Sumec Firman SPG3800E2 Price & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Generators play an important role in back up electricity generation. And generators themselves are devices that converts mechanical energy into electrical power for use in an external circuit.

The Generators does this by capturing the power of motion and turning it into electrical energy by forcing electrons from the external source through an electrical circuit.

There are different types of generators. However in this post, we will consider the importance of the Sumec Firman SPG3800E2 generator, price and distributor contact details in the Nigerian market space.

Fireman SPG3800E2 Price & Distributor Contact in Nigeria sumec

Here, we show you a brief introduction about the Firman company brand. FIRMAN is a generating equipment brand under SUMEC Group, as an important member of SINOMACH, a Fortune 500 enterprise. The SUMEC Group which was founded in 1978 and specializes in trade and service, engineering contracting, and investment development.

Sumec Firman Generator Key Features

  • Capacity:  SPG 3800E2 Rated
  • Color: Yellow
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR built-in
  • Engine Model: SFE type 4 Max 9.0HP Air Cooled OHV Single Cylinder
  • 25 litre fuel tank
  • 0.6 litre oil capacity
  • Rated Power Output: 50Hz: 2.8KVA, 60Hz: 3.1KVA
  • Key Starter and Wheels: Standard
  • Fuel meter
  • Volt meter
  • Float Carburetor
  • Brush type Alternator
  • Power factor: 1.0
  • Pilot Lamp indicates that your Sumec Firman generator is working properly

Now, after 30 years of development, SUMEC has become an international and diversified modern manufacturing service group.For years, the FIRMAN brand trademark has been registered in 92 countries and regions all over the world.

FIRMAN products are widely applied to many fields such as routine life, industrial production, communications, medical care, finance, energy, and construction.

FIRMAN provides professional products and services for customers from more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

They are committed to creating stable, highly-efficient, and clean generating equipment and integrated power solution for customers and they help customers obtain reliable power supply, reduce energy consumption, and save operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

FIRMAN generator sets ranked first for six consecutive years among brands of exported portable Gasoline Generator to Nigeria.

FIRMAN products have extremely high market share in Southeast Asia and Africa, where the market share in the core sales area exceeds 30%. The brand image has been deeply rooted in local users’ hearts.

The Sumec Firman Generator SPG 3800E2 is alot of value for money as it has to deal with petrol powered generators. The Sumec Firman Generator SPG 3800E2 is affordable, reliable and easy to use. The generator features a one cylinder petrol engine.

And while the Sumec Firman SPG 3800E2 comes with Recoil + Key, Sumec Firman generators features Transistor Controlled Ignition (TCI) system and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which ensures that voltage output and frequency are stable thereby preventing voltage fluctuation, which can cause problems for your devices if plugged in.

Fireman SPG3800E2 Price & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

All Sumec Firman Generators come with AVR built-in. Users can also grab other exciting power products deals at lowest prices with nationwide delivery. The sumec firman has got the SPG3800E2 model, the SPG3000E2 model  and the SPG3800E1 model .

The Sumec Firman has a rated A/c voltage 110V , 120V , 220V , 230V , 240V Single voltage or Dual voltage ( Depending on requirement). It has got a single phase and an engine type 4-stroke ,single cylinder, air cooled, OHV. The generator power factor is 1 and the maximum power output is 9HP.

The device has a starting system recoil + electric and the displacement is 2700cc. The Firman generator uses an unleaded gasoline (Fuel) and the fuel capacity tank is 25L. Run time approximation once the tank is full is always 17.5h/15.5h. While, the noise level is at 69dB(A) which is close to almost soundproof.

Automatic voltage regulator is available as well as the electrical starting system but the oil warning system is optional. The automatic decompression system is also available including the voltmeter. Still, the firman generator is a two wheel transport kit.

Sumec Firman Generator Price in Nigeria

The Sumec Firman SPG3800E2 Generator is available and on sale for the price of (NGN)169,000.

Sumec Firman Distributor Contact in Nigeria

The Sumec Firman Generators are distributed nationwide by CHIDON ENTERPRISE VENTURES


Contact Details : +2347030393215


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