Top 10 Best Publishing Companies In Nigeria (2023)

Some of the most prominent ones include Cassava Republic Press, Farafina, Kachifo Limited, Parrésia Publishers, and Quramo Publishing. Each of these companies has a unique vision, focus, and approach to publishing, but they all share a commitment to promoting Nigerian and African literature.

Top 10 Best Publishing Companies In Nigeria (2023)

Books have become an important element of Nigerian culture and lifestyle since many stories are passed down from generation to generation through books. This has grown over time to the point where Nigerians now create novels that travel to other parts of Africa and beyond, contradicting the old proverb, “If you want to hide something from a black guy, put it in a book.”

If you are an author and want to publish your book, I recommend that you use one of the following publishing houses. Here are eleven Nigerian publishing houses that resist that logic by generating literature of various kinds for local and international consumption (in no particular order).


The Cassava Republic was founded in 2006. It arose as a result of the situation at the time, in which many African writers published their books with foreign book publishing houses, and these works were also circulated there.

To put an end to this, the Cassava Republic book publishing company was founded in 2006. They have expanded throughout the years and are well-known for publishing Nigerian novels for both domestic and international markets.


The University Press PLC was founded in 1949 and is based in Ibadan, Nigeria. It was a subsidiary of Oxford University Press Nigeria and has gained significantly in reputation and popularity over the years.

They are recognized as one of Nigeria’s oldest book publishing enterprises and the country’s leading producer of educational publications.


Literamed Publications is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, with its West African headquarters in Ghana.

This book publishing company was founded in 1969 and is today Nigeria’s top publisher of children’s books.

This company is in charge of publishing books with the “Lantern Books” trademark, and it has expanded far beyond Nigeria.


Grace Springs Africa Publishers is a Christian publishing firm based in Lagos, Nigeria that exists solely to spread the gospel via publications.

This publishing house is well-known for its high-quality publications and dependability in service delivery.


Masobe Books and Logistics Limited, headquartered in Lagos, was founded in April 2018. They are a small but dedicated group dedicated to easing all authoring, printing, shipping, and promotional difficulties.

Their main purpose is to promote reading by introducing amazing books by brilliant African writers that bring our stories to life to a wider audience. Their ambition is to establish themselves as a major participant in the African printing business, with a roster of well-known authors.

Masobe is an Isoko dialect word used by the Isoko people of Nigeria’s South-South area. It plainly translates as ‘Allow Us to Read.’


Black Tower Enterprise is a Christian-based company that conducts both an online and traditional publishing business. Their objective is to find, polish, and publish both renowned and undiscovered authors in Nigeria and elsewhere.

They may be found at Plot 1, GRA, Awka, Anambra State, at Black Tower Publishing House.

Most publishing houses are simply interested in obtaining money from the author and are unconcerned about how well the published work does in the market. Our team will not only publish your work, but we will also help you sell a few copies by conducting some basic promotion, such as interviews, or at the very least provide the author ideas on how to pitch his/her book to schools, libraries, jails, and so on.


Evans Brothers Publishers Limited was founded in 1966 and has since been well-known for producing a variety of instructional publications for both children and adults.

They have established a reputation as one of Nigeria’s leading instructional book publishers.


The Kachifo Book Publishing Company was founded in 2004 with the goal of conveying the rich African culture through our stories to the rest of the world through books.

They have expanded significantly over the years, publishing for prominent authors such as Ben Okri, Chimamanda Adichie, and a slew of others. One of their primary goals is to improve and expand literacy in Africa


The New Gong Publishers is a Nigerian publishing house that offers a variety of mass media services such as books, magazines, and image publications. Photographs and graphics are also provided by the company for both print and internet publishers.

They are located at 11 Abiona Close Off Falolu Road Surulere, Lagos.


Parresia Publishers Limited is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. When compared to other book publishing companies in Nigeria, they are considered young.

They have steadily developed over the years with fantastic book publications, earning them a certain level of confidence and credibility.


Book publishing businesses in Nigeria have made it easier and more possible for Nigerians who write to publish their materials, as well as for many writers to have their works well packaged for both domestic and international use.

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