ShotSpotter App Review in Nigeria

A gunfire locator or gunshot detection system is a system that detects and conveys the location of the gunfire or other weapon fire using acoustic, vibration, direct optical or potentially other types of sensors, as well as a combination of such sensors.

ShotSpotter App Review in Nigeria

These systems are used by law enforcement, security, military, government offices, schools and businesses to identify the source and in some cases, the direction of gunfire and or the type of weapon fired.

ShotSpotter software is gunshot detection app technology that uses sophisticated acoustic sensors to detect, locate and alert the law enforcement agencies and security personnel about illegal gunfire incidents in real-time.

With the ShotSpotter gunshot alerts delivered real-time to your mobile device, you can be fast and respond safely and with confidence.

ShotSpotter provides the nearest street address to self dispatch when the situation warrants; gunshot audio to gain situational awareness, and precise location of the gunshot to search for evidence.

ShotSpotter’s precision policing platform helps local, state and federal law enforcement respond to, investigate and deter crime.

The technology suite embodies the renowned “precision policing” philosophy so now agencies have access to timely and accurate intelligence, can more rapidly and precisely deploy resources to respond to crime, as well as proactively prevent it.

The platform is highly data-driven and includes community protections and engagement opportunities to help improve police-community relations.

ShotSpotter Key Features

  • Time since trigger pull
  • 360-degree street view and 25meter evidence search area
  • Precise gunshot location and round count
  • Real-time ShotSpotter gunshot alert with unique audible alert
  • Daytime/nighttime user interface themes
  • 7days,3-day and 24-hour incident list and map view

In general categories, there are environmental packaged systems for primarily outdoor use both (military and civilian/urban) which are high cost and then also lower cost consumer and industrial packaged systems for primarily indoor use.

All systems used in urban settings integrate a geographic information system so the display includes a map and address location of each incident.

While some indoor gunfire detection systems utilize detailed floor plans with detector location overlay to show shooter locations on an application or a software web based

ShotSpotter Inc. originally is a Newark, USA California based company known for its gunfire software locator technology.

Using a computer algorithm, ShotSpotter identifies whether or not a gunshot was fired in order to dispatch law enforcement. Founded in 1996, it is also traded on NASDAQ stocks under SSTI.

The company’s sensors automatically send audio files to human analysts when those sensors pin detect gunshot-like sounds.

Those analysts then decide whether the sounds are gunshots or other loud noises such as firecrackers, car backfires, or construction noises.


ShotSpotter App Review in Nigeria

This is how the software works, first of all when a gun is fired, sensors usually placed on top of a building or light poles record the audio. Secondly, the gunfire’s location is determined by three or more sensors that pick up and triangulate the noise.

Once this is done the the information will be relayed to the in this case(The Nigerian police force) where analysts confirm the gunshots before alerting the corresponding police department often within seconds.

Lastly, the Nigerian police will then relieve the location information and audio clips to help them respond to the incident. Some police department will be able to access the gunshot data on their smartphones or from their squad patrol vehicles.

The ShotSpotter Precision policing solutions is a software interface that help save lives, deter crime, and make communities safer.

It Detect gunshots for consistent, rapid, precise police response. It also Detects the highest crime risk areas for directed patrols to maximum crime deterrence.

This software will aid to Protect your officers with enhanced situational awareness.

It will Protect our community by disrupting crime cycles with data-driven solutions that limit bias. This will hereby connect with your community and build trust.

It will also fully Connect to data and insights to drive impactful and measurable outcomes.

ShotSpotter App Review in Nigeria

This application will assist agencies in order to gain insight into officer activity, Deter crime and improve community engagement, and it will automate directed patrol planning for highest impact.

In terms of investigative management, the software application will aid in improving case clearance rates for all crime types, it will ensure analytical and collaboration tools reduce time to solvability and it will build courtroom-ready cases.

As of 2021, ShotSpotter evidence has been used in over 190 court cases.

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