Sound bar Prices in Nigeria

Sound bars and home theatre speaker systems look best when they are guarded and simple.

A sound bar is a speaker system that ensures top quality sound without requiring space, while it produces effective sounds with its surround speaker setup.

Sound Bar Prices in Nigeria

The sound bars offer more benefits over the known traditional home theatre speakers. As they tend to take up less space and are much easier to setup.

Sony brand is well known for its sound bars as well as the Samsung latest tat sound bar which is unique and it comes with a pair of rear speakers making for authentic 5.1 channel woofer setup.

Now whether you’re looking for a sound bar that supports Dolby Atmos or you want something else, there’s always a model for you.

The sound bar is very much worth it because they enhance your audio experience, far outperforming your Tv speaker.

A sound bar improves the sound of your music when turned on. So if you are looking to purchase one this post article is for you.

In the Nigerian retail market space, you’ll know the various types and brands of sound bars and the prices they go on sale for.

A sound bar’s long, slender cabinet contains two or more speakers and may provide either stereo or surround sound in full quality mode.

Top Soundbars in Nigeria

Samsung Sound Bar

The Samsung brand clears the best sound bar because, it is discreet and very unique. It creates an immersive music consumer experience and it fully supports Dolby atmos content.

There is also an Alexa built in inside the bar.
This sound bar comes manufactured with a lot of sound enhancements features so users can customize listening playlists.

You can also stream your audio from your mobile devices to the bar wirelessly. So if you prefer a sound bar setup that comes with two pub style subwoofers, with built in voice assistant support and a very powerful sound enhancement feature then check out the Samsung brand.

LG Sound Bar

LG company brand is one of the top sellers of sound-bars too, they offer a good range of bar models which have DTS virtual x mode that well stimulates 3D sound in its top capacity.

This setup has a feature that automatically optimizes audio reproduction based on the room it is placed in. With this feature turned on, treble sounds that make vocals and lead bass instruments to be heard clearly are very bright and sparkling.

The LG sound bar also comes with AI smart full connectivity and google assistant for voice recognition.

Sony Sound Bar

Sony company sound bars are packed at far higher prices than others and users will get top value from their device at every time.

They have a balanced sound profile out of the box making it complete and suitable to listen to any type of audio content.

The Sony sound bar has two speakers that offer a good surround sound performance.

It supports Dolby atmos and when turned on using two channels the sound bounces off the ceiling and down your floors to create a feel of deck illusion off the wall and back.

AMBEO Stand-alone Sound Bar

This is the best stand-alone sound bar ever and it is produced by sennheiser. This model of sound bar delivers an impressive listening experience for a stand alone bar.

It is really loud and it produces clear and accurate vocals thanks to its balanced treble ranges. It delivers a good surround performance

The stand alone bar has a unique feature that optimizes reproduction based on acoustic characteristics when placed in a room.

Vizio Sound Bar

Vizio company brand manufactures top smart television, now they produce quality sound bars like other companies.

Vizio sound-bars are different from other bars, and they have a sleek design making them very beautiful, affordable and comfortable to use.

Sound Bar Prices in Nigeria
Sound Bar Prices in Nigeria

  • Sony HT – CT sound bar — 135,000 NGN
  • Sony HT – CT 300w sound bar – 190,000 NGN
  • Hi sense Sound bar — 130,000 NGN
  • Hi sense Hs201c1 Sound bar – 50,000 NGN
  • Samsung 2.1 channel sound bar — 150,000 NGN
  • LG 360w sound bar — 100,000 NGN
  • LG Audio Sk5R Sound bar — 165,000 NGN
  • LG Sj9 512 HDR Sound bar – 290,000 NGN
  • Sony 2 channel woofer Sound bar – 120,000 NGN
  • Solo Tv Sound bar — 190,000 NGN
  • LG 500w sound bar — 360,000 NGN
  • Vizio m series sound bar – 200,000 NGN
  • Bose smart sound bar — 150,000 NGN
  • Sonos play sound bar — 190,000 NGN
  • Samsung HW-A550 sound bar — 200,000 NGN

The sound bars are the devices that ensures the immersive, spatial sound that puts you at the center of your music and entertainment audio contents enables a new kind of listening experience.

So now wrapping up for your guide when purchasing a sound bar you’ll need to seek a cinematic three dimensional sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X mode with a stylish vibration subwoofer that has at most a powerful depth of 320w, 5channel sound.

With this you can do no wrong, and you can go all out in the next step in audio immersion.

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