Shoe Filing Machine Prices in Nigeria

A shoe filing machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment used when making shoes. If you visit a shoemaker’s shop, you are likely to see one attached to a bench. This is the most common one used in Nigeria and it is mostly referred to as a “bench grinder.”

Why is this machine so important? It helps to shape different parts of the shoe especially the sole. In this post, we will tell you how much a shoe filing machine costs in Nigeria amongst other important information.
Shoe Filing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Shoe Filing Machines in Nigeria

The market is filled with a variety of shoe filing machines or bench grinders. They are classified according to their capacities, sizes, and brands. Finding out the prices of these machines can be quite difficult because of how many they are.

This is why we did all the hard work on your behalf. We have surveyed online and offline vendors to find out how much these machines cost. Check out the list below to find out:

  • Ronix Model 3503 150mm High-Quality Bench Belt Grinder Machine: N13,000 – N14,500
  • Ronix 2021 Model 3515 4 Inch Electric Bench Belt Grinder: N10,500 – N11,800
  • Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder Bench Belt Grinder Bench Versatility Grinder HY3220A: N7,300 – N8,400
  • HESSENPRO HBG125 125MM 150W/250W/300W/450W bench grinder
  • machine bench grinder: N7,900 – N9,000
  • VIDO bench versatility grinder: N11,600 – N12,750
  • 2021 Ronix High-Quality Bench Belt Grinder, Jewelers Bench Grinder: N15,500 – N17,200
  • VIDO bench grinder 8” machine 350w 20mm: N9,500 – N10,700
  • Makute Professional 550W 200mm Bench Grinder Industrial Bench Grinder SIST-200: N11,550 – N12,780
  • FIXTEC Most Popular Bench Tools BENCH GRINDER: N7,880 – N8,240
  • Julante copper wire electric bench grinder 250w 5-inch: N6,300 – N7,000

Some of the possible reasons for price changes are the difference in location, the vendor that you look to and patronize, and the time of purchase. Now, let’s discuss other important pieces of information regarding shoe filing machines.

Where to purchase a shoe filing machine in Nigeria

There is always the question of where you can purchase items like this. Once upon a time, it was quite difficult to purchase such items. Today, the story has changed and we will show you where you can purchase a shoe filing machine in this section.

Dealers and suppliers

If you are more inclined towards purchasing products offline, then you can consider this option. There are several dealers and suppliers of shoe filing machines in different parts of the country. The challenge is finding reputable ones. One of the advantages of dealing with dealers or suppliers directly is that their goods are cheaper.

These businesses engage in the importation of these machines from other countries like China and Germany. Some of them only import one brand while others deal in multiple brands.

The easiest way to find a reputable dealer or supplier is to ask questions. You can reach out to shoemakers who have been in the business for a while.

One of the advantages of dealing with dealers or suppliers directly is that their goods are cheaper. However, most of them prefer to deal with buyers that will purchase in bulk.

Market retailers

If you are not purchasing the machines in bulk, then you may want to consider buying from retailers in the market. To do this, simply walk into any market in your locality and ask for the shoemaking section. With a few questions and directions, you should find the shop of a reputable retailer.

The benefit of purchasing from a retailer is that you can purchase a single item. Where the challenge lies is that you may pay far more than you would for the same item to a dealer. When purchasing from a retailer, ensure that you check the machine properly before payment. If you can, go along with a professional shoemaker that has experience in buying these machines.

E-commerce websites

Shoe Filing machine Prices in nigeria
If you like to purchase things online, then you may want to consider purchasing from an e-commerce website. There are so many websites in this category these days. From Alibaba to Konga and Jumia, you just need to enter the address into your browser and search.

These websites carry out a lot of due diligence on their vendors to ensure that the products are of high quality. As such, they are reliable, reputable, and trustworthy. Another advantage of purchasing your machine via an e-commerce website is that you get to see several products before choosing.

Where the problem lies is that you may not be able to verify if what you see is what you will get after payment. This is why we suggest that you check the return policy and warranty on the product before purchase. Buying a shoe filing machine via e-commerce websites is quite affordable but you get to pay for shipping.

What if you can’t afford a new machine? There are a few online marketplaces for used products such as Jiji and OLX. If you are going to purchase a used shoe filing machine, we suggest that you set up an inspection appointment.

During this appointment, you should inspect the machine to be sure that it is in great working condition. If you are satisfied with the product, you can make payment.

Shoe Filing Machine Maintenance Tips

Using a shoe filing machine is pretty easy. All you need to do is plug it into a power source and switch it on. But to ensure durability, you must maintain it. Here are a few tips:

Keep it clean

Your filing machine depends on its moving parts and spinning wheels to work. When these parts are clogged with debris and dirt, they could get stiff. You can blow it after each use using an air hose. This ensures that it is free from dirt and debris.

Cover the machine when not in use

Once you are done with blowing the machine, cover it. This way, you protect it from dust and dirt particles in the air.

Periodic inspection

When you notice that the machine is making a strange sound during use, stop and inspect it. Also, check its parts to be sure that they are properly oiled. If you notice any unusual vibrations or damage, reach out to a repairer.

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