Top CUG Plans in Nigeria

A Closed User group (CUG) is a supplementary service provided by the mobile operators to mobile subscriber’s who can make and receive calls from any member associated within the group. This service is applicable for SMS also.

Regardless, even if you are a member of a said closed user group, one can still make and receive calls to and from other lines and networks outside the CUG group.

Top CUG Plans in Nigeria

If the user is a member of multiple closed user groups there will be a preferred CUG assigned by the network that will be used by default.

However, it is possible on a per-call basis to specify a different closed user group (of which the user is a member) for the call. It is also possible on a per-call basis to suppress the use of the preferred CUG, i.e.

To act as if the user is not a member of the closed user group, and to suppress the outgoing access permission, i.e. to insist that the call only go through if the destination is a member of the CUG.

When an incoming call is received it is possible for the network to indicate the closed user group that is being applied to the call to the called user.

However, these calls will be charged at the normal rate. In this post, you’ll get to know the top CUG plans provided by mobile networks in the country.

The Airtel Closed User Group (CUG)

Airtel is one of the big telecom company brands in Africa and their closed user group(CUG) enables subscribers within the same group to call each other at no charge to them.

There are four package plans available for the Airtel CUG, these CUG packages are :

  • Advanced Package
  • Basic Plan Package
  • Intermidate Package

Family Postpaid Package

An individual can apply for basic, intermediate and advance payment packages. However, family packages are available to individuals but with a minimum of 2-9 registered family members.

On the family package, family members can make calls to each other for free, based on a minimum fair usage policy of 150 minutes.

However, calls made outside the CUG will be charged at normal though competitive rates. As there is also a flat rate for calls on the network and calls off the network.

The family and friends package gives you the opportunity to have minimum of 2 and a maximum of 9 people with an access fee of 1,500NGN only

Still, charges for the other three packages are based on which other network, or number you are calling within the closed user group.

The Airtel CUG is also suitable for all types organizations that only have to make monthly payments for as low as 750 NGN per line on behalf. Visit an Airtel branch office to join an Airtel closed user group.

MTN CUG Service

The MTN CUG service is designed for various communities, such as family, friends and all types of organizations.

The MTN CUG service is subscription based, that is the group administrator will subscribe to a plan which other group members can use throughout the duration period.

However, members of closed user group can make and get calls to and from different networks outside the CUG as well as the individuals airtime.

With the MTN CUG service, users within a group have access to unlimited calls and unlimited SMS. There are also a variety of plans you can choose from as fits your needs and budget.

There is a flat subscription fee that ensures your monthly spending is controlled even when you have exceeded your CUG recharge.

Finally, it is quite a straight process to migrate to the MTN CUG or to add new numbers to a closed user group. In order to subscribe to the MTN closed user group service, you’ll visit any MTN office branch close to you.

GLO CUG (Closed User Group)

Glo Closed User Group allows you to make free calls 24hours a day and 7days a week. You can also send text messages to any network on the Glo CUG platform.

The Glo CUG service is available to friends, family and co-workers who can join the Glo CUG plans from anywhere in nigeria.

On the Glo CUG plan, you can make calls to others outside the CUG plan or those using other network services with the cheapest call rates ever. The Glo closed user group popularly known as POLCOM works as a postpaid plan where you can have access to unlimited free calls with those in your CUG.

An individual can register up to 50 members of his or her family and will be able to make free calls with as little as 500 NGN every month.

The first month subscription on Glo CUG is free and text messages to all networks are free. Still, calls to other numbers that are not registered on CUG lines are just 20kobo/sec and data subscription remains just like ordinary Glo subscriptions. In order to switch to Glo closed user group, visit any Glo branch office close to you.

9Mobile CUG

Etisalat now fully known as 9mobile has its own CUG which is easy and I mean very easy to make very cheap calls on the mobile network.

With the 9mobile closed user group all you’d require is to join or create one as with this mobile network, you can send texts and make calls for free to individuals within your group

9mobile network has got 3 packages which are easy business compact plan, easy business complete plan and easy business premium plan.

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