UPS Review & Prices in Nigeria

An uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source (UPS) is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails. It also provides protection from power surges. However, UPS isn’t only restricted to computer, it can also be used with other devices like your Tv set.

The UPS system works with the aid of a battery that kicks in once there is a loss of power from the primary source. If you’re using the computer at this time, you can save the data you are working on and shutdown your system before the UPS power runs out. Also, when there is a power surge, the UPS intercepts the surge so thats it doesn’t damage the computer.

UPS Review & Prices in Nigeria


Specifically, a UPS system works by converts incoming AC to DC through a rectifier, and converts it back with an inverter. The device has batteries or flywheels which are used to store energy for use in the case of power or utility failure. A bypass circuit routes power around the rectifier and inverter, running the IT load on incoming utility or generator power.

Prices of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in Nigeria

If you’re looking to purchase a UPS system for your home or office needs, you can find the prices of prominent brands of this device on this page. These include the likes of the mercury UPS range which is widely used in Nigeria and they are also known for it’s stable performance.

Vectronic UPS Prices in Nigeria

This range of UPS device, deep cycle batteries, inverters, AVR and other alternative power products are known to be well designed to meet world international standards.

  • Vectronic 600VA Vectronic UPS —- (NGN) 10,500 naira
  • Vectronic 1KVA Vectronic UPS — (NGN) 22,000 naira
  • Vectronic 1KVA Vectronic Online UPS — (NGN) 70,500 naira
  • Vectronic 1.5KVA Vectronic Offline UPS — (NGN) 34,500 naira
  • Vectronic 12V 100AH Vectronic Battery — (NGN) 52,500 naira
  • Vectronic Double Conversion Online Tower UPS – 2KVA — (NGN) 140,460 naira — (NGN) 145,500 naira.
  • Vectronic Double Conversion Online Tower UPS – 3KVA — (NGN) 160,000 naira — (NGN) 180,000 naira.
  • Vectronic Double Conversion Online Tower UPS – 6KVA — (NGN) 370,000 naira — (NGN) 390,000 naira.
  • Vectronic Double Conversion Online Tower UPS – 10KVA — (NGN) 450,000 naira.
  • Universal 30KVA Vectronic C-V Series Online UPS —- (NGN) 1,998,000 naira.

Blue Gate UPS Prices in Nigeria

Blue Gate brand is the most sort after when it comes to UPS market space in Nigeria. The company is known for reliability.

  • Blue Gate UPS 2.0KVA — (NGN) 38,500 naira
  • Blue Gate UPS 1.5KVA — (NGN) 28,000 naira — (NGN) 31,000 naira
  • Blue Gate UPS 653KVA —- (NGN) 12,000 naira
  • Blue Gate UPS 1.2KVA  — (NGN) 25,500 naira — (NGN) 28,000 naira

Binatone UPS Prices in Nigeria

UPS Review & Prices in Nigeria

  • Binatone UPS 1500 — (NGN) 27,699 — (NGN) 30,418 naira
  • Binatone UPS 1200 — (NGN) 26,252 naira

Mercury UPS Prices in Nigeria

  • Mercury – Elite 3000va Pro – 3KVA UPS — (NGN) 89,000 naira — (NGN) 110,000 naira
  • Mercury – Elite 1000VA UPS — (NGN) 17,850 — (NGN) 29,000 naira
  • Mercury – Elite 1200VA (1.2KVA) PRO UPS (NGN) 29,300 naira — (NGN) 37,000 naira
  • Mercury – Elite 650VA UPS – Black — (NGN) 12,000 naira — (NGN) 21,000 naira
  • Mercury – Elite 1500VA (1.5KVA) UPS — (NGN) 31,950 naira — (NGN) 43,000 naira
  • Mercury – Elite 2000VA (2KVA) PRO UPS — (NGN) 39,750 naira — (NGN) 65,000 naira
  • Mercury – Elite 1200 Pro Line Interactive UPS – 1.2 KVA — (NGN) 24,999 naira — (NGN) 40,000 naira

Common Power Problems

The primary role of any UPS is to provide short-term power when the input power source fails. However, most UPS units are also capable in varying degrees of correcting common utility power problems:

  • Voltage spike or sustained overvoltage
  • Momentary or sustained reduction in input voltage
  • Voltage sag
  • Noise, defined as a high frequency transient or oscillation, usually injected into the line by nearby equipment
  • Instability of the mains frequency
  • Harmonic distortion, defined as a departure from the ideal sinusoidal waveform expected on the line

Some manufacturers of UPS units categorize their products in accordance with the number of power-related problems they address.

UPS Review & Prices in Nigeria

Wrapping UP

In low-voltage conditions the UPS will use more current than normal so it may need a higher current circuit than a normal device. For example, to power a 1000-W device at 120 V, the UPS will draw 8.33 A. If a brownout occurs and the voltage drops to 100 V, the UPS will draw 10 A to compensate. This also works in reverse, so that in an over-voltage condition, the UPS will need less current.

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