Thermocool Gas Cookers & Prices in Nigeria Review

Trusted for over 40 years, Haier Thermocool offers you innovative, durable and beautifully designed products to make every day tasks easier and less time consuming giving you peace of mind and more freedom to enjoy the important things in life. The brand is always there for you.

The market for gas cookers has grown over time and there never seem to be shortage of quality. Thermocool has the best kitchen appliance in Nigeria today.

Thermocool Gas Cookers & Prices in Nigeria thermocool

Thermocool gas cookers are among the most sought after in the market today. And this is because of the quality and great services they offer, as the brand has created a great status and positivity in the minds of their customers. You can find the thermocool gas cooker where ever you go.

When it comes to buying a gas cooker, there are so many choices and you will need to put certain factors into consideration before you put down your money on any product. What this means is that you don’t buy a gas cooker because a family friend is using the same model. Or buying a gas cooker because you saw the advert on TV.

You should only pay for a gas cooker after it has met certain requirements, and the thermocool brand ticks all the right boxes if you ask me.

You need to know that the thermocool gas cookers are not the most expensive in the market, neither are they the cheapest out there. Some of their latest products will give you a run for your pocket. Still, they guarantee you absolute value for your money. Thermocool are not just some random brand people, so also are their products.

They give a perception of class, efficiency and durability. Their table top gas cookers are rated among the best and most sold cookers in the current market space.

Prices of Thermocool Gas Cookers in Nigeria

  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker {single burners} — (NGN) 5,500 — (NGN) 7,000 naira
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker {Teflon 2 burners} — (NGN) 11,000 — (NGN) 12,500
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker {Luxury 2 burners} — (NGN) 12,000 — (NGN) 14,000
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker {Assy 2 burners} — (NGN) 20,000 — (NGN) 23,000
  • Thermocool Stainless Standing gas cooker {503G} — (NGN) 40,000 — (NGN) 55,000 naira
  • Thermocool Stainless Standing gas cooker {504G} — (NGN) 48,000 — (NGN) 60,000 naira
  • Thermocool Stainless Standing gas cooker {4 burners} — (NGN) 75,000 — (NGN) 100,000 naira

Thermocool Gas Cookers & Prices in Nigeria

Maintenance of a Gas Cooker

It is important you have knowledge of how to maintain your gas cooker not only to make it last longer but to reduce the safety risks that come with using a gas cooker. Additionally, imbibing a good maintenance culture will save you money in repairs. The following are some of the ways you can make sure your gas cooker is always in excellent condition:

1. Understand the basic operation of your cooker brand. Because you have been using a gas cooker since you were small doesn’t mean you know all that is. New technology comes out every day. The first thing you want to do after bringing your cooker home is to read the manual. I have heard cases of people complaining about a new gas cooker when it was them that failed to follow the instructions in the manual. Read the manual. Note down the do’s and don’ts. And make sure you follow them to the letter.

2. When food particles spill on the cooker or burner during meal preparation, wait after you are through. Switch off the cylinder and when the burners are cooled, try to clean with a dry cloth or foam. If the particle has become stuck and cloth will not remove, you can use a plastic or iron sponge to carefully remove it. Don’t leave food particles on the hose either. Rats may chew through and cause a safety hazard.

3. Once in a while, take the gas cooker and the cylinder to your refill plant and have them check it for leaks. Not everyone has a good sense of smell. They will also check the rubber seal in the cylinder to make sure it has not become stiff and leaks gas.

4. Note  : Before you ignite the cooker, always make sure all the knobs are in the closed position. This simple check could have saved so many lives that have been lost to domestic gas explosions. In many instances, kids playfully opened cooker knobs and their parents put on the cooker without first checking the knobs.

5. Ensure your kitchen is well ventilated. Even if there is a leak but the air is circulating well, the possibility of explosion is considerably reduced. Using a gas cooker in a kitchen without enough windows increases the risk of explosion.

Benefits of Using the thermocool Gas cookers

  • Durable
  • User-Friendly
  • They are safe to use
  • Variety

Types of Gas Cookers

  • Built-in Gas cookers
  • Table -Tops Gas cookers
  • Free-Standing Gas cookers
  • Portable Gas cookers

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