Tips to Create an Effective Survey Using IVR Calling System In Nigeria

Why is post call survey important?

After-call surveys are important as a diagnostic tool to fine-tune the experience and service delivered. They not only assess perceptions of experiences, but also help an organization understand customer motivations and intentions following the experience.

Tips to create an effective survey using IVR In Nigeria
What is an IVR survey?

Interactive Voice Response can be leveraged differently across different industries, but typically an IVR survey is a pre-recorded automated phone survey in which the customer responds vocally to questions or types numerical responses using the keypad.

Many consumers avoid calling a contact center out of fear of the inevitable long wait times and interminable hold periods. The IVR phone system solves many of these issues by providing a simplified and individualized service to callers.

Formerly commonplace technologies like switchboards and human operators are now obsolete. Speech recognition, automated menus, and AI are quickly becoming the norm, providing a win-win for both the company and the client. Now, contact centers may finally get the respect they deserve as the valuable tools for customers they were always intended to be.

Interactive voice response (IVR) is revolutionizing the industry in many ways. I’ll run through the essentials for you.

So, what is interactive voice response (IVR) exactly?

The ability to route calls based on spoken replies and touch-tone input is made possible by IVR technology. Callers that fit certain profiles are routed to certain departments inside the contact center using automated menus.

Long wait times and lines, which may be frustrating for both consumers and companies, are a legacy of contact centers’ reliance on employees to manually route and connect incoming calls. This issue is mitigated by interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which replace the need for a human switchboard operator with an automated system that lets users guide their own calls to the information they want.

Use of Interactive Voice Response Systems in Telephone Help Desks

Call centers, which are the nerve center of customer care, are always trying to improve the quality of their service. Its primary objective is to increase repeat business from existing customers.

There are a variety of steps contact centers take to accomplish this goal, including providing training for call center staff, analyzing relevant data, and adapting practices accordingly. However, in order to ascertain whether or not these measures have the intended effect, it is required to conduct a survey asking the same questions of the clients.

IVR surveys are one means of gathering consumer feedback. Indeed, it remains one of the most effective strategies for gathering client opinions. But making the decision to adopt the technology is only the beginning of implementing it effectively. There are a few considerations that should be made throughout the IVR survey’s development to guarantee useful insights are obtained from the acquired data.

We’ve included some suggestions for you to follow while you design the ideal IVR survey for your company to help you create an efficient survey.

Think Carefully About Your Goals

The first stage in creating an IVR survey is settling on certain goals. Targets might include everything from increasing product recognition to enhancing consumer loyalty. Topic selection is entirely subject to your goals.

In order to choose a subject, you need to engage in some creative thinking. If you want your survey’s findings to be easily understood, make sure you have a clear, precise purpose in mind before you start.

Use an Appropriate Keyword Strategy

As soon as you have settled on a purpose for your IVR survey, the following step is to settle on a set of keywords to use throughout the survey. You may use this to make sure you’re measuring the right item. You must define: “Customer satisfaction on issue resolution when contacting for a problem with product ‘X,’” for example, if you want to conduct a survey on the topic.

  • A person who has bought “X” merchandise is considered a customer.
  • Specify the nature of the trouble that the client is having. Something has gone wrong, and it might be just one thing or a string of things.
  • Take care to mention just the most pressing concerns.
  • Customer should be in a position to decide how satisfied they are with the product.
  • It’s the solution that was suggested and implemented.
  • Clearly identifying the survey keywords will guarantee that you develop a survey question that is closely related to the subject of choice, which will increase the quality of the data acquired.
  • Develop Useful Queries

After selecting a topic and narrowing it down to a set of relevant keywords, the next step is to construct questions that dig further into that subject. If the purpose of the IVR solutions is to gauge customer satisfaction with regard to contacts with an agent, it may not be relevant to inquire as to how long the consumer had to wait in line. Until you realize how much of a toll call waiting has on customer happiness, you’re not going to be able to do anything about it.

Keeping the survey questions focused on the selected subject helps ensure accurate results.

Ask Detailed Questions

It’s important to remember that each survey question may only include one question. For instance, did you find the representative to be informative and accommodating? The question really contains another question. Although the agent’s rudeness made him seem unprofessional, he may have had some useful information.

Keeping Things Straightforward

Survey questions framed using difficult terms may get fewer answers from potential respondents since not all of them will be able to comprehend them. Try to stay away from employing terms with more than seven letters since it’s usually possible to find a shorter, more concise alternative.

Pose Only Limited Questions

Including an open-ended question in an IVR, the survey will provide you access to valuable qualitative data. Unfortunately, this would increase the duration of the survey and cause some participants to drop out. The second difficulty is the length of time needed to analyze the information gathered. The information acquired from answers to closed-ended questions may be swiftly evaluated, and the questions themselves are often brief.

Please Don’t Stop the Flow

Make sure there’s a flow to your queries as you frame or arrange them. This will guarantee that the first question is relevant to the second one. This would make it more difficult for the respondent to answer and might lead to data corruption, rendering the survey null and void. This may be prevented with the use of well-targeted queries.

Strive to be Impartial

Just as vague questions might skew results, biased questions can completely ruin your survey. Inherently biased questions steer the responder toward a certain answer. You can help collect more reliable data by avoiding using biased questions and language.

Wrapping Up

Selecting a reliable IVR service provider is crucial. Finding a trustworthy service that can handle your survey is essential if you want to set up an efficient one. Here’s when the help of Office24by7 comes in handy.

Here is the ideal combination of cloud contact center software, customer relationship management, and interactive voice response (IVR) solutions for your company. You may reach them at +91 7097171717 or by email at

How could the use of IVR be improved?

One way to improve IVR systems for a better contact center customer experience is to integrate business applications into IVR menus. Integrating business applications enables customers to perform activities through the IVR system.

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