Thermocool Odogwu Max Generator 10000Rs 6.75KVA Full Review & Price

I certainly believe that a generator that offers improved fuel efficiency with reduced engine vibration. Is the one that end users should make haste and purchase for optimum use and steady power as regards to generators.

For over 40 years, Thermocool has been Nigeria’s most trusted white goods brand. Their long heritage means they are also the most established supplier in the Nigerian market.

Whether it’s helping you to provide clean clothes, home cooked meals or a cool, calm family home, Thermocool’s manufacturing legacy combined with our history of consistent product innovation, means they can confidently say that they have always been there for you, and we always will be.

The thermocool Odogwu Max Generator is the top of the line in Thermocool’s current power generation offering. Thermocool Odogwu Max Generator comes with the model number of 10000Rs and rated power of 6.75KVA.

Thermocool Odogwu Max Generator 10000Rs 6.75KVA Full Review & Price

This generator comes with an optimized alternator that has been improved to better handle inductive loads like refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers. It also sports a rugged engine that can run continuously for up to 1000 hours.

The generator offers ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), therefore it automatically changes over when public power supply returns and switches back when power fails.

Thermocool Odogwu Max Generator offer a 3-in-1 digital meter, which reads the output voltage, running hours, and frequency. And it is a member of the remote series, consequently you can start and stop the generator from up to 40 metres using a remote control device.

Thermocool Odogwu Max 10000Rs Generator Specifications

  • 25 litres fuel tank capacity
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • Oil Alert Lamp
  • Key Start
  • Recoil Start
  • Wheels & Handles
  • Low noise operation
  • Remote Control start
  • Optimized Alternator Design
  • 1000 Continuous Running Design
  • Smart Choke for Easy remote Start
  • Better Fuel Efficiency and Engine Vibration
  • 3 In 1 Digital Meter
  • Automatic Transfer Switch feature
  • 29.3A (Max Current)
  • 230V, 50Hz
  • 12V DC Output (8.3A Max Current)
  • 100% Copper Coil
  • Fuel Economy
  • 1 Cylinder 4 Stroke Engine (420 cc)
  • 6.75KVA Rated Power
  • 7.25KVA Maximum Power
  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Two receptacles


Thermocool Odogwu Max 10000Rs Generator is now available in Nigeria. You can purchase the premium generator at Thermocool Cool world store or at leading online/offline stores in the country. Thermocool Odogwu Max Generator price in Nigeria sells from (NGN) 329,000naira to (NGN) 450,000 Naira respectively.


  • Optimized Alternator Design- Loads 3ACs plus other Appliances
  • 1000 Continuous Running Design
  • Smart Choke for Easy remote Start
  • Better Fuel Efficiency and Engine Vibration.
  • 3 In 1 Digital Meter


  1. 100% Copper Coil Copper coils increase motor electrical energy efficiencies in generators, which also increase the lifespan of the generator and gives you utmost value for your money.
  2. Fuel economy Saves money spent on purchasing fuel and also emits less fumes.
  3. Reduced Noise levelThermocool Engineering’s top of the line generators produce less noise and promote a quieter environment.
  4. 100% Power Output Guaranteed Unlike the competition, Thermocool Engineering’s generators deliver stated powered output.
  5. Remote Control Start OptionThe Thermocool Engineering’s generators come with a unique remote control start option, which offer you the option of starting your power generating set manually or remotely using a special RC panel.


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