The Emerging Trend Of Homemade & Organic Soaps In Nigeria

Is there a demand for homemade soap?

In 2022, “Handmade Soap Market “Size, Status and Market Insights, the worldwide market for the safe Handmade Soap is anticipated to rise at a top fast considerable rate during the forecast period, on well between 2020 and 2024. according to a new study.

Why handmade soaps are better?

The emerging trend of homemade & organic soaps in Nigeria

Handmade soap retains all the moisturizing natural glycerin which also helps produce a rich luxurious lather. Thus skin-nourishing ingredients, plus superfatting and natural saponification create a soap bar full of moisturizing, natural oils, and natural glycerin.

What is the effect of organic soap?

Due to natural ingredients in organic soaps, such as essential oils, herbal extracts and spices, they tend to have healing properties. They act as cleansers and can also help improve skin conditions like acne, eczema and even sunburn.

Who is the target market for handmade soaps?

The target market for handmade soap mostly includes people looking for natural or organic alternatives to mass-produced soap. The market also includes those looking for an artisanal/luxury product either for themselves or to give as a gift.

Just as the trend of using synthetic makeup products is slowing down gradually, similarly is the inclination of usage of home-made beauty products is increasing. This trend was spiked up over the years and many people are now carrying on with this e-commerce business from their homes in Nigeria.

Homemade Soaps Have a Lot of Healthy Nutrients

Genuine essential oils and plant extracts are utilized in many homemade soaps so that the customers may benefit from their excellent healing powers and scents. This not only makes soap pure and natural, but it is also ideal for individuals with delicate skin. Their homemade soaps provide a large selection of essential oils and plant extracts, as well as some unusual, house-made aromatherapy remedies.

People have been growing botanical gardens that help them in manufacturing all-natural soaps. Numerous seeds and flowers are used in their manufacturing which gives them unique color and fragrance. As these soaps are all-natural they are great in healing properties and do not cause any allergic reactions as some synthetic soaps do. Natural components help in making them efficient and eventually reliable.

Such soaps are generally given the names of the respective flowers out of which they are made. You may tell them which flavor, color, shape, and size you need. And they will keep you updated about the process and do your work in no time.

Some customers might need extra toppings on their soaps to give them a fancier look. There are still different designs that you can opt for a soap bar, such as unicorn soaps, marble textured soaps, galaxy look-alike soaps, etc.

Benefits of Homemade Soaps

There are so many advantages of using homemade soaps. First and foremost is that it is created without any use of synthetic materials which aggravate and dry up the skin. Some of these substances have even been linked to hormone disruption and cancer by scientists.

When someone produces hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of bars of soap at a time, part of the profit margin comes from mass manufacturing, and part comes from employing the cheapest ingredients available which are frequently synthetic alternatives for the genuine thing.

Many people feel that synthetic chemicals can be harmful to our systems, not to mention the potential harm they might do by drying out your skin. Commercial soaps are known to include parabens and sulfate which is suspected of causing allergies and influencing hormone.

Natural soaps, on the other hand, are made with natural components such as olive and coconut oils, butter, and grass-fed tallow.

They are natural antioxidants

Because many of the ingredients used in organic soaps are natural antioxidants, and because their manufacturing process does not retrieve these materials for other reasons, organic soaps can potentially help to rebuild the skin by decreasing inflammation and keeping skin moisturized.

Organic soaps have milder pH values that assist care for your skin in the long run while still keeping you looking and feeling clean and fresh.

Home-Made Soaps Have No Negative Effects on Ecosystems

Most handcrafted soaps contain natural and biodegradable components. Conversely, synthetic components in commercial soaps, such as phosphorus, seep into rivers and lakes, endangering fish and other aquatic life.

After usage, the soap degrades more readily and does not disrupt the water cycle or the species that live in our rivers, lakes, and seas. This eco-friendliness is a compelling reason to choose organic soaps. Add to that the soaps’ high quality and efficacy, as well as the joy you receive from a more distinctive product.

Hydrates Your Hands Better and For a Longer Period

Glycerin, a kind of lipid found naturally in plants, moisturizes and soothes the skin. To extend the shelf life of their goods, many industrial soap manufacturers eliminate glycerin. It might be a detergent if the Custom Printed Soap Boxes states body wash or body bar.

One of the advantages of using homemade soap is that it contains higher levels of glycerin. Hence, they do not dry the skin as commercial soaps do. However, homemade and organic soaps play a huge part in keeping the skin moisturized. Therefore, synthetic soaps dry the skin out while on the other hand, while homemade soaps do not do so.

Homemade soaps are cruelty-free all the time

Many handcrafted soaps are vegan-friendly since they do not include animal fats, milk, or honey ingredients. They are most certainly cruelty-free since the firms that create them do not test on animals.

The foundation of the components is palm oil, to which essential oils from various plants, flowers, spices, and fruits are added. Natural soaps may contain animal materials such as tallow in some situations, although these will be prominently labeled on custom printed soapboxes.

Significantly, no animal testing is required for these goods because they do not include pesticides and are devoid of synthetically created substances. Buying handcrafted soaps from a local shop means you’re helping out your neighbors.

Commercial soap firms frequently manufacture their goods in facilities using machines rather than people. Therefore, they don’t require that much of our financial support as they are already empowered.

Their Custom Packaging Is Very Eco-Friendly

Handmade soap is often packed without plastics, but many commercial soaps are packaged in single-use plastic bottles or extensively decorated, glossy packaging.

The former however comes generally in Custom Printed Soap Boxes that can be decorated and labeled as per demand. If the order for such boxes is placed in bulk, that would be more cost-effective for the buyer.

How big is the handmade soap market?

The global soap market size was USD 34.09 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 55.29 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period.

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