The Top 5 Nigerian Recipes Apps in Nigeria Full Review

Learning how to cook has really become the thing of the day, this is because now its a do or die affair as it is not hygienic to be eating out all the time. In order for you not to break down or get infected with a virus by mistake.

Secondly, home made meals are kind of the biggest buzz. Think about it as a health worker or a normal essential worker you make your food from your home and keep it in your flask till noon time instead of buying out and eating unhealthy.

Not to talk of guys hooking up with women who can’t even cook to save someone’s life, it’s just insane as an african woman to not know how to cook like seriously!!

Anyways, the list of the 5 best recipes apps perfect for you to download from google play store if you want to learn how to cook top class Nigerian recipes easily from nothing, that is what this post is all about. These easy to use recipe applications will aid you in cooking Nigerian meals and delicacies.

The Top 5 Nigerian Recipes Apps in Nigeria Full Review

Although there are cooking books you can purchase or digital e-books that can be downloaded online to teach you how to cook african delicacies, foreign meals and so on, these cooking applications are easy to use and they’ve got step by step video tutorials where you watch the top chefs do their thing while we follow suit (yeah i said we “you and me”).

Below is a list of top 5 Nigerian Recipes App that can be downloaded for free

Soup & Stew Recipes

This application is on google play store. It provides it’s users with top cooking lessons of various Nigerian dishes and african delicacies. It also comes with simple guided instructions that are easy to follow through.

Nigerian Food Recipes

This is an amazing application to download on your smartphone. It comes pre-loaded with thousands of recipes by top celebrity chefs. The Nigerian food recipes has a very easy to use interface, that allows you store your personal recipes within the app.

Also to add, user can watch high quality recipe videos on how to prepare Nigerian delicacies or hotel african dishes on it.

Up until now i had no idea there was any thing like this application. well, i know better now. This recipe app is available for free download on Google play and is considered one of the best applications one can use to learn various African meals, Nigerian dishes and pastries.

With easy to use interface, you can choose different ingredients and the app will tell you exactly what recipes you can make with them. For somebody like me this will come in really handy i tell you.

The application comes with about 12million recipes available, while step by step instructions and video practicals are also included within.

Big Oven

The Big Oven provides you with up to 350,000 recipes. Although, there are two versions of the app. User can easily download the cooking app for free or you can opt for the full version, which will cost about $1.99 per month and $19,99 per year. Either ways the food application has got you fully covered.

Nigerian Food Prep

If you are looking for a Nigerian recipe app that is very very easy to use, try the Nigerian food prep app.

This application is free to download, and top chefs recommends this application because it comes with in-built category list of cultural foods. You can get yoruba meals on there like Ewa-Agoyin and moi moi and more to choose from, igbo meals too are also on there or any other type of cultural food recipe of your choice and you can follow through the easy steps provided on the application.


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