Shoe Sewing Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria

Shoe making has become a fast growing industry in Nigeria. There is no doubt that the demand for shoes is high and the market space is huge. This has led to the proliferation of shoemakers across the country. However, there is an intensifying competition between foreign shoes and those made locally.

In this sector, if you must carve a niche for your self in the nigerian shoe market space, then you must get it right from the beginning.

Shoe Sewing Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria

And in doing that involves using the right equipment, tools and materials. Far more importantly, a quality shoe sewing machine is a must have. This is the reason why this article, looks at the prices of some of the quality shoe sewing machines on the market.

Originally, shoes were made one at a time by hand. Traditional handicraft shoemaking has now been largely superseded in volume of shoes produced by industrial mass production of footwear, but not necessarily in quality, attention to detail, or craftsmanship.

Shoemakers (also known as cordwainers) may produce a range of footwear items, including shoes, boots, sandals, clogs and moccasins. Such items are generally made of leather, wood, rubber, plastic, jute or other plant material, and often consist of multiple parts for better durability of the sole, stitched to a leather upper part.

Shoe Sewing Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria

Shoe making involves a very technical process. Also the material used can sometimes be very tough and would require a tough sewing machine to penetrate in.

Prices of Shoe Sewing Machines in Nigeria

  • Side Seam Leather Soles Shoe Sewing Machine — (NGN) 350,000 naira — (NGN) 500,000 naira
  • Zhejiang Longtai LT- 5550 / 8500 / 8700 Lockstitch Shoe Sewing Machine — (NGN) 75,000 naira — (NGN) 80,000 naira
  • Shide CNC Interlock Shoe Sewing Machine — (NGN) 250,000 naira — (NGN) 399,500 naira
  • Special offer Single Needle Thick Material Industrial Shoe Sewing Machine — (NGN) 80,000 naira — (NGN) 100,000 naira
  • Top Eagle TSH – 2161 Single Chain Heavy Duty Shoe Sewing Machine — (NGN) 450,000 naira — (NGN) 750,000 naira
  • SR-810 Professional Single Needle Post Bed Heavy Leather Lockstitch Shoe Patch/Sewing Machine — (NGN) 100,000 naira — (NGN) 120,000 naira
  • New Ultra Sonic / Bag / Lace Making Machine — (NGN) 150,000 naira –(NGN) 250,000 naira
  • SR-9910 Factory Price Single Needle Flat bed Industrial Sewing Machine 28BL – 30 Flat Bed (set)— (NGN) 150,000 naira — (NGN) 180,000 naira
  • Keestar One/two Needle Industrial Leather Shoes Sewing Machine — (NGN) 250,000 naira — (NGN) 400,000 naira

Picking the Right Shoe Sewing Machine

Shoe Sewing Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria

Trades that engage in shoemaking have included the cordwainers and cobbler’s trades. Today, shoes are often made on a volume basis, rather than a craft basis. While choosing the right shoe sewing machine, here are some factors you might want to consider listed below:

  • Check the Needle
  • Check the Size
  • Verify if it’s electric or manual
  • Draw up your own price/budget

If you are a business owner of shoes or you want to repair your own shoes. Having Shoe Sewing Machine can do all this for you. They make the process of mending or repairing your shoes quick and easy, and you can complete your project on time.

Look out for a machine with a walking foot attachment. Even though Teflon foot is suitable for leather stitching, walking foot allows you to stitch from all directions. This would make your work very easy. The choice of foot is very important for you to get a classy look for your shoes. Also, the stand and arm play an important role.

The arm of the sewing machine is the one that is responsible for allowing you to stitch the corners of the shoes. Look out for the user manual and get to know if the setup is easy. Most machine comes in parts enabling you to assemble and disassemble as per your needs. Look out for this feature.

Shoe materials cannot be worked on with regular sewing machines. With that, it requires something more powerful to pierce through it. You must have a heavy-duty machine that is specialized in sewing leather materials.

Buying Guide For Shoe Sewing Machine in Nigeria

If we were in your place, then we would have certain factors to choose the best shoemaking sewing machine for us. You can always read various reviews so that you would be able to take a tour of the machine even before purchasing it. Apart from this, you can look for the below factors.

  • Fabric
    If you are a creative person, then go for a machine that would be able to sew most of the materials so that this would not be a hindrance in your way of creativity.
  • Stitch length
    You should be able to alter the stitch length. Sometimes, you would be stitching on a heavier fabric, at that time, you should not find difficulty in using the machine.
  • Replacement, guarantee and spare parts
    You should also look for machines that would have a good replacement for your products like needles or bobbins case. Also, look out for the guarantee covered.
  • Sew in different directions
    You should also be looking out for a machine that would be able to sew in all directions. This would allow you to stitch easily without having to turn the material that you are using.
  • Durability
    Check out for the material used in making of the machine. Since shoemaking is not an easy job, you need to exert a lot of pressure on making of each shoe. Hence the material used in making the sewing machine should be sturdy.

Wrapping up

All of us always have a habit of buying number of shoes. Specially people who are working or even people from the fashion industry need to have many pairs. But, the durability of the shoe that we purchase is very important.

The shoes that we buy normally get torn within a very few months of purchase. So, we automatically throw it away and go for another new one. But just think if we have a machine with us in hand and if we will be able to stitch all this stuff by ourselves. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

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