Top Smart Watches & Prices in Nigeria

Sometime ago on this blog, it was stated that wearable tech are going to be as popular as the smartphones. Today, wearable technology have widely expanded into many households.

Top Smart Watches & Prices in Nigeria

While the tech savvy individuals among us have been utilizing the benefits of a wearable device for a long time now, other individuals might be asking why some people spend what appears to be so much funds on a digital watch.

The amazing futuristic feeling of having a smartphone on your wrist, as well as enjoying the benefit of staying connected even without your mobile device is just too visible to ignore and at the moment a lot of companies are diving into this top new industry.

The smart watches are becoming known amongst end users. You no longer need to forego fashion for wearable tech, because these smart watches will elevate your health and wellness in style.

What is a smart watch ?

The smart watch is essentially a mobile phone that is placed on your wrist, it can also be called a mini computer which can keep you updated with the world, as well as aiding your day to day activities including reminders.

The old smart watches just pops up with notifications and all that but it’s only been over recent years that the concept has really grown and improved.

As they have progressed, the smart watches now includes functionality to receive calls or text contacts, surf the web as well as aid you during your fitness programs.

Smart watches are in trend now, although we are grateful for modern technologies advancement in making this possible.

Managing health records and doing other stuffs are key in the usage of these smart watches.

Smart watches now come in different types with different specifications too. With some big companies offering their own products, it might be a good time to invest in the latest smart watches in the Nigerian market space.

Smart watches prices can be lower than what will be stated on here as the estimated amount are not all that stable due to economic conditions, still there are a lot of other brands to choose from if you finally decide to purchase any.

Just recently, a new line of smart watches which are the hybrid smart watches have been designed, launched and released for individuals who prefer the aesthetic hands on the dial, but also want to be in the modern times.

Now because of this finding, the best fit for you is very essential. The reality is, even though the smart watches looks like a tiny phone that tells the time, these life helpers offer their wearers a lot more.

The latest models among these devices are able to aid both large and small tasks, as well as letting you know for example; when your friend likes your Instagram post or it aids you make payments at the saloon when you left your wallet in the car.

Thankfully, you are on the right blog and on the right spot right now, as in this post, we will be seeing what’s out there, how much the smart watches go on sale for and which one will be the best fit for you.

Top Smart Watches & Prices in Nigeria
Types of Smart Watches & Prices in Nigeria

Smart watches are not ugly and at the moment they have never been so many attractive options available in the Nigerian market space.


Right now the apple company brand are the most sought after option in the industry. Apple has got the series 6, series 5,4,3 and others which features a faster processor, performance and brighter Retina display.

The series 5 includes all the features you’d expect from a smart watch and fitness tracker, including a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, music streaming as well as a compass/map to help you stay on track.

These smart watch is compatible with Apple Pay and the brand also offers the apple Nike watch and Apple Watch Hermès series.

Each has got different styles and displays including different straps for whatever style you choose.

  • Apple Watch series 6 smart watch : $549
  • Apple series 5 smart watch : $649
  • Apple series 5 Nike smart watch : $649
  • Apple series 5 Hermès smart watch : $1,199
  • Apple series 3 smart watch : $219

The apple smart watch is the best overall smart watch for both men and women.


Samsung smart watches are gaining access into the market space for its light, slim and attractive appearance, featuring a high quality leather strap and a multitude of watch face combinations. They have got the Galaxy watch 3.

This is another big name company brand in the market space today. The Galaxy watch 3 is available in either 41mm or 45mm case and it comes manufactured and fully equipped with a changeable display that suits your preferences.

The key feature of this smart watch is the hard fall detection, which sends an SOS to alert your emergency contact if you’ve been in an accident or a fall.

  • Samsung Galaxy active smart watch : $349
  • Samsung Galaxy active 2 smart watch : $549
  • Samsung Galaxy watch 3 smart watch : $649

The Samsung smart watch is the best looking and most stylish smart watch to purchase.


The Fitbit company brand is fully associated with fitness and heart rate monitors. The top Fitbit smart watches includes features such as water-resistance and activity tracking for workout friends and it also has a Fitbit pay with a variety of styles and bands to choose.

The brand has the versa and versa 2 watches, with the lite which includes sleep tracking capabilities. It also has voice control commands- via Amazon, Alexa or Google assistant

Making it very easy to maintain your pace and your soundtrack without stopping to look at the smart watch screen.

  • Fitbit versa lite smart watch : $207
  • Fitbit versa 2 smart watch : $329
  • Fitbit ionic watch : $399

The Fitbit smart watch is the best watch for running and fitness.

Top Smart Watches & Prices in Nigeria
Smart watch Benefits

The smart watch is a bit of a technology to have, because it can allow its users to go anywhere without carrying their mobile device.

Although this is something a lot of individuals might not be used to. It is definitely useful in some areas, so the smart watch may not be a necessary purchase for everyone.

What you should know before purchase

  • Battery Life
  • Appearance
  • Compatibility
  • Design
  • Check for basic features

Wrapping up

Each smart watch specific set up will vary depending on the manufacturer.

However, our articles are dedicated to helping you find the right product at the right price.

So we may receive revenue from affiliates and advertising partnerships for Sharing this content and when you make a purchase.

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