Things To Do Right After Buying A New Phone In Nigeria

What should you do after getting a new phone?

Top Things to Do with Your New Smartphone

  • How to transfer contacts and media
  • Activate your phone
  • Protect your privacy and phone
  • Connect your email accounts
  • Download apps
  • Understand data usage
  • Set up HD Voice
  • Pair with a Bluetooth® accessory.

Things to do right after buying a new phone in Nigeria
Should you charge a new phone for 8 hours?

Nowadays, smartphones come with lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries with partial charge that can get fully charged within about 2 h. However, manufacturers still insist on charging them for 8 hours before the first use

Have you just bought a new smartphone? If you don’t have any idea about what to do immediately after buying a new phone, we have simple tips for you.

What To Do After Buying New Smartphone?

If you have bought a new, let’s say Huawei Nova 10 SE mobile phone or any other phone, here are 10 things you should definitely do. No matter what the model of your device is, these tips are applicable to every device:

Accumulator Charging

The phone will not turn on if it is not charged – this is probably understandable. Therefore, before the first start, it is worth connecting it to a power source and checking whether it is charging correctly. It is also worth remembering the rules of charging so that the battery life is as long as possible.


To use all the features of an Android or iOS phone, you need a Google account or Apple ID. Immediately after the first launch, you will be prompted to log in or create a new account. This step can be skipped. However, this doesn’t make sense because, without it, you won’t be able to get into the Play Store, install apps, and create automatic backups.

System and Application Update

When you turn on your new phone, the first thing you should do is update the system and pre-installed apps to the latest versions. Having up-to-date software comes with many benefits, especially when it comes to security and new features.

Remove Or Disable Unnecessary Applications

Smartphones are equipped with many pre-installed applications, that is, those that manufacturers choose. It goes without saying that you will never use many of them. So why would they take up space? The answer is obvious – remove or disable unnecessary applications.

Downloading And Installing Programs

If you don’t like the default browser, you can download an alternative from the market, for example, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Dolphin. Perhaps something from the office suite will also come in handy. If you have an NFC module, we recommend installing Google Pay to pay by phone. Everything else is up to you.

Malware Protection

Smartphones, like computers, are vulnerable to malware. Most of the threats concern Android, but iPhone users should also consider protection. At the moment, the corresponding software has already been loaded into the top flagships, which can most often be found in the “Device Manager” section.


If you store important data on your phone, it’s worth protecting it properly. We suggest that you make a backup and save it to your “cloud” account. Go to the settings, find the option “Backup” (Backup), and select its automatic execution, for example, once a week.

As for contacts, you should save them in your Google account. Saving on the SIM card imposes certain restrictions, and despite all this, we do not receive the database of emergency contacts from another device if we lose the phone or the SIM card.

Auto-Upload Media To The Cloud

Smartphone memory is limited. If you take a lot of photos, it’s worth uploading them to a “cloud” account. In this way, you will secure the content and at the same time be able to share it with your friends. We recommend using free applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox, which, among other things, offer automatic uploading of photos from the gallery to the “cloud”.

Smartphone Functional Test

We recommend checking that everything works correctly. The first launch of the phone should be associated with testing its most important functions – cameras, calls, etc. Take a few photos, call and text someone, watch a YouTube video, google something. If you haven’t noticed any problems, great!

Custom Configuration

If you have already completed all the above steps, now it’s time to start customizing your smartphone to your liking. Go through the settings and change what you don’t like. Set a new ringtone and wallpaper, change the overlay, create folders to sort apps on the home screen, etc.

Should I charge my new phone for 24 hours?
Do I need to charge my new phone for 24 hours?

No, this can only worsen the condition of your brand new phone. The batteries that we get today are lithium-ion, which don’t require 24 hours of charging time. This can damage the battery and hence reduce the battery life of your new smartphone.

Do I need to charge my new phone?

Almost all reputable phone manufacturers ship the phones with their batteries charged around 60%.There is no real need to charge the phone before use because they are already around 60% charged.

Will I lose photos if I change SIM card?

What to Do Before Changing Sim Card. When you replace your SIM card in your phone, you lose access to any data on the old card. Photos, apps, and other documents that aren’t stored on the SIM aren’t affected by a card switch

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