Sukam Inverter Review & Prices in Nigeria

A power inverter is a power electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current to alternating current. The resulting AC frequency obtained depends on the exact particular device employed.

Sukam Inverter Review & Prices in Nigeria

Their main use is to provide backup power when there is no flow of electricity. The inverters take power from the battery and supply it when there is electricity outage.

This inverters are pretty worth it in a home because they are energy efficient and these device will assist you in saving on your all paying monthly bills.

It comes in a rectangular compact shape and it is fully powered by a combination of batteries hooked together in it.

In this post, we’ll be seeing information about the sukam company brand for inverters. They are one of the top companies leading the Nigerian market space for quality inverters.

So we will get to know the types, sizes and how much their products go on sale for.

Sukam inverters or Su-kam power systems Ltd as they are widely known was an Indian power solutions provider, which sold their products in more than 40 countries.

This company are specifically known for their production of power back up solutions for both domestic as well as industrial markets, while they focus partly on energy solutions like solar power.

The company’s major products are solar- off grid power systems, home inverters, home ups, ups batteries and solar grid tie inverters.

The company brand office in Nigeria is located at ikeja, Lagos state. Their products are sold through a network of 1,200 distributors nation wide and almost 25,000 dealers worldwide.

Sukam Inverter Prices in Nigeria

Sukam inverters come in different sizes and types some of them are just like the Sukam inverter 600VA which is good for homes and can run up to 1Tv, 2fans, 1light when there’s a power outage. This one is ideal for single bed rooms and it comes with 24 months warranty.

You can also get to see the Sukam inverter 675VA which runs 2fans, 2lights and 1Tv during power cut. This is a basic inverter it comes with 24 months warranty and it is ideal for a single bed room.

There’s the Sukam 800VA inverter which runs up to 3fans 4 lights and 1Tv during power cut. This is ideal for 2 bedrooms and it also comes with 24 months warranty.

The Sukam 850VA powers 4fans, 3lights and 1Tv. It is ideal for 3bedroom homes just in case there’s a power outage.

Sukam also has an inverter 1400VA that can run up to 7 fans, 8 lights, and 1Tv during a power outage. This device is ideal for homes with 3-4bedrooms and a 24 months warranty is assured.

Prices of Sukam Inverters in Nigeria

Sukam 15KVA/360V Inverter + 30 X 200AH Batteries + Rack + Installation


  • A factory LCD panel for different remedial actions, as well as water topping alerts
  • Price : 5,739,600.00 NGN

Sukam 10KVA/180KVA Inverter + 15 X 200AH Batteries

This inverter is for large homes, offices and industrial needs.


  • No Spikes
  • Power fail duration displayed on LCD panel
  • Cable length of 10yards maximum
  • Inbuilt TDR point for all compressor based
  • MOSEF DSP Technology
  • Price : 2,853,000.00 NGN

Sukam 5KVA/48V Inverter + 4 X 200AH Batteries + Rack & Installation


  • Smart short circuit protection
  • Capacity to run heavy loads
  • Mini change over switch
  • User friendly display & operation
  • Reverse battery polarity protection
  • Constant, uninterrupted voltage & frequency
  • Price : 1,072,500.00 NGN

Sukam Sinewave inverter 25KVA/360V 3-Phase

This inverters powers elevators and air conditioners respectively.


  • Auto self test on LCD panel is impressive
  • Optional 3-phase static bypass switch
  • Authentic Galvanic isolation is featured
  • Double conversion VFI technology is included
  • Output voltage (380/400/415V) is adjustable
  • Rs-232 interface software
  • Price : 2,200,000.00 NGN

Sukam Inverter Review & Prices in Nigeria
How much does a Foreign brand Inverter Cost?

There are different types of inverters, some of these types of foreign inverters are listed below with their prices ;

Hybrid Inverters : these type of inverters go on sale for the price between $1000- $2000 but many models like this go for $3000 and above.

Battery Inverters : if a battery requires a separate battery inverter, this will typically add $2000 to the overall cost of the process during installation.

String Inverters : The price of the string inverters depends on its size and brand. It might cost you between the price range of $1000 to over $2000 for a string inverter.

Micro Inverters : The micro inverters cost depends on the number of panels in the system and their rated output. Some can go on sale for $200 or $300 to say the least.


Your inverter should last at least five years. Or 10 years to get good value for your money.

Knowing your inverter

Once installed, familiarize yourself with your inverter. It will usually have a display and some indicator lights on it, so get to know what these means.

Whether you opt for smart software monitoring or just a visual check on the inverters indicator panel, it is a good idea to periodically check in on your inverter system.

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