Video Camera Review & Prices in Nigeria

Its over a decade now and almost every one has a video camera on any small or large mobile device you have access to,all thanks to technology. But that will not make us switch and kick out the main devices that get the job done and done really well.

As much as the mobile video camera are the in thing now, an actual video camera is used for electronic motion picture acquisition. And this device was created specifically for the television industry but unfortunately, it is now common and known in other applications every where.

Video Camera Review & Prices in Nigeria

Video cameras are available in different shapes, sizes, types, brands, price and designs. So when looking to get one the main feature you should be focused on are the video cameras with high optical zoom range why because they are the most important feature in every one there is. And ofcourse they are really suitable for wedding coverage even when you want to find them in video cam drones too.

In this post, you will get to see the prices of various video camera brands and types in Nigeria.

Video Camera Prices in Nigeria

You can capture your best life in style with some of the biggest brands there is, some like sony or panasonic action cams to recording binoculars or casual broadcast quality for TV stations.

Boblov Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • ORDRO HDV-D395 HD camcorder — (NGN) 45,000 — (NGN) 50,000 naira
  • WN9 1296P full HD Camcorder — (NGN) 28,000 — (NGN) 30,000 naira
  • AEE HD 60 Sport dash car Camcorder — (NGN) 70,000 — (NGN) 80,000 naira

Sony Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • MHS-FS2 Bloggie Due Camcorder — (NGN) 73,000 — (NGN) 76,000 naira
  • Digital Camera Video Camcorder — (NGN) 20,000 — (NGN) 26,000 naira
  • PWX-Z10 Camcorder — (NGN) 1,600,000 — (NGN) 1,800,000 naira
  • HVR-Z5 Professional HDV Camcorder — (NGN) 1,300,000 — (NGN) 1,400,000 naira
  • HXR-MC2500 Camcorder — (NGN) 520,000 — (NGN) 550,000 naira
  • Action Camera (HDR-AS30V) — (NGN) 90,000 — (NGN) 100,000 naira
  • PXW-X160 full HD Handheld Camcorder — (NGN) 1,800,000 — (NGN) 2,000,000 naira
  • HC-V160 Camcorder — (NGN) 80,000 — (NGN) 90,000 naira
  • HDR-CX405 Handy Camcorder — (NGN) 85,000 — (NGN) 120,000 naira
  • HXR-NX5 Professional Camcorder — (NGN) 1,300,000 — (NGN) 1,700,000 naira
  • FDR-AXI Digital 4K Camcorder — (NGN) 1,700,000 — (NGN) 1,900,000 naira

Panasonic Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

Video Camera Review & Prices in Nigeria sonic

As we all know, the best video cams can make even the worst routine videos look awesome like 95% of the time. The most known and common type of video camera is the camcorder. Obviously they record videos and they’ve got amazing video memory capacity. Also to add they are wi-fi enabled so you can upload as soon as you are done recording now that the measures of life moving forward and reality videos are the real shit.

  • HC-X1000 DCI Camcorder — (NGN) 900,000 — (NGN) 920,000 naira
  • HC V160 Camcorder — (NGN) 115,000 — (NGN) 120,000 naira
  • HC V100 Camcorder — (NGN) 80,000 — (NGN) 90,000 naira
  • AG-AC130EN Camcorder — (NGN) 1,300,000 — (NGN) 1,400,000 naira
  • HC-V180 Camcorder — (NGN) 90,000 — (NGN) 140,000 naira
  • MDH2 HD Professional Camcorder — (NGN) 350,000 — (NGN) 360,000 naira

Canon Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • LEGRIA HF R706 Camcorder — (NGN) 125,000 — (NGN) 134,000 naira
  • LEGRIA HF R806 Camcorder — (NGN) 150,000 — (NGN) 160,000 naira
  • VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder — (NGN) 120,000 — (NGN) 130,000 naira
  • XA11 Compact HD Camcorder — (NGN) 560,000 — (NGN) 600,000 naira
  • XA30 Professional Camcorder — (NGN) 480,000 — (NGN) 520,000 naira
  • XF205 HD Professional Camcorder — (NGN) 1,000,000 — (NGN) 1,200,000 naira

Top 2 Best Cameras for Shooting Video in 2020

  • Canon EOS 70D :  the Canon EOS 80D carries on the tradition, and is a worthy consideration for shooting video) – my top pick for best overall DSLR camera for shooting video.
  • Canon EOS 80D and 70D : Superb DSLRs for shooting video this is Canon’s innovative, responsive Dual Pixel Auto-Focus (DPAF) system.

Is it worth recording in 4k?

4K Capture Looks Better Every time. You can’t even think about that. You know why, because capturing four times the amount of information you need won’t produce an image that’s four times better looking, but the end result will be noticeably sharper. You’ll also reduce the chance of color banding, since most cameras record 4K at a higher bitrate.

Things to consider Before Purchase

  • Budget
  • The lens Quality
  • Memory Capacity
  • The Size
  • The design

If you’d like to make a decision to purchase now click here >>>

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