Studio Light Prices in Nigeria

Having an idea or the knowledge of basic studio lighting will come in very handy for photo modes and cam operators. Although, there are types of lights in photography the natural and the artificial type of lights. Natural lights has always been a thing for me and will always remain like that. If you have ever struggled with bad lights, leading to dark photos, now you know there are ways it can be improved.

Studio Light Prices in Nigeria photol

Studio lighting is one of the most important aspect in taking photo modes and in photography as a whole. The purpose of this article is to serve as a guide to introduce you to some of the most basic studio lighting tools and their prices,so you can navigate your way around a photography studio.

Studio lights are now more important now and having a good idea of the cost prices are pretty important too. Right from making youtube videos to making professional photo shots, this device comes in handy at all times.

This studio lights are very ideal for studio photography, video studios, TV studios, public access studios, Makeup artist, chromaking or any situation where special lighting effect is needed.

It ensures a shadow-free illumination of the motif. Just as the studio flash is ideal for lighting large groups of people or for home studio photography, Flash is just that a high powered pop of light that will freeze the subject every time it is used.

Studio Light Prices in Nigeria

You do not need the latest camera model available to get fantastic photos, but you do need to understand what your camera’s limitations are so that you can work around them. If your older model camera doesn’t handle low light situations well, then schedule your photo sessions during bright daylight hours.

Even photos taken during daylight hours can turn out poorly if you’re not using the right camera settings. What newer photographers sometimes call poor light is actually problems with exposure. Take the time to learn how ISO, shutter speed and aperture work together to get you properly exposed photos.

Once you master exposure settings, study how the available light is interacting with your subject. Questions like “Are you getting shadows around your client’s eyes? Are there bright patches of light only hitting certain parts of your subject’s face? will come in as solution outlets for possible photo outcomes.

There are different types, brands, prices and sizes of studio lights out in the retail market space, these are fully listed below.

Studio Light Prices in Nigeria

Led Studio Light Kit for Photo & Video DSLRs

Details : 

  • Illumination : 5636 LM
  • Number of LEDs : 900
  • Power : 54 Watts
  • Brightness Control : Dimmer Control, DMX or radio Control
  • Illumination (LUX) : 1M 7680 Lux, 2M 2110 Lux, 3M 960 Lux, 4M 550 Lux, 5M 360 Lux
  • Color Temperature : 5600k / 3200k
  • CRI : Ra : 95
  • Dimensions : 417 (H) x 393 (W) x 80 (D)mm
  • Weight : 250g
  • Case Dimensions : 480 (H) x 480 (W) x 120 (D)mm
  • Price : 210,000 (NGN) — 300,000 (NGN)

Godox Compact Flash Strobe Studio Lighting – De300-220v 300w

Details : 

  • Flash triggering system
  • Wireless Control
  • High qualified 150W modeling lamp
  • 2s Recycle time at full power and 1/2000s flash duration
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Power adjust from 5.0 -7.0 (1/16/-1/ 1) with stable color temp
  • Specification Model De200 De300
  • Max Power 200Ws 300Ws
  • Guide No (mISO 100) 49 58
  • Color Temperature 5600k /200k
  • Operating Voltage AC200 – 240V / 50Hz or Ac100 – 120V/60Hz
  • Power Output Control OFF 5.0 – 7.0 (1/16-1/1)
  • Price : 79,000 (NGN) — 100,000 (NGN)

Godox uses two types of bayonet fitting for its flash accessories, the “S” type is the most universally used in the photographic industry, Godox use the “S” type fitting on the Stellar and Venus range.

7ft 2m Photo Studio Video Camera Light Stand Flash Soft box Tripod Phone + Tablet Holder

Details :

  • 1 Light Stand
  • 1 Phone & tablet holder
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Extended height 210cm
  • Beautiful black satin
  • Folded Height : 70cm
  • Load Capacity : 2kg
  • Lock Style : Knob
  • Section 3
  • Weight : 1kg
  • Thread quick release levers
  • versatile and compact for easy setup
  • Price : 7,000 (NGN) — 10,000 (NGN)

Photo Studio Light Stand Soft box Tripod & Flash Bracket & Umbrella

Details : 

  • Section 3
  • 1 umbrella
  • 1 light Tripod stand
  • 1 Flash B Bracket holder
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Extended Height : 210cm
  • Folded Height : 70cm
  • Load Capacity : 2kg
  • Knob lock style
  • Versatile and compact for easy set up
  • Thread quick release levers
  • Weight : 1kg
  • Price : 14,400 (NGN) — 16,500 (NGN)

CE Triple Cold Shoe Camera Mount Holder for Speed light, Led lights, Led monitors & Studio Flash

Studio Light Prices in Nigeria nth

This Stand light is ideal for studio photography, video studios, TV studios, public access studios, Makeup artist, chromaking or any situation where special lighting effect is needed. It ensures a shadow-free illumination of the motif.

It is fully Designed for stand-mounting, which using a universal bracket that is compatible with all standard light stands. It come with Ring Light, Light Stand, Filters,Bag and also comes with battery space.

Details :

  • Material : Aluminum Alloy
  • Compatible width
  • Vivitar 285 series/283 series
  • 1 Triple Hot Shoe mount adapter
  • Sigma EF540 /EF530/ EF500
  • Metz AF58/ AF50 / AF48/ AF44
  • Canon 580EXII/ 580EX/ 540EZ/ 430EXII/ 430EX/ 420EX
  • Olympus F50R/ F36R
  • Nissin DI899 series/D1622 series/ D1466
  • Pentax AF540FGZ/ AF500FTZ/ AF360FGZ/ AF330FTZ
  • Nikon SB910
  • Price : 4,000 (NGN) — 7,000 (NGN)

Studio Accessories

  • Dolly : A light stand with wheels. Most useful.
  • Boom arm  :  A boom arm is a light stand that you can position at any angle between completely vertical and completely horizontal. These are useful to get your lights high up and also to place your light at angles a traditional light stand wouldn’t be able to manage. You can mount different varieties of boom arms to other light stands as well as permanent fixtures like walls.
  • Reflector Stand  : A dedicated stand designed to hold a reflector in place.
  • Background/backdrop  : A backdrop is any surface that you place your subject in front of. These range from paper and vinyl rolls to bare or decorated walls to pieces of painted canvas.
  • Background stand/support  : Any support system designed to hold a backdrop in place. These can be free standing or wall mounted.
  • Clamps :  Clamps and other fastening devices come in all shapes. You can (and should) use these to hold all manner of things in place. Backgrounds, flags, reflectors, gels, and many, many other things need to be held in place.
  • Rails : In bigger studios, you might see lights fixed to fittings on the walls and ceiling. These rails allow you to move your light relatively freely around a space without the hassle of a light stand.
  • Light Stand : Simply a stand to hold your light source. Ensure you have one that can hold the weight of your light. A high-powered, dedicated strobe requires a lot more support than a speed light.

Other Studio Accessories

  • Quality of Light : Quality in this instance refers to the physical characteristics of light. These include shape, intensity, and color.
  • Lighting pattern :  lighting pattern is a specific technique in which a light is placed in a prescribed manner for predictable and established results. Examples of these include butterfly lighting, Rembrandt lighting, and split lighting.
  • PC Sync Socket/Cable :  The PC sync is a means to connect your camera to a flash with a cable. You can use this option in lieu of triggers.
  • Triggers :  Triggers are devices that allow a camera to communicate with your lights and ensure that your flashes fire while the shutter is open. These range from very basic models with just one function, to complex devices that allow for full control over the settings of multiple lights.


The impressive thing about photography is that there is so much variety in light and it can give us such diverse looks with various forms or photo mode. This type of knowledge is useful even for natural light photographers anytime any day.

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