Python Programming in Nigeria

If you are interested in learning python programming language in Nigeria, you have to have at the back of your mind that there are a number of low cost or free resources that can assist you in getting started.

Whether you want to automate a few tasks on your desktop or explore a new career in technology, learning Python can help you make that happen.

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Python is known in developer circles as a programming language that can meet a variety of needs, and it’s easier to pick up than some alternatives. Perhaps that’s why Python is so popular.

Today in this fast-changing pace, technology has also seen a lot of changes. Now people have started using a machine to solve complex numerical problems. With the evolution of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

In this post, here is a closer look at what makes Python worth learning and what classes or other resources can help get you started.

What is Python?

Python was created in 1991 by programmer Guido van Rossum, who named it for the British comedy series “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” It was built to be easy to use but also powerful enough for a range of jobs. You can use it to build a simple calculator, develop a website or even employ machine learning techniques as a data scientist.

“Python as a language is very dexterous and enables a wide spectrum of usage for all skill levels,” says Sabin Thomas, vice president of application security engineering for Threat Stack Inc., a cloud security company.

Why Learn Python in Nigeria

Python programming language is well-suited for tasks big and small in Africa at large. Here are some reasons why:

  • The language is open source, meaning users can change and share it at will.
  • Users can take advantage of the free tips and custom programs put out by large communities of open-source enthusiasts and Python developers.
  • Python comes with a robust standard library, which can help troubleshoot issues or speed up development efforts, minimizing the amount of original code users have to write.

Python Syntax

Most programming languages have complex rules, and the code is often defined by a set of characters that can seem like gobbledygook to those with no programming background. Python’s syntax is so simple that you’ll probably find yourself using mostly natural language words when you start.

A key characteristic of Python is it can accomplish the same basic tasks other languages can by using much simpler code. Its syntax, referring to the rules that govern how programmers can use the code, is part of the reason for that.

An easier syntax also makes other elements easier to use in Python. This includes functions, lines of code represented by characters that run when called on. Users can input a series of requests into a function, and it can return an output in the form of data or manipulate other parts of the program.

In Python, you can define a function using the def keyword command. Calling the function my_function() runs the code defined within it, without having to rewrite all of it. In the example above, calling that function would display the text “This is a function.”

Python Loops

Loops in Python let programmers launch a series of statements multiple times. Now, as simple as loop statements seem, when you have to go over a massive list as you do something like build a large website, these simple statements can be surprisingly useful.  They are also helpful when moving to more complicated uses for Python, such as in data science and machine learning.

Python, Data Science and Machine Learning

Data scientists use programming languages like Python to gather and process data to produce insights that their organizations can act on. Although data science is a separate field from computer science, data scientists often use concepts from computer science to create programs that help aggregate and analyze data.

What makes Python well-suited for data science are the same attributes that make it popular in other fields – its scalability, large community and ease of use. Also, Python is a flexible language, which allows data scientists to use it to solve a range of problems.

One of the tools in a data scientist’s tool belt is machine learning, the ability to make a computer interpret data to predict an outcome. Python has a number of libraries that make it easier for data scientists to use machine learning techniques.

For example, the Scikit-learn library is a popular choice for those looking to do things like group data into clusters or develop regressions, which helps show relationships in data sets.

Python has the potential to add value to advanced machine-learning-based capabilities called neural networks and to data science as a whole, says Tate Nurkin, nonresident senior fellow with the Forward Defense Initiative at the Atlantic Council think tank and CEO of consulting company OTH Intelligence Group.

Both neural networks and data science, he says, “are core to the future of nearly every industry and definitely to the future of defense, security capabilities and operations.”

Benefits Of Learning Python in Nigeria

  • There is no need for compilation after writing the code. The Python code can be executed on any platform, as the interpreter generates the assembly language depending on the operating system. This, in turn, speeds up the process and makes prototype creation easier for programmers. Thus, it is simple to built prototypes in Python for any software or web-based applications.
  • Python is an open-source language that is available for free to use. However, it has many people always working on updating new releases or fixing any fixes for better use. This is one of the primary reasons it is adopted by many well-known companies like Google Search engine, Netflix, and many others. Python is mostly use in the field of Data Mining and Big Data Analysis. It finds its usage in the field of Data Visualization.
  • Python has vast supportive library functions and frameworks. This simplifies a lot of development process that happens with Python. Say, for example, Django and Flask framework is used to develop any web-based applications. You may also be using NumPy, Pandas, and many other frameworks to develop an application in Machine Learning using Python.
  • With the use of PyTest, PyUnit frameworks in Selenium, Python is mostly used for automated testing.
  • Owing to the simple syntax, this language can be easily grasped by non- programming professionals who need to follow up on the massive development groups implementing Python’s application.
  • Python is also used to implement scientific and numerical applications. These applications can use several available library functions to implement complex function.

How To Download Python in Nigeria

Python programming is free to download and use. To start, visit the Python Software Foundation’s website and select your operating system – Python works on Windows, iOS or Linux. Then, follow the instructions.

Python 3 is the most current version. While some older code may use Python 2, it’s no longer being supported, according to the Python Software Foundation. One key difference between the two is the syntax behind certain statements. For example, Python 3 uses parentheses in the print function. Python 2 doesn’t.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Python?

Learning Python well enough to pursue a career in Python programming can take as little as a couple of months if you have experience programming in other languages.

Programming Hero, which offers interactive coding tutorials, says you can learn Python in as little as two months. But that assumes you can sit in front of a computer every day and practice from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you have a day job, six months may be a more realistic timeline. That would require you to spend two to three hours a day, at least five days a week, working at a computer learning Python.

Keep in mind that Python developer or programmer roles can be quite varied. Not only that, but you also could use Python as a back-end web developer, data scientist, quality assurance engineer or systems engineer.

Each of these jobs requires different knowledge on how to use Python and common tooling to fulfill the responsibilities of the role.

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