Top Web Conferencing & Online Meeting Software

Web conferencing software allows participants to conduct or attend meetings via the internet. This is also known as online meeting software or sometimes simply video conferencing itself. It enables remote meetings based on VoIP, online video, instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing.
Top Web Conferencing and Online Meeting Software

If you value ubiquitousness and familiarity, then Zoom just might be the best meeting app. It is the most used app, by far, in the web conferencing software market, with Datanyze estimating Zoom takes a whopping 72.56% of the market share as of August 2021. And with its free plan, it comes at no cost to you.

Web conferencing enables easy online communications with potential customers, clients and even your loved ones throughout the world with just a single click. What makes it different from Webinar? The web conferencing software have a more personalized touch, where one can share the computer screen only with selective participants.

With the help of web conferencing, people can interconnect with clients from other companies and collaborate on different projects which can enhance the business.

Here are some of the top web conferencing software which have helped in interconnecting with clients from all over the world.


An interesting web conferencing tool which seamlessly unifies cloud video conferencing, online meetings and online training and webinars in a single innate platform. This highly desktop, PC and mobile compatible tool comes with a unique set of features which enable the users to use it for various activities, including online collaborations and virtual classes. Zoom also allows the host of the conference to decide whether the other participants are required to be present on the screen or only the selective ones.


The perfect platform for online meetings, desktop sharing and video conferencing, GoToMeeting has seamlessly allowed clients to collaborate and share their meetings among them for free. With easy compatible video conferencing features, GoToMeeting makes sure that the online meetings are absolutely safe with end-to-end Secure Sockets Layers. This software has platforms for both Windows and Mac, along with easy access via iPad and Android devices.

Join Me

Easy and highly effective, the Join Me web conferencing software enables users to host free online meetings or join into any ongoing meeting with a unique meeting code. Join Me not only helps in free screen sharing but also allows team collaborations to happen at a faster and safer way. Accessible on all kinds of browsers, Join Me software also supports free sharing of files and ideas which enhances business among clients from all over the world.

This web conferencing software allows its users to interconnect with others effortlessly by collaborating from anywhere and creating their very own video conferencing room with custom link. The online conference not only allows screen sharing but also helps users to share pictures, official presentations, documents and other important assignments. comes with lesser technical glitches and superior collaborating tools, ensuring a smooth online conference around the globe.


Probably the most popular online communicating tool, Skype administers an easy undivided communications platform that allows users to message, video conference, participate in online meetings and collaborate with other users from all over the world.

With integrated audio, video and web conferencing features, along with screen sharing and instant messaging (IM) services, Skype caters to the global audience for free. This web conferencing software is not only useful for businesses to connect remotely but for family members to connect with each other around the world and make easy phone calls.

Zoho Meeting

This browser based web conferencing software enables users to host free online meetings and webinars which can be easily embedded in websites. Zoho Meeting incorporates some amazing features including, multi-platform support, numerous online meetings which can be embedded and tracked by users, audio conferencing, desktop plugin, easy presentation of sales and online training support. Interactive web meetings and effective online conferences make sure that users from all over the world can easily cut down their travel costs while interconnecting with everyone.

Cisco Webex

Experience highly secure and seamless sharing of content and online meetings with Cisco Webex solutions. Along with online meetings and presentations, this web conferencing software facilitates integrated audio and video content sharing across various platforms. Enhancing online meetings by collaborating with team members from all over the globe in a fast and productive way, Cisco Webex offers absolutely free online conferencing services.

Top Web Conferencing and Online Meeting Software

Adobe Connect

This Adobe Flash based web conferencing software offers customized solutions for web conferencing for free. Adobe Connect can be implemented across all devices with a dedicated focus on webinars, online meetings and trainings, e-learning, desktop sharing and many more online conferencing activities. Along with hosting online meetings, users can also create engaging information and presentations which are showcased to other members of the online conference easily.

Google+ Hangouts

This easy to install and free plugin from Google+ allows users to easily make video calls, phones and message to both individuals and groups. Google+ Hangouts also enable free and reliable web conferencing with members from all over the world. Offering effective services like screen sharing, free webinars, video and call conferencing, multi-device usage and real time Live webcasting, Google+ Hangouts is the ideal tool to outreach the business globally.

Blue Jeans

Offering easy communication across several platforms, Blue Jeans is a cloud based conferencing software which seamlessly connects users with their colleagues, business partners, workers and customers all over the world for a better online conferencing activity. Along with Live video chats and webinars, Blue Jeans also comes with seamless online meetings, interactive sessions, prompt video meetings and free calls across several platforms.

Click Meeting

One of the popular webinar software, Click Meeting is ideal for running customized online training, teaching and meetings on multiple platforms. With a well-structured user interface and dynamic services, Click Meeting enables its users free web conferencing around the world. The flexible services by Click Meeting ensure productive online meetings and e-learning classes which are interactive and customized.

Any Meeting

This web conferencing software focuses primarily on free online meetings and webinars which are highly engaging, interactive and rich in content. Any Meeting enables its users to share screens with other attendees in a secure manner along with free phone calls, conference and other mobile support. The fast and reliable services by Any Meeting comes with a trial offer for 30 days for users to experience their high-quality services.

Schedule Once

Experience an easy yet integrated scheduling of the entire work with this innovated web conferencing software. This online scheduling tool, Schedule Once helps businesses to seamlessly connect with potential customers and increase their sales. Along with that, Schedule Once also helps in connecting with important calendar platforms, web conferencing tools, CRMs and various other online tools. The pricing policies of Schedule Once are quite affordable with several bonus packages.


Focusing primarily on secure document collaboration and project management, this web conferencing solution comes with an interesting catch. Huddle has a customized approach while managing tasks, official projects and documents; this software not only allows its users to host virtual meetings but also interact with potential clients which can eventually benefit their businesses. With collaborative conferencing in a safe and trustworthy atmosphere, Huddle is definitely the perfect tool for impactful businesses.


Accessible on all kinds of digital device, Fuze is the modern web conferencing software which allows its users to host online meetings and webinars with just one click. Integrated with Google and Microsoft productivity suites, Fuze allows its users to make video calls, phone calls, message, share content and participate in meetings without leaving their browser. Its premium quality services are all cloud based and requires no upfront hardware costs.


This web conferencing software has a compatible feature by being accessible on almost all platforms. This free software has a dedicated approach towards online meetings and collaborations by enabling its users to connect to people from all over the world.

The high definition picture quality ensures clearer and personal online communication. With secure and reliable meeting technology, Blizz ensures cross-platform screen sharing along with free audio and video online meetings, presentations and collaborations.

Wrapping Up

Ever since the inception of web conferencing software, international communication has become easier which has reduced travel cost and encouraged further collaboration among potential customers and businesses. Online communication is no longer restricted to messages but diversified to video calls, conferences, Live interactions and many more.

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