1950s and has proven to be an effective training tool for the military and first responders. Before pilots fly the world’s most advanced fighter jets, they fly first on simulators


I can not stress this enough, i really do think that e-sports will do incredible things in Africa especially in Nigeria as using the virtual driver interactive platform will boost investments and ensure effective change in behaviors associated with distracted driving.

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