The Best Tablets You Can Buy (2023)

The iPad Pro M2 is the best tablet out there for serious creatives who want the power of a laptop and the flexibility of a touchscreen. In order to know if a tablet is good, you will have to consider size, resolution, viewing angle, brightness, and coating.

The Best Tablets You Can Buy (2023)

The size determines how big the tablet is. The screen’s size and resolution determine how easy or difficult it is to read text on the device. The resolution matters if you watch Full HD (1080p) media on the device.

Still, if you need a tablet that can double as a laptop, then your best options are the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro 8 — tablets that can be paired with an attachable keyboard and support trackpad/mouse input. Both of these devices provide plenty of power for even the most demanding users.

Tablets continue gaining ground in the market, even as laptop computers slim down enough to fit in paper envelopes. They’re useful as both highly portable productivity tools and as entertainment devices—whether you’re a gamer, binge watcher, or an avid reader.

Sometimes, you just don’t need a whole keyboard attached to your portable computing device. But over 13 years after the original iPad debuted, it now seems like there are too many tablet devices to choose from.

There’s no need to splurge on the most expensive tablet available. That’ll snag you a capable device, but that strategy could also work against you, depending on your needs.

If you all you want to do is read books, for example, a giant slab of glass with a battery that needs a charge every night just isn’t the way to go, both for your budget and usability.

And if you’re worried about what all that screen time is doing to your eyes, it might finally be time to embrace an E Ink screen. Listed below here are the recommendations for the best tablet to buy in 2023.

The Best Android Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Apple and Amazon’s tablets are (out of the box, at least) walled garden devices that limit where users can get content and apps, and not everyone is a fan of that approach.

It’s one of the many reasons that Android has thrived, and while excellent tablets running Google’s mobile OS are harder to find, there are still some solid options available, like the $699 Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

It’s actually the smallest and cheapest option of three Samsung tablets announced early last year, with an 11-inch display and a biometric fingerprint sensor on the side of its housing.

It’s compatible with Samsung’s S Pen stylus for note-taking or more artistic endeavors, and the included 256GB of storage can be expanded with a microSD memory card—a feature you won’t find on any iPad.

The Best Tablet for Portability: Apple iPad mini (6th Generation)

Despite being $50 pricier than the much larger 10th generation iPad, it’s impossible to find someone who’s not completely enamored with the $499 6th generation iPad mini the instant they pick it up.

It’s everything great about the larger iPads in a much smaller and lighter package, with an 8.3-inch screen that’s still large enough to read full color comic books, graphic novels, and magazines.

It actually features a slightly more powerful processor than the latest iPad—the A15 Bionic chip—and supports the new Apple Pencil 2 for note-taking or just doodling. The Apple Pencil 2 can also magnetically attach to the edge of the iPad mini and charge while connected.

The Best Tablet For Most: Apple iPad (10th Generation)

Artists relying on Photoshop or those using their tablet as a video editing tool should consider the iPad Pro or the iPad Air, which feature the same M1 and M2 processors used in Apple’s laptops and smartphones.

But if you need a tablet for gaming, watching streaming content, reading books and magazines, and web surfing, the $449 10th generation iPad, which debuted just last month, is a solid choice.

It has a lot of the same features as the pricier $599 5th generation iPad Air, including a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display, a USB-C charging port, Touch ID biometric security, and support for the original Apple Pencil stylus, but moves the 12MP front-facing camera to the edge of the tablet so it’s easier to make FaceTime video calls in landscape mode.

The Best E-Reader For Most Users: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 5

Arriving in late 2021, the Kindle Paperwhite 5 came with some major improvements over previous models, including a larger 6.8-inch, 300 PPI E Ink screen, USB-C and wireless charging, and screen lighting with color temperature adjustments allowing for warmer tones at night.

The biggest reason to splurge on the $140 Paperwhite 5 is that it’s completely waterproof, so it’s safe to use at the beach, by the pool, in the tub, or during a hurricane, even if it gets completely submerged.

The Best Budget Tablet: Amazon Fire HD 10

It is heavily tied into Amazon’s services, with a customized front-end, and while it doesn’t have access to the Google Play store, it still has access to popular third-party apps including Spotify, Disney+, Netflix, Zoom, Hulu, and even Microsoft Office.

It’s best suited as a media consumption device, and given its price, it’s also a great option for younger kids who aren’t the best at taking care of their technology.

As gateways into Amazon’s music, ebook, and video streaming services, the company’s tablets are priced as loss-leader devices, and the Fire HD 10 tablet, with its 10.1-inch 1080P display, can be had for just $110.

The Best Budget E-Reader: Amazon Kindle (2022 Model)

The latest model offers USB-C charging, 16GB of onboard storage, an improved E Ink screen with more resolution so text looks sharper and easier on the eyes, and access to Amazon’s well-stocked ebook store. It’s $100 for the version featuring ads on the lockscreen, or $120 without.

The Other Best E-Reader For Most Users: Kobo Clara 2E

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The $130 Kobo Clara 2E offers a slightly smaller six-inch, 300 PPI E Ink screen, but 16GB of storage by default, which is ideal for storing both ebooks and audiobooks.

It’s also completely waterproof, so users don’t have to be as diligent about taking care of it. And unlike the Paperwhite 5, Kobo boasts the Clara 2E’s case is made from 85% recycled plastic, with 10% of it sourced from plastic that was ocean-bound.

The Other Best Budget E-Reader: Kobo Nia

Kobo Nia hits the $100 price point without any advertisements aside from the recommendations made in the Rakuten Kobo ebook store that’s just as well stocked as the competition’s.

It’s a solid alternative for those who’d rather skip Amazon’s hardware and eco-system, offering wider support for various ebook formats, but with a few compromises including a screen with less resolution and just 8GB of storage—although that’s easily enough for storing a downloaded library of 6,000+ ebooks.

How long do tablets last?

The useful lifespan of a product is a critical part of deciding whether it is a good purchase. ChromeOS devices generally have a lifespan of 5 years from the date of original manufacture, after which the user will no longer have security updates. Android devices generally have a lifespan of 3 years.

What tablet has the largest screen?

Ultimately though, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra delivers what we’re asking for – it’s the tablet with the biggest screen.

Why is tablet best for students?

Tablets made for college students offer the power and usability of a laptop with the versatility and portability of a much smaller device.

Whether you’re researching topics, typing up essays, making presentations, or using design tools, choosing the right tablet for college can make all the difference.

What can damage a tablet?

  • Not Using a Case
  • Using Cheap Cables
  • Regularly Running Out of Battery
  • Leaving It Plugged In Too Long
  • Plugging In the Charger Incorrectly
  • Exposure to Hot or Cold
  • Exposure to Water
  • Cleaning the Screen Incorrectly

How much money do you need to buy a good tablet?

Some small tablets sell for less than $100, but they come with compromises. There are a number of high-performing 7- to 8-inch tablets starting at well under $200. Tablets with larger display sizes and premium features cost more. Check out CR’s roundup of the best tablets for $300 or less.

How much GB is good for a tablet?

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Basic use and family: 32 to 128GB

A capacity of 32 to 128GB is enough for basic use or for the family. You can browse the internet or play light games. The tablet does fill up quickly, so you have to clean it often. You can store a limited number of apps, photos, and videos on 32 or 64GB.

What is the advantage of tablet than laptop?

There is no doubt that laptops have more power and can do much more than a tablet in terms of computing. However, if you need a device on which you can work on the go while commuting, tablets are quite a good option to pick. Tablets are generally easier to carry and do have a better battery backup as well.

What can a laptop do that a tablet Cannot?

Because of their hardware, laptops can perform more difficult tasks than tablets can. A laptop’s typically larger size also allows for a bigger screen, a more powerful processor, and more storage space, meaning laptops are better for graphic-intensive applications, such as gaming or processing photos and videos.

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