Text Customers From Your Business Number: Through Your Mobile Device

Truly mobile communication has changed the way people interact with each other and also how they interact with others. I certainly believe that mobile communication has brought us closer to one another more than we ever could have imagined. At this modern time, we’ve got the world at the base of our fingers as People from different parts of the world can now communicate with each other like they were just a few meters from each other. This is a change, it is happening and it is amazing to be living in an age where technology has enabled us breach the gap that keeps us apart from each other.

For example, last christmas was not so enjoyable as i couldn’t spend time with the people i love but with the beauty of technology and mobile devices, we all (in the family) didn’t feel like we were apart in any way as video calls and conference calls were the norm through out that period. So no one felt like he was away from each other. Applying this method on the business side of things can boost productivity in all levels.

The younger generation love “texting” and all that yeah! which is good in some cases, i mean my grand dad texts his grand daughter who lives in a different city almost everyday and she can get him to do stuffs for his own benefits while she’s not even present there. These are some of the scenarios in which mobile communication can aid improvements, bring closure and enhance productivity. In this article, we will show you how you can make use of your cell phone to text customers in order to engage with them using your business phone number and how businesses can reach out and connect with today’s generation. By using the same type of communication method they use too.

Text Customers From Your Business Phone- Through Your Mobile Device nigeriantech.com.ng

Texting Already is a Business Trend

Top business executives have also realized the importance of the short and easy composition method of texts and how it can be used from a business standpoint. Millennials and the people who have traversed the two millenniums have been blessed with the gift of instant communication through text messages and the young ones have also gained the “instant” attention span and remained there at a very fast pace. This now creates room for business executives to be able to adapt to this way of life of the millennial demographic market.

How Business Texting Creates Reach For More Customers

Regardless of where ever you may be, this method proves very effective and more efficient than the traditional methods of calling and sending emails. Business texting has a high response and “seen” rate than both calls and emails. If you have got a business and a contact list of over a thousand active phone numbers you will be glad to know that through texting and intense communication about what ever your business offers to your clients will rapidly increase your outcomes eventually for a fact this works but you’ll need to engage with each and everyone of them personally.

It is a more convenient way of sending updates, reminders, proposals, making sales and promotions without being intrusive, monotonous or robotic. In addition, most established customers have a preference to interact and engage through text, and this is what businesses should consider. Using your mobile device to text your customers about your business can also attract potential customers by easily replying to text inquiries about products and services. This gives more chances for increasing and expanding the target market of businesses.

Text Customers From Your Business Phone- Through Your Mobile Device nigeriantech.com.ng

How Texting in Business Generates Profits

Profitability can be achieved using this method effectively, as texting for business purposes can improve the way deals and sales are closed. Employees can effectively relay transaction progress and sales reports to both customers and business managers and reflect a sense of urgency and importance in every business dealing. This in turn can help establish a firm and solid relationship with customers, and a steady influx of profit. Also, this solid relationship can make way for recommendations and referrals from established customers to their friends, relatives and acquaintances. Thus, the established customers are becoming indirect instruments for expanding the business prospects through referrals if the communication skill was great and service was rendered efficiently.

How Business Texting Keeps Businesses in Connection with Employees & Customers

After a business transaction is concluded it does not just stop there. As most smart and credible young employees know to well that follow-up is very key even during non business discussions which will 100% of the time lead to return business dealings in the future.

What this simply means is that young employees can perform more efficiently in terms of communicating with customers, co-workers and superiors if they can use this widely used medium.  While current emerging workforce is mainly composed of millennials and those born near the transition of the millennium. The same can be said of the growing customer demographics of most businesses.

Texting is one of the things that millennials have in common and what describes the millennial lifestyle. Millennials have a significant attachment to their mobile phones or cell phones. If business owners and managers can utilize this attachment for business purposes, not only do they create meaningful relationships with the employees, but also create an employee-friendly environment for them.


When you text business and engage with your customers using your mobile device, there is a sense touch which brings about 80% referral and return purchase of your product as well as a community building that goes with it. Though, make sure your business brings good value to the block in order to generate profit and maintain closure with the clients that do business with you.

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Chinedu is the founder of Nigerian Tech. He is a tech enthusiast who has the passion for emerging trends in the tech industry. He is also a professional web content developer.

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