Top 10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Photographers in Nigeria

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. I feel so sad to say that it is so unfortunate that in Africa, Nigeria to be precise the senior citizens (elderly people) do not see the niche of improvement on how photography and the effective beautiful nature that social media has added to the course of making life so valuable to both aged, middle aged and the youths of the world.

It is a magnificent transformation, why because most people can not comprehend the fact that photography helps people to see.

Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Picture this scenario in your mind “A parent purchases a camera for a child, the child lives and believes one single quote which is when i have a camera in my hand, i know no fear”.

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. It gives you the opportunity to use your sensibility, and everything you are to say something about, and be part of the world around you.

In this way, you might discover who you are, and with a little luck, you might discover something much larger than yourself.

Social media is a frenzy technology which has evolved and changed the way humans think,act and choose to do certain things. Everyone these days are crazy about social media be it on any age- group as they all crave to be on social media, so that they can take unique, inspiring and beautiful pictures.

Today, everything exists to end in a photograph. Though not everyone can afford a canon camera, Regardless, the smartphones we have got are super amazing too. There is one thing i know for sure that a photograph must contain,”The humanity of the moment”.

Here, in this article i will be discussing the top ten amazing mobile applications, that can enhance and show you off as a professional photographer even if you do make use of an iphone or an Android smartphone.


Top 10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Photographers in Nigeria

The black dress suits you but the pimple on your cheek doesn’t. Why not remove it and beautify your picture even more? yeah! this is what you might want but i would not recommend that because we still love you even with your pimples on.

But You can do all this with AirBrush.

You can beautify your images in a real time through means with the help of artistic retouching features such as body slimmer, whitening teeth and brightening eyes, removing pimples and blemish and yet look naturally perfect.

It helps you add make-up as well in your no-makeup photo like mascara, lipstick, blush, etc. and that can all make it look like natural makeup. AirBrush the top photo editor mobile app is available for both IOS & Android devices.


Adobe Photoshop can be called in for one of the pioneers of the Photoshop software since its launch for the desktop applications was released just recently.

Photoshop Express is no where like a complete desktop application of Photoshop still it equips you with over 80 filters to edit photographs like a professional.

  • Night Reduction to reduce the grain and speckling effects in the night-light photographs
  • Perspective correction to improve the skewed perspective photos.
  • Image Rendering Engine for files such as panoramic images.

The photoshop express is also available for IOS and Android smartphones.


Just after Adobe Photoshop, Adobe release of Lightroom won the hearts of every photographer.

Offering them numerous editing tools, it helps you combine photographs and bring out details with the help of HDR function.

The application offers you a manual control on the focus and lighting feature while shooting/clicking pictures.

Also, the adobe light room cc offers you most of the expected editing features for lighting and color adjustments and a set of lavish pre-sets and curves.

It allows you to make corrections for geometry and vignettes based on lens-profile.

YEAH! the adobe light room cc is available for both IOS, Windows and Android devices.


PhotoDirector’s in-app camera feature allows you to make artistic changes at the same time when you are clicking the photographs.

It allows you to remove the photo bombers and useless or unwanted objects with the help of the Content-Aware tool in it.

Allows you to edit like an artistic professional photographer with the help of Vignette, HDR, Lomo and much more.

And just as the name itself implies, this application directs your skill of photography and photo editing with simple to use yet great editing tools. This is the application for you as it helps you to shoot what it feels like not shooting what it looks like.

it is available on IOS and android and windows devices.


Either you will like to edit your photos like a professional or you simply want to make some fun adjustments, Pixlr has got something for everyone interested in photography editing.

It has got combinations of more than 2 million of free editing effect, filters and overlays. To say the least,

You can doodle, draw with a pencil or sketch with ink over the images with its stylish editing features which also allows you to mark your favorite one for constant use or when necessary.

You can create a huge collage with up to 25 photos and add layouts and backgrounds of your choice in it.

Pixlr photo editing mobile app is available for IOS and Android smartphones.


PicsArt, is an artistic photo editing application for photographers, which offers you an in-built camera to click photos with better quality than your normal camera.

It consists of several features such as making a collage, adding frames, and stickers and much more.

You can brush on the selective areas in your photo to give it an artistic edit if you feel like.

Evolving AI-powered effects, this application allows doubling the exposure using features of layers and adjusting transparency. It is available on IOS, windows, and Android devices.


If you wish to look or make a picture an absolute beauty in the eyes of the viewer but, those puffy eyes are ruining it all. Don’t you flitch! you have got YouCam Perfect to make your sheer beauty come out dazzling.

This application has got all it takes to make you look beautiful and even slim with the editing effects such a Face Reshaper, Dark Circle and Eye Bag remover and Body Slimmer.

It lets you shoot video selfies and you can beautify your skin on real-time in the selfies taken.

You can also add a smile to any image of yours and quickly touch up a group-fie with multi-face detection feature. haha. it is available on IOS and Android smart phones.


Snap seed has been around for a longer time on the web assisting the photographers with adding cool artistic effects to their raw data pictures.

It comes up with several types of filters to edit your photo including 29 various tools such as brush, changing themes, add text with artistic effects of adding it in the background of the image or front of the image. You can import a raw DNG data file to edit and export it as JPG file.

Also, you can add a customized pre-set to edit the images later with the same effect as well.

Snap seed, a professional photo editor mobile app is available for both IOS & Android devices.


Top 10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Photographers in Nigeria

If you love to capture every turn or view that you see, then Photo Pills has got pearls specifically just for you. This application not only simply assists you with editing or getting the best shots, but tells you the best time to go on snap at a spot for your desired click.

It helps you get the details of the sun and the moon and you can understand yourself about the type of picture that you want to capture and how much brightness or contrast that picture will naturally need.

It also helps you locate the best spot to click the Milky Way in your phone.

Augmented Reality helps this application detect all the changes in the weather and climate to help you get the details of nature to play with photography.

Initially, this application was gifted to use to iPhone users only, but they have now released it for Android users as well.


Top 10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Photographers in Nigeria

This application is exactly like a photographer’s studio lab fitted right in your mobile phone’s storage. Is that not lovely.

Photo Lab allows you to make realistic photomontages with more than 900 various effects of photo filters, artistic frames, collages for several photos and even more.

Photo lab application has quite a simple interface to let you easily manage your gallery with various basic features like crop, rotate, and touch-up.

With an advanced face detection algorithm, it allows you to make realistic photo montages and has got over 50 pre-sets for one-touch editing. and it can be available for IOS users and android users as well.


Nancy used to always say to me that what she likes most about photos is that they capture a moment that is gone forever, impossible to ever reproduce in the same way, the same feel just as the first one. It’s just magical.

I really do not think i am an introverted person to be frank, i feel comfortable and at peace most of the time because life’s short and trust me when i say no place is boring, when you’ve had a good night sleep and a pocket full of unexposed pictures/ memories you do not intend to share with the world. Lets just say its a personal gallery of some sort as it also shapes you.

Every photographer has a thingy for capturing the beauty in every other thing.

Some like to capture the beauty of nature, some like food, some like fashion and some simply like to click every single thing and capture the moments.

Whatever your preferences are, no matter whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, the app stores have got something for you.

Finally i just asked vivian to tell you just one thing about what she thinks about photography and this is what she said literally ” for me you just do not make a photograph with a camera, you bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard and the people you have ever loved together to express in one single photograph.

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