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The new year is already in full swing, which means you’re probably focused on keeping your resolutions, planning that roomy celebration, and reconnecting with family and friends. For many, that to-do list also includes finally setting up tech gadgets you purchased for your home, so you’ll know what’s happening while you are away. If you got a Ring device as a gift, it’s time to open that box, install it, and learn a little more about everything it can do.

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The New Control Center Empowers Ring Customers to Manage Important Privacy and Security Settings. At Ring, their mission is to make neighborhoods safer. While at the core of that mission, they’ve got customers — dedicated neighbors everywhere who are working together to make their communities safer. In this article, we believe that privacy, security, and user control are more than just ideas; they’re the tools customers use to help protect their homes, their loved ones, and their neighborhoods and this will come in very handy for us here in Nigeria.

Viewing & Managing Account Security

Be rest assured, if you want to give any of your family members or close friends access to your Ring devices, you can still add them (and remove them) as a Shared User on your account from the Control Center on the Ring app. No need to ever share your login credentials with anyone. Instead, have them create their own by adding them as a Shared User, ensuring that you are always in control of who has access to your account. Control Center is also helpful for those who use multiple devices to access and control their Ring account — like a tablet at home, a cellphone, or a computer at work. The new feature lets you see every device that’s authorized to connect to your Ring account and easily disconnect all of them whenever you want. From Control Center, you can also view and disconnect any individual app or service that links to your Ring account, like Alexa, when you need to.

Managing Video Request

With the video request tool, police cannot see your video recordings unless you explicitly choose to share them by responding to a specific video request. While you have always had the ability to opt out of these requests after you received your first one, Control Center now ensures that you don’t have to wait for that first request — you can easily opt out from the start. Control Center also enables you to learn how Ring protects your personal information and video recordings when local police use the video request tool. In addition to helping you enhance your privacy and security, the new Control Center includes an Active Law Enforcement Map. This map shows which police departments have joined the Neighbors app, including those in your local area. We hope this will help inform you about when police are working with your community.

ring doorbell Ring Video Door bell - You'll Never Feel like You Left Home nigeriantech.com.ng

Listed below are some helpful hints about all the ins and outs of Ring products — whether you got a Video Doorbell, Security Camera, Ring Alarm, or more — so you can start 2020 off right. Here’s how to start building a Ring of Security and give yourself the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

1 . Install the Device Using the DIY Guide

Rind devices can be easily installed. Screws, wires, and anything else you will need to get your new smart device set up are already in the box so no lengthy trip to the hardware store is required. If you need help along the way, visit the site at http://support.ring.com where you can speak to customer service agents or ask questions on Ring’s community forum.

2 . Decide your Power Source

At Ring, the company wants users to have the device that best suits their needs and their home. Having the right power source can make all the difference, which is why they offer a variety of power options: from battery-powered to hardwired to solar-powered.

3 . Always Control Your Device From the Ring app

You can utilize all the functions of your Ring device, add Shared Users, and control the security of your account. This is made even easier with the Control Center, coming later this month, which is a new, dedicated section of the Ring app where users will be able to manage their account privacy and security settings.

4 . Record and Store Videos From Your Device

in order to save and share them, you need a subscription to a Ring Protect Plan. Starting at just $3 a month per device, Ring Protect Plans save all of your videos for up to 60 days (in the U.S.) which will be available in Nigeria and Africa very soon and will give users the option to download the videos to their phone or computer and share them.

5 . Personalize Your Settings

Once your Ring device is set up, you can customize it to fit your unique needs. Set motion-detection zones to pick up (or ignore) motion from certain areas, ensuring that your device is protecting your home and doesn’t have any blind spots. You can also adjust your notifications so you receive alerts whenever it’s most important to you. The motion alert feature is ultra-sensitive too so be sure to utilize it.

6 . Expand Your Ring of Security

doorbell Ring Video Door bell - You'll Never Feel like You Left Home nigeriantech.com.ng

hoping that you’ll love the smart device you just received, there are lots of ways to further expand your Ring of Security. Ring products are meant to seamlessly work together, so it’s easy to add more Ring devices to your home, allowing you to build a complete home security system that you can access from anywhere with the Ring application.

Conclusion, Price & Availability

The Ring Video Door bell offers protection at every corner. With features of smart lightings, ring alarm, stick up cam, and accessories and it goes on sale for the price of $99.99 (USD) and it is fully on sale in america. And when it finally gets into the Nigerian market it will be sold at (NGN) 35,996naira or (NGN) 40,000naira as the case may be. keep up with us for more information on this amazing Device.

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