Prices of Tokunbo Deep Freezer in Nigeria

Freezers are good to have in a home, the device is very efficient and it keeps your food well preserved. Having a freezer is important especially when the power outage is really low or out, the device will maintain a good temperature enough to preserve your food.

Prices of Tokunbo Deep Freezer in Nigeria

Tokunbo freezers come in different sizes, types and shapes. And they can save you money and give you value and efficiency in return. In this post, we will get to see the prices of various tokunbo freezers in Nigeria today. Tokunbo freezers are more popular in the market space and it is not surprising to see why it is that way.

Prices of Tokunbo Deep Freezers in Nigeria

The tokunbo freezers are cheaper, they are very much affordable and they offer the same value just as the brand new freezers. This makes them a reasonable option. You have to know that the prices of these used freezers are largely determined by the market and the rate of demand of the product.

Tokunbo Hisense Freezer & Prices in Nigeria

  • Hisense Chest Freezer 100 Litres — (NGN) 30,000 — (NGN) 40,000
  • Hisense Chest Freezer 200 Litres — (NGN) 40,000 — (NGN) 60,000
  • Hisense Chest Freezer 250 Litres — (NGN) 50,000 — (NGN) 70,000
  • Hisense Chest Freezer 300 Litres — (NGN) 65,000 — (NGN) 80,000

Tokunbo Scanfrost Freezer & Prices in Nigeria

  • Scanfrost Chest Freezer 100 Litres — (NGN) 35,000 — (NGN) 50,000
  • Scanfrost Chest Freezer 150 Litres — (NGN) 50,000 — (NGN) 70,000
  • Scanfrost Chest Freezer 251 Litres — (NGN) 60,000 — (NGN) 80,000

Tokunbo LG Freezer & Prices in Nigeria

  • LG Chest Freezer 100 Litres — (NGN) 25,000 — (NGN) 35,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 175 Litres — (NGN) 45,000 — (NGN) 60,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 200 Litres — (NGN) 45,000 — (NGN) 70,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 280 Litres — (NGN) 85,000 — (NGN) 130,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 325 Litres — (NGN) 80,000 — (NGN) 130,000
  • LG Chest Freezer 400 Litres — (NGN) 100,000 — (NGN) 180,000

Tokunbo Polystar Freezer & Prices in Nigeria

  • Polystar Chest Freezer 430 Litres — (NGN) 100,000 — (NGN) 120,000
  • Polystar Chest Freezer 300 Litres — (NGN) 80,000 — (NGN) 100,000
  • Polystar Chest Freezer 284 Litres — (NGN) 50,000 — (NGN) 80,000
  • Polystar Chest Freezer 200 Litres — (NGN) 45,000 — (NGN) 60,000
  • Polystar Chest Freezer 116 Litres — (NGN) 30,000 — (NGN) 45,000
  • Polystar Showcase Chest Freezer — (NGN) 100,000 — (NGN) 160,000

5 Things to consider before purchasing a Tokunbo Deep Freezer in Nigeria

  • Check the thermometer
  • Check your budget
  • Consider energy efficiency
  • Check the brand
  • Decide how much space you’ve got


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  1. Adamu manyisa says:

    Pls 100 liters is how much

  2. Dayo says:

    Pls i need 200litres of LG or polyster

  3. Peter says:

    I want LG chest freezer of 100 litres

  4. Oni semilore says:

    I want LG freezer 100ltrs pls very urgent

  5. Shishi Josephine says:

    Pls how can i get LG or scanfrost 150 – 200 liters in Abuja.

  6. Ogu Lucy says:

    How do I get tokunbo 200L poly star chest freezer

  7. Ogu Lucy says:

    I need 200L poly star chest freezer in Owerri

  8. Adeosun says:

    I need a good deep freezer like 200L. Pls I need a reply.

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    Please i need LG 100litres chest freezer in keffi, nasarawa state

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    I need 100liters of hisense chest freezer please it’s very urgent and l reside in lbadan

  11. joy says:

    how do i get a hisense or LG 100 litres deep freezer. I need a good deep freezer urgently

  12. Juliet moses says:

    I need 100litre at 25000 I am in adamawa state

  13. MIKE says:

    Please I need an affordable deep freezer of about 100 to 200 litres Or LG or Brim ASAP. I live in Onitsha. Thanks

  14. Amos says:

    I need 200L freezer

  15. Amos says:

    I need 200l polystar cheapest in Ife osun state

  16. Obande says:

    I how much is UK used deep freezer of 200liters ether thermacool or LG product

  17. Balogun Titilayo says:

    200 litres of freezer is how much pls I need a reply immediately

  18. ANIKE says:

    How can i get this : from the underlisted range
    Scanfrost Chest Freezer 150 Litres — (NGN) 50,000 — (NGN) 70,000
    Scanfrost Chest Freezer 251 Litres — (NGN) 60,000 — (NGN) 80,000

    My phone no is 08022205281

  19. Adeyinka says:

    How can i get hicense 200litres

  20. Moore Kolawole says:

    Hi, Can i get LG Chest Freezer 280 Litres?

    Contact me 08025147982

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    I need scanfrost chest freezer that is not more than #35,000….I live in Ibadan

  22. Rukayat says:

    I need 100litre at fadeyi Lagos is how much

  23. David says:

    How can I get 200litres in Abuja?

  24. christy umanah says:

    I need a UK used deep freezer urgently. 200 litters.
    Christy Umanah Lagos. 08023217617.

  25. OLAKUNLE says:

    Please where can I get a good working chest freezer in Ibadan?

  26. Msquare says:

    Can I still get any of these freezers now?

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    Please i need 150 litters.
    How much

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    Please I need Lg 150 litters
    How much

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    please i need LG 150 letters
    How much
    Please i need it now, 09057754940

  30. BEST says:

    Please I need LG 175 litre 45,000 to 60,000
    My 0
    Phone number is 08036880260

  31. BEST says:

    Please I need chest freezer 175 litre
    45,000 -60,000
    My phone number is 08036880260

  32. Danny says:

    Me too.. number is 08061240262

  33. Martins says:

    How can I get a 100 litres chest deep freezer 25k budget. I’m in Imo state

  34. I need deep freezer 175 liter, any one available for sale

  35. Runo says:

    I need 200liters deep freezer (Hisense). Budget #40k. Any available?

  36. Olayiwola Mariam says:

    How can I get deephisense freezer of 200litres am at Lagos State

  37. Arit Umoh says:

    Where can I buy 100L skyrun/scanfrost deep freezer in Calabar?

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    Please I need Hisense freezer 200litres how can I get it

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    I need a used freezer in oweeri

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    Please how much is 100L and 175L of L.G chest freezer?
    I base in Lagos
    Here is my Contact 07030290031

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