Prepaid Meter Price in Nigeria (Full Guide) 2023

How much is a prepaid meter in Nigeria? Today we’ll look at prepaid meter prices in Nigeria and the cost of electricity units. Additionally, we’ll also list procedures on how to apply for a meter in any Nigerian state.

A unit of electricity in Nigeria costs at least NGN 59.64/kWh. This is according to the current prepaid meter tariffs approved by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission in February 2022.
Prepaid Meter Price in Nigeria (Full Guide) 2023

Estimated billing has been a part of the cruise for electricity consumers, for this reason, customers have decided to put an end to the menace of estimated billing by applying for a prepaid meter from their respective power distribution companies under the MAP scheme.

Prepaid meter unit price in nigeria

The MAP scheme is an initiative from the industry regulation, Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission(NERC), designed to reduced metering gap within a DISCO’s network area.


There are 108 metering companies which have been given licenses by FG to supply meters to address problem of discriminatory and arbitrary billing in the electricity sector.

Here is a list of some licensed electricity meter manufacturing company operating in Nigeria;

  • Momas Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Ltd ( MEMMCOL)
  • Mojec International Limited,
  • Meron Consortium
  • Turbo Engineering Limited
  • Triple 7

Unfortunately, the application process can also be very hectic as many customers have complained about cases of delay and poor services at business units however they are a few who have been successfully metered and are very satisfied with their new billing system.

If you are currently having prepaid meter problem in Nigeria, this post will help solves some problems on meter application, activation, recharging, prepaid meter unit price and more.

Below are some answers to some frequently asked question on prepaid electricity meters.


The cost of a single phase prepaid meter is NGN 63,000 while a three phase prepaid electricity meter cost N118,000. These are the new fees according to the upward review in meter price as directed by National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).


Prepaid electricity units are now a popular way for Nigerians to save on their electricity bills. However, before you make the switch to a prepaid unit, it’s important to know the cost of prepaid electricity units in Nigeria.

Electricity tariff rates were increased in February 2022 and ever since many Nigerians have been forced to purchase more electricity units to meet their demands. Here is the Cost of Electricity Units in Nigeria.


To apply for a prepaid meter in Nigeria, visit the website or the nearest business unit of your power distribution company and obtain a copy of the prepaid meter application form. Fill and submit the prepaid meter application form to begin the application process.

Below are steps on how to apply for prepaid meter from all DISCOs in Nigeria.


Application for prepaid meter from Ikeja Electric has commenced. Below is a guide on how to get a prepaid meter in Lagos.

Below are the steps to get a prepaid meter from Ikeja Electric;

  • Step 1. Visit IKEDC website
    Visit the IKEDC website on
  • Step 2. Enter your Meter Account Number. New customers are to enter their meter account to lookup their profile
  • Step 3. Complete the KYC Process. In this steps, IKEDC customers will need to complete/Update their details on the webpage to initiate the account survey process
  • Step 4. Debt Repayment Agreement. Customers are advised to pay their outstanding bills by taking advantage of the various repayment option available. Also, outstanding balances can be rolled over into customer’s prepaid account and paid in installment in line with IKEDC’s repayment options.
  • Step 5. Meter Payment and Installation

All payments for the IKEDC Prepaid meters should be made into authorized bank accounts advised by the MAP. No customers should pay in cash for IKEDC prepaid meter to any individual.

How many unit is 1000 naira on prepaid meter?

30.8 EEDC units

P is the actual power consumption of each load in watts. ‘t’ is the numbers of hours it will take each load to consume 30.8 EEDC units when they are continuously connected to power supply The cost of electricity of each load per day was calculated using Equation 3. The 30.8 EEDC units cost 1000 Naira.

Can I load my prepaid meter with generator?

Make sure you are connected to the electricity supply, not to the generator. The units allotted to that recharge will appear, if successful.

How many numbers does a prepaid meter have?

How to Find Your Prepaid Meter Number. The first place to check your prepaid utility meter for a number that is 11 digits long. This is usually on the front of the meter.

What are the problems with prepaid meters in Nigeria?

Some of the identified challenges are absence of vending infrastructure, non-tripping of the contractor, the cost of acquiring the meter, and delays in receiving and installation of prepaid meters.

What time of month should I buy prepaid electricity?

You should buy units on the 1st of the month because the rate per unit increases as the month goes on. The City has an inclining block tariff which is refreshed every month, so if you only purchase in the first block, you pay the same amount; the higher cost of the second block kicks in once you reach the threshold.

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