The Best Toasters To Buy in Nigeria According To Lock X

A toaster is an electric small appliance designed to expose various types of sliced bread to radiant heat, browning the bread so it becomes toast. The most common household toasters are the pop-up toaster and the toaster oven.

A third type, most commonly found in restaurants, has a metal-mesh conveyor belt that moves the bread past constantly-powered heat elements.

However, There’s a wide variety of toasters on the market, from 2- and 4- slice toasters, to plastic and metal, as well as long slot.

Most aren’t designed to just toast a plain white slice of bread anymore either (remember when sweet potato toast was a thing?). In addition to being able to toast bread to your favorite shade of golden brown, it’s important to find a toaster with the right settings for your lifestyle.

The Best Toasters To Buy in Nigeria According To Lock X

How To Choose The Right Toaster

2-slice toasters vs. 4-slice toasters: When choosing a toaster, consider how many slices of toast you and your family will be making at one time. If there’s more than two of you racing to make breakfast at the same time, a 4-slice toaster is probably your best bet. If counter space is a concern, however, you may want to opt for a 2-slice toaster.

Long slot toasters are gaining popularity now due to the rise in more rustic forms of bread. Opt for long slots if you love sourdough or other artisanal breads. You’ll never be able to fit a whole slice in a traditional toaster without cutting it in half.

Who Should Buy This

You’re probably looking for a new toaster because your old one bit the dust. Or maybe it toasts unevenly, burns bread too easily, or can’t accommodate bagels.

Toaster ovens can dry out your bread, so switching to the intense, direct heat of a toaster can give you a nice char while keeping the bread’s texture intact.

A toaster oven, which can handle some of the tasks that a full-size oven can tackle, such as roasting vegetables or pizza bagels, is a more versatile and capable appliance than a two-slot toaster.

But if you don’t have room for a large toaster oven, four-slot toasters are the way to go. With double the capacity, four-slot toasters allow you to produce more toast fast, which is nice for feeding a large family.

Now Let’s check out the best Toaster ovens for cooking basically everything :

1.  Best Value Toaster — Slice Toaster

The brushed stainless steel Black + Decker 2-Slice proves you don’t need to spend a bundle to get a good toaster. If you have a slice of bread for breakfast on the reg, you’ll love that this model can toast bagels, big homemade slices of bread, and English muffins alike. Because of its low price and small countertop footprint, it’s great for dorm rooms, kitchens with minimal counter space, or anyone on a budget.

2. Best 2 Slice Toaster — 2 – Slice Smart Toaster

The Breville Die-Cast 2 Slice Toaster was the top model. It’s worth every cent if you’re looking for a champion toaster that will turn out evenly golden brown slices of bread batch after batch. With the push of a button, the grates lower your toast automatically — no lever-pressing. It also features extra wide slots for bagels.

Use the Lift and Look setting to check on its progress; if it isn’t browned to perfection, use the A Bit More feature to add extra time.

3. Best 4 Slice Toaster — Savory 4 – Slice Toaster

The Krups Savoy is a Good Housekeeping Seal holder for a reason: The black and stainless steel model can be depended on for toasting everything from a barely brown white slice of toast to dark rye toast. It’s great for entertaining, too — not only can it toast up to four slices at once, but if there’s a crowd at the table, it will pop up slice after slice to the same degree of doneness without burning by the second or third batch.

4. Best Long Slot Toaster — The Bakery Artisan Toaster

If there’s always an unsliced homemade loaf of bread in your kitchen, clear room on your countertop for the stainless steel Cuisinart The Bakery Artisan Toaster. It has two long slots that make it big enough for full slices of sourdough. In addition to toasting oversized slices, you could also toast four regular pieces of bread at once. The controls on this model are exceptionally easy to read. It also features a removable crumb tray.

5. Best Toaster For Small Spaces — 2 slice Toaster

toaster The Top Toasters To Buy in 2020 According To Lock X

If you’d rather not give up too much counter space or live in a house or dorm with a small-sized kitchen, the Cuisinart Compact 2-Slice Toaster (6.5 x 11 x 7 inches) is your best bet. The settings (bagel, defrost and reheat) are easy to read and select, and it unfailingly toasts bread to golden brown doneness. More perks: The Cuisinart’s slots are wide enough to accommodate thick bagels and the nice white exterior won’t show a single fingerprint.

6. View Pro 2 – Slice Toaster

Who knew watching bread brown could be so satisfying? But glass viewing window set aside, this Cuisinart toaster was a champ at turning out consistently golden brown slices of bread.

7. 4 – Slice Toaster —Most Stylish Toaster

If good looks take all in your kitchen, the SMEG 4-Slice Steel Toaster is worth the price. With its bright, glossy finish (that comes in seven colors!) and its ’50s aesthetic, this sturdy toaster is a beauty that takes up minimal counter space. When you select a setting, it locks into place so you know you’ve set it precisely. Also available in 2-Slice size.

How to Pick the Best Toasters

Toasters haven’t changed much in the last century or so. Although they now have new features such as bagel modes or settings for frozen bread, the science behind the heating hardware is basically the same.

That’s because, when it comes down to it, the ideal toaster should simply toast bread evenly and consistently without a whole lot of fuss.

Every slot should give you similar performance, and you should be able to toast breads of different types and shapes, which means having a big enough slot to handle thick bagels plus a way to retrieve small English muffins without jamming utensils (or your fingers) into the slots.

To Find That Ideal toaster here’s what to look out for :

  • It should have accurate toasting settings, so that setting the dial to medium will give you neither ghost-white bread nor a singed black square, but rather golden brown perfection—or something like it.
  • It should toast consistently from batch to batch, regulating its temperature so that subsequent rounds of toast don’t come out entirely singed. But even the best toasters heat up a bit after one round of toasting, so we recommend turning the dial down slightly when making a second batch.
  • A manual lever can help lift toast out of the slot as well as lower it. You shouldn’t have to fish your toast out of the slots with utensils or your fingers.
  • It should remain cool to the touch even after toasting, so that you don’t burn your fingers by accidentally touching the toaster.
  • Removable crumb trays will make cleaning the toaster much, much easier.
  • Useful buttons will make toasting easier. For example, a cancel button will allow you to stop toasting before you smell smoke. And a bagel button can help preserve chewiness by dialing back the heat on the outer part of the bagel while warming the cut side with more intense heat.
  • A toaster should be compact. Because it’s a single-use kitchen appliance that will most likely stay on the counter, you don’t want it to take up too much space.
  • A defrost mode is meant to help in handling frozen breads by extending the toasting cycle, giving the bread some time to thaw before toasting.

There’s one thing you can’t expect any toaster to do: Put out perfect toast without supervision. Even the good toasters need help. So always keep your eyes on your toaster.

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