Sealing Machines Review & Prices In Nigeria – Automatic & Nylon

Just so incase it happens that you’d be interested in the latest prices of sealing machines in Nigeria, either you’re looking towards purchasing a polythene sealing machine or water sealing machine, you will find out that there are various types, brands and prices of the sealing machines there is available in the market space.

A spoilt tomato or a fresh one? Crunchy chips or soft one. Obviously, nobody picks stale food over fresh ones. All things fresh, the sealing machine preserves them all. From processing to the delivery of consumables, The sealing machine helps you keep food fresh and safe from contamination.

A vertical form fill sealing machine is a type of automated assembly-line product packaging system, commonly used in the packaging industry for food, and a wide variety of other products.

Sealing items, whether perishable or not, in a plastic packaging is crucial to consumer consumption. Ranging from the food industry to the medical, industrial packaging and nuclear energy among others, sealing machine have vast use and value.

Sealing Machines Prices In Nigeria - Nylon & Automatic

Why Own a Sealing Machine?

If you are in any of the industries highlighted above, the curious need for sealing machine can not be overemphasized. Some of the benefit of using a sealing machine include :

Fresh Food  preservation

Asides the food industry, the cosmetic, vitamin and electrical companies use sealing machine as well. With that being said, sealing machines have been widely used in the packaging industry for years as a plastic bags are inexpensive to fill , seal and ship.

Easy maintenance

Sealing machines are simple cost effective to be maintained compared to other alternatives.  plastic packaging has been proven as reliable, safe system that protects packaged throughout the delivery and shell life of your products.

Sealing Machine Prices in Nigeria

seal Sealing Machines Prices In Nigeria - Nylon & Automatic

From manual sealing machines to automatic, in pneumatic, electric or stainless steel version, portable, placed on a table or on a rack with wheels, there is a large range of sealing machines that can meet different needs to close all kinds of bags and flexible pouches.

The prices of sealing machine vary from one machine to another based on a number of factors.

Here, are the Current Prices of Sealing machines in Nigeria : 

  • Mini Plastic Bag Sealer === (NGN) 900 naira — (NGN) 3,100 naira
  • Electric Nylon Sealing Machine === (NGN) 12,000 naira
  • High Quality Nylon Sealer + Cateridge Gas === (NGN) 7,500 naira
  • QASA – Nylon Sealer – QNS – 3200HI === (NGN) 9,000 naira
  • Food Nylon Sealer Machine === (NGN) 900 naira — (NGN) 1000 naira
  • Portable Household Anti Air & Water Erosion Electric Vacuum packaging Machine === (NGN) 10,890 naira — (NGN) 12,040 naira
  •  Electric Nylon Bag Sealer & Reseller Machine === (NGN) 1,800 naira
  • Multifunctional Vacuum Food Sealer Automatic Sealing Packer Packing Machine == (NGN) 26,820 naira — (NGN) 29,440 naira
  • Impulse Nylon Sealer === (NGN) 6,500 naira — (NGN) 7,500 naira

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Sealing Machine in Nigeria

Sealing Machines Review & Prices in Nigeria - Automatic & Nylon

There’s nothing worse than reaching for that steak you placed in the freezer weeks ago only to find it looking more like an icicle-coated Jack Nicholson from The Shining than anything remotely edible. A good vacuum sealer will stave off freezer burn and keep food fresher longer.

These are the things to consider below as there are different types of sealing machine so one needs to better understand these things before a decision of purchase is to be made.

  • Sizes
  • Cost
  • Heating Elements
  • Types
  • Controls Available
  • Physical Appearance
  • Types of Storage bags

Special Reference to the QASA Nylon Sealing Machine

QASA is one of the fastest upcoming appliances brand today providing consumers with a wide range of options to choose from. This machine Can seal anything in plastic bags to keep items safe and secured from water or any sort of moist best for packaging materials.

QASA Nylon Sealer QNS-3200HI sealing machine seals bags of candy, peanuts…etc. with a secure tight seal. It has a cast iron body. Electrical appliance with adjustable temperature dials for different bag materials and thickness.

The QASA Nylon Sealer QNS-3200HI sealer is an economic, durable and easy to use. The machine is controlled via a PLC which allows the operator to set the different times for the sealing operating, the temperature of the blades and also the length of film that is to be used.

The machine has a variable conveyor speed controller which makes the machine ideal for both manual and automatic feeding. Additional features of the machine is as follow: quick change over between productions and sizes, solid knife sealing blades make a consistent seal and are long lasting,
horizontal and Vertical sensors for the packaging of different products, automatic waste removal system, can use with existing tunnels.

Specs : 

  • Brand: QASA
  • Model: QNS-3200HI
  • Power Input: MAX 420W
  • Sealing Size: ≤200mm
  • 8 settings of temperature
  • Led light indicator


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