Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes in the World (2023)

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents, usually in liquid form, used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces an agreeable scent. Perfumes can be defined as substances that emit and diffuse a pleasant and fragrant odor.

Fragrance plays a huge role in how we feel. it can elicit a range of emotions from feeling confident to feeling sexy, relaxed, happy, and more. Body image can also be influenced by sensory stimuli. As earlier quoted in the first paragraph certain smells can affect the way we are been regarded.

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

Fragrance a sweet or delicate odor (as of fresh flowers, pine trees, or perfume) : something (such as a perfume) compounded to give off a sweet or pleasant odor. : the quality or state of having a sweet odor. A fragrance is defined as a combination of organic compounds that produces a distinct smell or odor. A perfume is a liquid mixture used to emit a pleasant odor. It is formed from fragrant essential oils derived from plants and spices or synthetic aromatic compounds.

1. SHUMUKH ($1.295 million)

Shumukh, meaning “deserving the highest” in Arabic, is the most expensive perfume in the world in 2023. It was conceptualized by Mr. Asghar Adam Ali, also known as AL Attar chairman and Master perfumer at Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies. Shumukh is the world’s most expensive unisex perfume valued at 1.295 million USD. It is also a multiple Guinness holding perfume.

The three liters perfume was produced by the Spirit of Dubai Perfumes after 3 years of 494 failed trials. Shumukh fragrance is made from amber, sandalwood, musk is made with 3,571 sparkling diamonds, topaz pearls, 18 karat gold 2479.26 grams, and 5892.88 grams of pure silver.

It also comprises seven-element which are pearl diving {Durra}, falconry[baz], Arabian hospitality[diwan], Arabian horses[abjar], Roses[narjesi], Luxury[haibah] and Dubia’sstature as a city of future’[Aamal], all of this has been made with gold and silver properly garnished with diamonds and pearls.

2- DKNY ($1 million)

2nd Most expensive perfume in the world

DKNY( Donna Karan New York) Golden Delicious made by Martin Kalz in partnership with DKNY ranks the 2nd most expensive luxury perfume in the world. It is valued at $1 million and was unveiled by supermodel Marie Claire on 11 July 2021 at the DKNY store in New York.

DKNY was made from 14 Karat yellow and white gold with 2,800 brilliant diamonds, 184 golden yellow sapphires.

When it comes to fragrance, DKNY is the name. It has the blissful scent of orange flowers graced with white rose, Casablanca lily, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood.


3rd Most Expensive Perfume

Clive Christiano no.1 Imperial MAJESTY is referred to as the “perfume of his heart” by the producer. It is valued at $12,721 per ounce. It is a limited edition with only 10 bottles made. This perfume is fashioned with crystal and a gold collar that holds a five-carat white diamond.


Top 4 Most expensive perfume

Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes (meaning “sacred tears of Thebes”) is created by Christine Nagel and produced by the amazing luxury bottle maker, Baccarat. It is valued at USD 6,800. The bottle was designed by Federico Restrepo, inspired by Egypt and King Tuts Tomb, and was formally introduced in 1980.

The bottle is made of amethyst crystal with a fine bubble of yellow crystal crafted into it. Its top note is myrrh frankincense and deep amber, with a base note on jasmine, ylang, basil, sandalwood, and musk.


Channel Grand Extrait takes the number 5 spot on our list of most expensive perfumes in 2023. Also known as the N.5 perfume, Grand Extrait was made for collectors and it’s a limited edition luxury perfume.

The female luxury perfume is sold at USD 3,500. No.5 is owned by a French luxury fashion house, COUTURIER COCO CHANEL. It composes of Matroska and jasmine and a fresh fragrance of aldehydes.


Clive Christiano No. 1 is a men’s perfume launched in 1999. Valued at USD 2,500, it is produced by the popular Clive Christian Obe. The masculine edition ghastly the base notes of sandalwood musk and vetiver


24 Faubourg Hermès perfume – a fragrance for women 1995

24 faubourg perfume was launched in 1995. It was created by Maurice Roucel and is valued at USD 1,500. Only 1000 bottles are released so far. Faubourg is made of st Louis crystals and the graceful scent of orange flowers and vanilla.


This female perfume is produced by Michel Morsetti and was released in 1954. It’s a fragrance composed of the dove, floral rose, jasmine, ylang. With the price of USD 1000, this perfume emerged as the eighth most expensive perfume in the world.


Joy Perfume by Jean Patou, Launched by the design house of jean patou in 1930, joy is classified as a refined, flowery fragrance . This feminine scent possesses a blend of rare

Joy was launched in 1930 by Jean Patou. It is created by Henri Almeras from rare flowers of jasmine and roses.

The bottle was designed by Louis Sue in 30ml, 50 ml, and 100ml. However, It is rumored to no longer be in production.


Launched in 2001 by Joel Arthur Rosantha, the worth of the perfume is $765 per ounce. Its bottles are made of pieces of jewelry. As for the notes of the fragrance they were never released.


Fragrance plays a huge role in how we feel. it can elicit a range of emotions from feeling confident to feeling sexy, relaxed, happy, and more. Body image can also be influenced by sensory stimuli. As earlier quoted in the first paragraph certain smells can affect the way we are been regarded.

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