Refined Steel Bracelet Quantum Technology Review in Nigeria

Over time, the discovery of quantum technology has been a boost in the world. And after dedicated research, it has been fully added into product, resulting in a significant improvement in health.

Quantum medicine is called the third largest medicine in the future and it has two major properties:

  1. Characteristics of high frequency energy light wave : The resonance effect of quantum energy generates hundreds of millions of vibrations per second, forming high frequency energy wave. it can form resonance and conduction with the magnetic field energy of human cells.
  2. Characteristics of micro particles : Quantum particles are smaller than the extra-nuclear electrons of an atomic nucleus and even smaller particles of nanometer size, making it extremely easy to enter human cells.

Refined Steel Bracelet Quantum Technology in Nigeria

Features of the Refined Steel Bracelet

  • Balance Force :  Instantaneously increasing 30%-80% and improving the poor condition caused by lack of exercise and poor balance
  • Flexibility :  Momentarily increasing by 5%-15%, reducing backache and bone pain caused by sub health
  • Strength : Instantly strengthening 9%-25%, promoting harmonious exertion of body energy and improving physical quality
  • Endurance : Immediate increasing 20%-50%, improving the body function, so that user becomes dynamic

Note : Production of the product cannot replace drugs or medical devices. The elements used in each product is subject to the specific material information of the product.

In this post, we will analyze the reference figure of subcutaneous heat energy measurement before and after wearing the bracelet.

The heat energy produced by the body depends on the blood flowing under the skin, that is to say, if the amount of blood flowing through the skin increases, then the body temperature will increase. If the amount of blood flowing through the skin decreases, the body temperature will decrease.

The measurement results shows that the heat energy of subcutaneous tissue increases after wearing, indicating that the effect of promoting circulation is enhanced.

Refined Steel Bracelet Quantum Technology in Nigeria bra


The refined steel bracelet has a significant effect in improving sleep, neurasthenia, insomnia and relaxing nerve. It can shorten sleeping time, increase deep sleep time and improve sleep quality. It also relieves wrist pain, assist to strengthen wrist blood circulation, effectively reduce muscle fatigue, especially suitable for using computers for a long time and mobile phones.

It can also relieve hand pain of tenosynovitis.The bracelet can improve the balance of human body, enhance the co-ordination ability of limbs, strengthen the muscle fiber of human body, and develop muscle and enhance the flexibility of limbs.

Things to consider Before purchase

  • Negative ion {air}

Function : Being called air vitamin, the negative ion is very good to the human body respiratory system, the movement system, the immune system and has very good antistatic effect.

  • Germanite {Thermal energy}

Function :  It can effectively resist fatigue and radiation and improve the heat energy of subcutaneous tissue.

  • Magnet {cycle}

Function :  It can adjust blood pressure, reduce blood pressure, radiation, fatigue and it improves the oxygen carrying function of red blood cells and reduces blood viscosity.

  • Infrared {wave length}

Distributors of Magnetic Steel Bracelet in Nigeria

Contact  :  ACM Distributors >> 2347053977576

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