Rice Destoning Machine Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

The Rice Destoning machine is used mostly in a rice processing plant, often used by farmers and it is a very important tool in the rice manufacturing industry. Rice destoning machine is one of the necessary practical equipment for rice processing with stone removal effect reaching more than 98%.

Rice Destoning Machine Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria rice nigeriantech.com.ng

This machine comes with high screening efficiency, long life and non-blocking holes. Rice Destoner aids to rid rice stones of various sizes in order to get it neat and ready for consumption. The machine features an easy to operation long with long term service life, it ensures low noise, energy saving and proper environmental protection.

Using the rice destoner, users will get a high out, high sand and stone removal rate with no pollution. The device is a fully multi-purpose economical machine for screening rice and other common grain crops. This machine is a closed operation with a dust closing device, which has a good effect on reducing dust pollution.

In every rice production factory, a rice destoning machine is a must have. The main components of the rice destoner are more than enough ranging from the safety cover to the safety touch switch with the enlarged coarse sand outlet, the pure copper enlarged motor, the gravity stone removal screen, the feed control switch, the fine sand outlet and others.

This post shows the different types and brands of the rice destoning machine including the prices and where it can be purchased in the nigerian retail market space.

Rice Destoning Machine Prices in Nigeria

Rice Destoning Machine — 400,000 (NGN) — 500,000 (NGN)


High Efficiency
Small Grain Rice Destoning Machine
600Kg per hour
Efficient with Coffee beans and millet

Rice Destoning & Sand removing Machine — 700,000 (NGN) — 850,000 (NGN)


Weight 85kg
Size 680 x 500 x 695mm
Model TQSC – 22TQSC – 28
400Kg to 1000kg per hour
Voltage 220v 50hz220v/ 380v 50hz
Power 370w 370W 550W

Rice Destoning Machine — 800,000 (NGN) — 1.1million (NGN)


1.5kw electric motor machine 2.2horsepower
3 tons per hour capacity
Perfect Cleaning of rice

Rice Destoning Machine Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria nigeriantech.com.ng

Rice Destoning Machine — 350,000 (NGN) — 500,000 (NGN)


Efficient with coffee beans and millet
High Efficiency
500kg per hour
Small rice destoning machine

Rice Destoner & Polisher Machine — 400,000 (NGN) — 650,000 (NGN)


High Efficiency
500kg per hour
large & small grain rice machine

Rice Destoning Machine — 850,000 (NGN) — 1,000,000 (NGN)


High Efficiency
Low Power Consumption
2 tons per hour
Easy to operate
97% stone removing rate

Rice destoning machine was designed, fabricated and evaluated for performance. The traditional method of rice destoning machine characterized with a lot of deficiency in terms local rice containing smaller stones during destoning operation.

A lot of energy is expended in solving the problem of operation. The rice destoning machine consists of the following part: Hopper, Vibrating Sieve, Machine Frame, Pulley, Eccentric Shaft, and Blower.

Rice (Oryza sativa) is a cereal belonging to the Gramineae, a large monocotyledonous family of some 600 genera and around 10,000 species. It is valued as the most important staple food for over half of the world population (International Year of Rice, 2004) and ranks third after wheat and maize in production on world basis.

Rice is cultivated in almost all part of the globe including Nigeria. It has been estimated that over three-fifth of the world population will depend on rice as their staple food. Rice is one of the staple foods in Nigeria and it is cherished by almost all the ethnic groups and it is prepared into various delicacies.

For instance, in the northern part of Nigeria, rice can be milled and used for flour and also molded and fried into cakes. Large acres of plantation can be found in these areas, Lafia (northern Nigeria), Benue state (Middle Belt), Osun state (Western Nigeria), Ebonyi state (Eastern Nigeria) and other places.

Rice Destoning Machine Prices & Distributor Contact in Nigeria mill nigeriantech.com.ng

Rice Destoning Machine Distributor Contact in Nigeria

The rice destoning machine is available and on sale. It is fully distributed by Rex worth Engineering
Distributor Contact : +2347053977576

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