Smart Charge Intelligent Smart Bulb in Nigeria Specification & Price

Smart Charge Intelligent Smart Bulb in Nigeria

Sudden power outage often make people helpless, groping in the dark, like where to put candles and firewood or you’ve got to switch on the generator. You know If the bright lights in our houses can continue for some time after a power outage then it is just fine. no problem, smart charge LED bulb can make you no longer have to worry about the power of the dark.

It can determine if you are using the switch to turn off the lights, off the emergence of a power outage. if the latter, it will continue to provide hours of illumination.

A built in sensor can determine whether the power failure, and then determine which state the switch, and then decide to illuminate the room while waiting for someone else to open the switch.

Only the bright light was able to continue because it is a built in 2200mAh lithium battery that pro bides up to 4hours of use. If  and when the power is restored, the built in battery will take about six hours to full charge, ready for the next power outage. The smart charge lamp life is up to 40,000 hours.

Smart charge Features

  • 4 hours of Light During a Power Outage
  • Built in Rechargeable Battery / Charges during normal use
  • Turns On/Off from the Switch During Outages
  • Energy Efficient, ROHS Compliant
  • Works with a Standard E26 Light Fixture
  • Instant On

Boosting of a Good CRI, energy saving, good light, good quality and a long life span the smart charge smart bulb is very compact and better than your regular light bulb, ideal for standard incandescent bulb replacement. While it’s long life lasts up to 8 times longer than standard candescent bulbs, it operates within 170 – 250v range.

Smart Charge Intelligent Smart Bulb in Nigeria rechargeable

How Does it Work?

  • It is easy to install and use: Simply replace your old bulbs with SmartCharge LED.
  • The smart charge bulb Can be switched ON-OFF from the same wall switch, even during a power outage.
  • It Provides minimum 3.5 hrs of back up light even during a power outage.
  • The Battery automatically charges when the bulbs is used on AC power

Smart charge Bulb Price & Availability

The smart charge bulb goes on sale for $60.00 (USD) which is at the range of (NGN) 21,900naira although it can be purchased at E-commerce retail outlets, you can also purchase it from a distributor of Smart bulb using the mobile number listed below:

Phone Number: +2347039561069

Address: Atlantic Center, Lagos Nigeria.

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