The Top 4 Selfie Ring Lights in Nigeria Full Review

Good photography is all about lighting. Get that right, and you have a masterpiece, but get it wrong, and your snapshot is mediocre. Your selfies and videos will stand out from the sea of bad portraiture with a selfie light. Most selfies are spur of the moment and don’t require an over-the-top or pricey studio setting.

The Top 4 Ring Lights in Nigeria Full Review

Although cameras (on smartphones or otherwise) have vastly improved over the last decade, the best ring lights can significantly boost the quality of your photos. Since the correct lighting can make or break a picture, many have begun gravitating toward ring lights as simple, convenient ways to get the most professional-looking results.

The best options not only provide uniform lighting for your subject, but also reduce the appearance of unwanted shadows, emphasize details, and even create certain color effects.

Whether you’re trying to find something that’ll give your photos a more professional look, or you’re just looking to take better selfies for the gram, the selfie ring lights on this post,will certainly help you get the job done.

1 . The Best Ring Light — AIXPI 10-Inch LED Ring Light

When it comes to quality ring lights, LED version is one of the all-around best for standard purposes. The 10-inch desktop model dims and can easily swivel to be placed at any desired angle. It’s remarkably bundled with both a phone stand and a tripod, making it a great value and easy to use.

These one has got a lot of reviews on amazon selling for the price of $43, the adjustable and rotatable light offers three different lighting modes and recharges via a USB port, so you never have to worry about batteries. For selfies, videos, and novice photographers, it’s easily one of the best investments to boost the quality of your work.

2 . Best for Phones + Cameras: Newer 18-inch LED Ring Light Kit

The Top 4 Ring Lights in Nigeria Full Review ring

This cost-effective selfie light set comes with all basics, plus a few extras you won’t see in other offerings. Investing in Newer gives you an LED ring and three-legged light stand, white and orange filters, a hot shoe adapter for cameras, a power adapter, a remote, and a rotatable smartphone holder.

Let’s start with the light. 240 efficient LEDs power this Newer model. They’re dimmable, and cycle without trouble between low, medium, and high settings. The phone stand rotates 360 degrees, and the tripod is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy that stands up to the test of time while remaining lightweight enough to move from place to place.

With the included remote, you can capture your best side, adjust light settings, and turn the ring light off and on. Unique to this model is the ability to shoot with a mirror-less or DSLR in addition to your phone. Sweet!

I love the included diffuser filters. You’ll get two orange and two white filters that add a warm glow or give photos a crisp, bright, clean look. I wish this package came with a carrying bag. You will have to tuck it all in a backpack, and that works, but for the money, I’d love to see Newer toss in a free bag. Whether you’re a videographer or take stills, this selfie light takes photo quality up a notch.


  • Low, medium, and high settings
  • Remote snaps photos and adjusts lights
  • Excellent build quality
  • Orange and white filters included
  • Phone stand rotates 360 degrees


  • Does not include carry bag

Price Tag —  $120

You can purchase it on amazon.

3 . The Best Budget Ring Light — XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light

Selling on amazon for the price of $15.99, if you’re looking for a cheap ring light for basic selfies, the selfie ring light will do the trick. At $16, it’s not only one of the most affordable options on the market, but it’s also extremely convenient and easy to use. The 36-LED, 3.4-inch ring clips right onto your phone, while its rechargeable built-in battery packs a powerful punch, lasting up to seven hours on one charge.

4 . Best Pro Lights: GVM 600S

The Top 4 Ring Lights in Nigeria Full Review

The GVM 600S is for those who want to take their photos and videos to the next level. This is a pro light rig that comes with a selfie ring light, six detachable light bars, two power cords, a tripod, and a carrying case. When you need perfect lighting everywhere, this is the gear to put in your shopping cart.

GVM’s 600S lights are dimmable so that you can set the mood for any video or photo-shoot. The three-legged tripod is sturdy and adjustable, going from 32-inches to 87-inches. Set the tripod up on a desk, on the ground outside, or in a studio for perfect lighting anywhere.

This kit comes in a nylon carrying bag that’s big enough for the whole setup. Grab the bag and go to any location or set up shop on your makeup desk or in a studio. The GVM 600S lets you add as much or as little light as you need, and is the perfect selfie ring light kit for your professional-level photos or videos.


  • Six removable light bars
  • Dimmable
  • Tripod included
  • Carry case
  • Camera mount


  • Pricey

Price Tag —- $132

You can purchase this device on amazon.

Wrapping up

Taking a good selfie is harder than it looks, and most fail in the lighting department. Even though phones have improved at a fast clip in the last two years, the front-facing selfie lens still falls short due to a lack of high-quality fill lighting. And this is where selfie lights come in.

However, the best ring lights on the market are also highly-customizable in terms of how they can be angled and brightened. An option with a dimmer will allow you to adjust the lighting to suit your subject. Some lights even offer accessories that help you take better photos — like an adjustable tripod or a shutter-button so you can capture pictures at a distance.

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