Top Gas Cookers in Nigeria & Prices Full Review

Gas cookers are in demand these days and they are among the most important appliances in a modern kitchen. They are numerous gas cookers available to serve various purposes. They come in different sizes, designs and prices.

This is because cooking doesn’t have to be stressful ; In fact, it should be among the most fun activities in the house. Gas cookers don’t only make cooking easier, faster and better, they have a way of making the kitchen look more tidy, organized and neat.

Since the time of introduction, the gas cookers have been wonderfully embraced in the Nigerian market space. It didn’t take too long before the appliance in Nigeria. With that being said the advantages that comes with gas cookers are pretty cool.

Top Gas Cookers in Nigeria & Prices Full Review

In this post, we will be looking at some of the best gas cookers available today and how much they cost in the current market.

Top Gas Cookers in Nigeria & Prices

These products listed can be gotten directly from manufactures or local distributors around the country. For convenience, they can also be gotten from online stores. you can place your order and get your product delivered in few working days.

  • Maxi Gas Cooker {Maxi 60 x 90 – 5B} 

Maxi Gas Cooker is for every home which features a massive range of premium, affordable, dependable, long lasting, energy efficient products to give you peace of mind and an improved standard of living.

Maxi is a popular name in the world of kitchen appliances. Their products are known to be highly reliable and of top quality. The Maxi 60 x 90 – 5B is the best out there and very highly rated in the current market.

Key Features

  • Oven Light
  • Ignition Button
  • Stainless Steel

Price Tag — (NGN) 130,000 — (NGN) 150,000 naira

  • Royal Gas Cooker {RG B Series 5640B}

Widely regarded among the highly rated gas cookers in Nigeria, Royal RG B series has over time proven to be on top of the ladder with impressive efficiency and smooth operation. The Royal range of home and living products features a massive range of premium, affordable, dependable, long lasting, energy efficient products to give you peace of mind and an improved standard of living.

You can get the best range of value-adding office, home, and kitchenware from our amazing collection at very competitive prices and unbeatable services.

The cooking gas comes with 4 gas burners of different sizes and also features a gas oven and grill. The adjustable legs make it easier for the cooker to be moved from one place to another and also adjust to a reasonable height.

Price Tag — (NGN) 75,000 — (NGN) 90,000 naira

Key Features

  • Gas Grill – 2 Button Control
  • Push Button Ignition
  • Oven Lamp
  • Glass Lid
  • Adjustable Legs


  • Polystar Gas Cooker

Polystar Standing Gas Cooker PVFS-80EG1 is efficient, durable and reliable. It comes in smooth stainless steel body with a finished design which is perfect for your kitchen space. The body of this cooker is easy to use and maintain; soak a kitchen towel in water and use to wipe its body after use.

The multi-functional gas cooker features 4 gas burners + 1 hotplate. It also comes with double oven. The control knobs will allow you control the intensity of the heat when cooking, grilling or baking. Also, an auto-ignition and glass cover.

Price Tag — (NGN) 58,000 — (NGN) 167,000 naira

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Auto Ignition
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Operate


  • Nexus GCCR NX – 5055W Gas Cooker

Nexus is here again with another range of wonderful gas cookers with beautiful designs and colors you will keep admiring each time you look at it. Nexus Gas Cooker comes with burners that burn at different intensities, all powered by cooking gas.

The Multi-functional cooker gives you a cooking edge in almost all spheres. It features 3 gas burners with an additional electric hot plate. This means that you choose to either use either the gas or the electric hot plate. It also includes an oven with grill, drill warmer and an auto-ignition for the burners.

Price Tag — (NGN) 55,000 — (NGN) 70,000 naira

Key Features

  • Durable and economical
  • Gas oven gas-efficient
  • Easy to use and also easy to clean
  • Makes both cooking, grilling, and baking to be so much fun!


  • Kitchencraft 60cm Built-in Cooker {Hob – Glass – G601 – Black Magic}

This cooker makes the list for all the right reasons. From the high heat resistant surface to its under knot auto ignition, everything about this gas cooker speaks comfort and class.

Price Tag — (NGN) 80,000 — (NGN) 100,000 naira


  • Scanfrost Gas Cooker

Scanfrost Cooker is a highly efficient and powerful kitchen appliance. It has four, five and six burners that burn at different intensities, all powered by cooking gas. This ensures you can cook all kinds of food at your desired temperature.

It also gives you enough room for cooking a variety of dishes at the same time. This makes food preparation faster and cleaner. The Scanfrost Cooker comes in a freestanding style that gives you a lot of freedom to choose where to place it in your kitchen.

Price Tag — (NGN) 49,000 — (NGN) 71,730 naira

Key Features

  • Gas Burners-Lamp
  • Gas Oven with Grey Finish
  • Classic Home Look.
  • SS texture finish
  • Double Glass insulated Door.
  • Oven lamp.
  • Oven Tray


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