Top 10 Vonage Alternatives

Vonage is one of the finest VoIP business service providers that connects its users over the telephone by using an internet connection. It was introduced in 2001 to make all the business’s communications easy to access through a proper platform and for this you don’t need traditional phone lines.

Are you happy with Vonage services for your businesses? People are preferring this application for their business communications because of its satisfactory features. Are you looking for any Vonage alternative? It’s a very renounced software but there would be certain reasons why you want any other VoIP phone service.

Top 10 vonage-alternatives
Many alternatives having the most updated features have been introduced in the market which can work far better than Vonage. Today we will walk you to the best affordable alternatives.

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Why do you want a Vonage alternative?

You need to make sure of all the certain required things of any VoIP business server for your business. It may be ideal to get features such as voice conferencing or virtual fax. Vonage might be good for one business and not for the others.

Any small business person will think twice before preferring this platform because of its pretty pricy options. You need to choose the most affordable and easy-to-use platform for your business communication. If you are finding Vonage as pretty expensive software for your business then you need to choose any of its competitors to avoid these extra expenses.

Factors Used to Evaluate Vonage Alternatives

Before choosing any of Vonage’s alternatives you need to keep all of the following points in mind to make sure that you are selecting the right one:

Cost: It is the most pivotal point for all the businesses how much they are going to spend on their business communication software. Any affordable and easy-to-handle VoIP business application would be beneficial for your business”

Features: If you look at all the VoIP servers from the surface level, their functionality is almost the same. And their way to deal with clients is almost similar. You need to choose the most updated servers for your business that can support all the most updated devices. Any decent phone system has the features like auto-attendant, call forwarding, and call routing as their fundamental functions. Money is the only differentiator at this point you need to pay for extra features

Customer Support: Not all VoIP servers have the same customer services. Many of them don’t offer customer support worldwide. So make sure that which platform is providing quality customer support.

Easy to Learn: Always prefer those platforms which are friendly to use for your team, it will save your training time and will be ready to use just after installation.

Integration Tools: It will surely be the most vital thing for you if your device will be able to collab with the most updated platforms. You will keep upgrading your business communication tools with these devices and lead your business towards success.

Top 10 Ranked Vonage Alternatives

  • VoIP Business
  • Dialpad
  • Zoom
  • Ringcentral
  • Webex
  • GoToMeeting
  • 3CX
  • 8×8
  • Bitrix24
  • Nextiva

VoIP Business

After a deep dive into VoIP business applications, the VoIP business is taken as the most renounced Vonage rival in current days because of its quirky features. This business communication app is specially made for video, audio, calling, meetings, conferences, and chatting. All of your conversations and meetings will be end-to-end encrypted which makes you feel safe to communicate.

Specially build for all the small and well-developed businesses with easy-to-afford expenses.


  • Three-way calling
  • Voice Mails
  • Voice Calls
  • Voice To Text
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voicemail Greetings
  • Toll-free Number
  • Speed Dial
  • VoIP Switchboard
  • Mobile App
  • Online Fax
  • SIP Trunking
  • Upgrade Options


The dial pad is the most convenient and renowned mobile system for business communication. It’s a cloud-based system that will make you able to save your important data.

This is the most affordable and scalable phone system for all the small businesses and the best option for you too. Don’t take all of this as just words, it has been selected by US World Report and News of 2022 as the best phone for all the small businesses.

It helps you to keep yourself connected with your team and ask about work reports. You can use it as the best option for meetings, calling, voice, conferences, and texting to make your business more elegant and work. Its calling will be unlimited for you which is the best thing for you, you don’t need to keep your work limited because of its limited ability to communicate.

Dialpad Features

Easy to Use and Secure: You don’t need to learn any complex terminologies to use this device but it’s totally good to go for its unknown users too. You just need to connect yourself with the respective people and start communicating. Easy to arrange an instant meeting, call, and text with your colleagues. Inrevesed you shouldn’t get worried about its security, all of your meetings, callings, and conversations will be end-to-end encrypted.

All at one place: All of your communication will be taken at one place, all of your meetings, callings, videos, audios, and texting will be at this single place. You shouldn’t even think about any other option for your business communication if you are a Dialpad user.

Voice mails It’s the best option for voice mails which would be the best source to convey your instant messages to your employees and colleagues. It will automatically transcribe the voice mails into text.


Are you looking for any free VoIP business applications for quality video calling? Then Zoom is one of the best VoIP services for audio and video calling, meeting, texting, conferencing, and audio calling as your business communication.

Zoom was a hot topic in 2020 but because of its breakable security, hackers made it un-secure, and Australian Defence and NASA have banned this application because of its security issues.


Versatile Background: There are many different types of backgrounds are present in it, which you can use to spice your videos
Breakout Rooms: You can split all the large groups into the smaller ones and can divide them to make your session more productive and impactful

What makes Zoom better than Vonage?

Any other VoIP business service cannot beat its video calling quality which makes it more elegant and useful for its users. Any small business owner can afford this because of its friendly budget.


This VoIP business application is playing a vital role in small business communications. It offers video calling, audio, conferencing, texting, and meetings for your business communication.

Make you able to perform all of these features on this single platform without any trouble which makes things easy to focus on your business improvement.


  • Able to integrate with all the latest devices
  • Can switch audio into the video: During your audio call, you can convert that into a video call without getting disconnected.
  • Business and Conferencing SMS: You will be able to send texts from your business phone to your computer.

Why Ringcentral is Better than Vonage?

RingCentral is the best rival of Vonage because of the latest features which make it more prominent in VoIP business applications. You need to pay extra charges to use premium features of Vonage but in reverse RingCentral will provide you with free video plans.


It’s the best server of video, audio, meeting, calling, and texting for all kinds of small and large businesses. Just like the rest of the Vonage alternatives, you can have all the features under one roof which makes you able to depend on the single-serve.

You don’t need to plan or even think about any other communication source for your business if you are already in contact with Webex.


  • Text Translation: Its text translation ability makes it more productive for its users
  • Transcriptions: If you couldn’t attend the meetings because of any issue, the best part is you can listen to it according to your ease because of its meeting transcriptions ability
  • Video Adaption: During a video call, you can accommodate the width of your dial pad without getting disconnected

What makes Webex better than Vonage?

You can make virtual meetings through the straightforward functionality of Webex which is not seen in Vonage. Many updated features have been introduced in Webex which make them more useful for business communications.


This VoIP business server helps you to keep connected with your employees on remote working days to keep getting aware of work results. It’s a solid option for you because of the connection stability.


  • Meetings: Can meet your employees face to face whenever you want
  • Availability In Other Countries: It works in more than 190 plus countries which makes you able to call wherever you want globally.
  • Audio: Provides quality audio calls
  • Encryption: End-to-end encryption of your calls


Provides you with different facilities of video calling, audio, and meetings, with Microsoft windows. It’s another good business communication service for your office use.


  • Free Calls In Office: It helps the traveling sales persons make uncountable calls
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps: It can work on different devices without any extra changings
  • Call Recordings: You can record your calls to keep your track record
  • Live Chats: Help you to go for live chats


This business communication server is working for a long time and provides all the facilities like video, calling, audio, conferencing, and chatting.

It’s easy to use through desktop and mobile apps to make it more convenient for its users.


  • Voice Mail Reading: It reads your voice mails and makes them easy for you
  • Music: It will not let your clients wait in silence
  • Analytics: It will make you able to keep whole track records of your calls as security.


Bitrix24 is probably one of the most unique Vonage alternatives, which provides the features like audio, messaging, and conferencing, and is matched with call centers features including CRM, Website Builder, and Kanban Board.


  • Project Management: It helps you to manage your tasks and organize all of your work to make your business more efficient and smooth
  • Routing: It helps you to connect with the right person with whom you want to talk
  • CRM: It makes it possible to access the customer’s data and keep it in your record which makes you able to know your customer’s interest and approach them with the right product


It’s another VoIP UK business app that is working for a while and is being used as a good rival of Vonage. Nextiva is a unified communication solution that is a good source for you to make your business more successful.

Its offers all the features like video calling, audio, conferencing, meetings, and chatting but the negative thing about this server is, that it doesn’t own its products which can cause inconsistency, and will not get help from its help center, it will be given through a third party to you.


  • International Calling: You can make international calls at very affordable rates
  • Team Chat: It allows your whole team to be connected to improve work quality
  • Conferencing: Can go for conference calls to make plans and to know the report of your employee’s work
  • Auto-attendant: You don’t need to be at work to answer calls, it will answer your calls automatically.

Why Nextiva is better than Vonage?

It’s all the latest and easy-to-understand features are making it easier to use for its users and are heading towards a better position as compared with

Its users will also surely going to tell you how this server is much better than Vonage.

Wrapping UP

We have discussed the 10 best Vonage competitors in 2022 with a deep discussion of their features and at the end of this knowledgeable discussion, you will be able to know which VoIP Business server is better for your business.

First, know the financial and the other condition of your business and then decide which of these alternatives would be the best one for you. They will help you to manage your business and take an eye for insight into your employee’s work. Restrain from pricy servers and make every single dollar countable to make your business more stable.

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