The Innovation of Anti-Radiation Quantum Coin in Nigeria

In modern society, we slowly become inseparable from the mobile phone and computer and are unaware of our physical condition in the electromagnetic radiation.

The Innovation of Anti-RadiattakkeQuantum Coin in Nigeria

Quantum Anti-Radiation coin

Quantum Technology

Quantum medicine technology has made a 360% impact in the saving of human lives across the globe. little wonder why africans have not key’d into this evolving wave as the quantum tech is called the third largest medicine in the future and it has two major properties:

Characteristics of high frequency energy light wave: The resonance effect of quantum energy generates hundreds of millions of vibrations per second, forming high frequency energy wave. It can form resonance and conduction with the magnetic field energy of human cells.

Characteristics of micro particles: Quantum particles are smaller than the extra nuclear electrons of an atomic nucleus and even smaller than the particles of nanometer size, making it extremely easy to enter human cells.

The refined quantum Technology was moved and that move made the core value of living in a world were our priority lies in the value of human life, After the researcher’s dedicated research, quantum technology has been successfully added into products, resulting in a significant improvement in health.

The anti-radiation quantum coin

It is most delightful to say that you can now protect your ears, brain and gody against harmful effects of cell phone radiation and heating with Radisafe.

The quantum coin has the power to reduce 80% of your mobile’s heat radiation and it shields over 99.95% of radiation emitted from your mobile phone.

What are the health advantages of the anti-radiation quantum coin?

Quantum anti-radiation coin has a lot of health benefits which i will list below:

  1. It helps increase proper and healthy blood circulation.
  2. It also assist in reducing stress and fatigue and it increases energy.

The Quantum anti-radiation coin for mobile phones and laptops has significant advantages in the preservation of life among humans.

  1. It keeps health against radiation from mobile phones and laptops.

It can be placed underneath the laptop and for the smartphones it can be placed at the back of the phone. Controversial, sensational and often contradictory scientific reports have triggered active debates over the biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in literature and mass media the last few decades.

This could lead to confusion and distraction, subsequently hampering the development of a univocal conclusion on the real hazards caused by EMFs on humans.

For example, there are lots of publications indicating that EMF can induce apoptosis and DNA strand-breaks in cells.


Positive ions

Unhealthy, man-made, environment in which we live (radiation from electronic and electrical devises, lighting, signboard, Wi-Fi, Radars, video camera, air pollution, toxins like chemical cleaners, pesticides, building materials, air conditioning, unhealthy food and lifestyle) contributes to the excessive positive ions, increasing the acidity, inflammation in human body, the primary cause of low immunity and the diseases.

In the body with high acidity, the bacteria virus, cancer cells multiply quicker.

Negative ions are not present in normal numbers because the conditions that generate negative ions have been limited, overcome and /or removed as a result of human activity in the atmosphere.

Negative ions

Negative ions are abundant in nature, they are God’s  blessing and gift, this makes our body in alkaline and in alkaline, bacteria, virus, cancer cells can’t develop.

Most people are not aware that negative ions can cure even incurable cancers, diseases according to researchers.

Negative ions which are popularly called “nature’s battery chargers”, are a major natural element that provides energy to human body while medical professionals has no knowledge or remain skeptical about this new innovation it makes me wonder. i guess people do know what others don’t know  !yeah that sounds about right.

The negative ions have been  known for a very long time now.

These negative ions can come in different types: Negative ion sanitary napkins , anti-radiation coins and mainly energy stone from health gate in Dubai.


Negative ions are actually oxygen atoms with extra-negatively charged electrons, invisible molecules abundant in nature, especially around waterfalls, forests and after a storm.

  1. They neutralize free radicals, have anti-bacterial, anti-viral effects.
  2. They revitalize metabolism.
  3. They enhance immune function.
  4. improves longevity, anti-aging, rejuvenation
  5. It increases brain serotonin, reducing anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, migraine, increases better sleep and relaxation.


You can purchase the Anti-radiation coin at any online E-commerce store in Nigeria or you contact :

J-med Health care @ Ikeja lagos Nigeria.


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