Polystar Brand Review & Prices in Nigeria

POLYSTAR is a consumer electronics brand under Polysonic Nigeria Limited. It is not a new name in the Nigerian small and large home appliances space. Polystar is one of the leading brand of top indigenous consumer electronics in the country’s electronics market.

Polystar Brand Review & Prices in Nigeria Nigeriantech.com.ng

The company has secured an enviable position for itself in the all competitive consumer electronics market space and this is due to the unmatched quality, affordability, and full durability of their products.

Most of their product comes with a standard 2-years warranty which is one year extra to what other companies offer.

In manufacturing Polystar Electronics products, there’s an extensive consideration of the Nigeria’s environmental, climatic, and power peculiarities. They can boast of having some of the very best household appliances in Nigeria.

Are polystar products good?

All products are manufactured with state of the art technology which confirms its durability.

Polystar offers a wide range of affordable and durable electronic and home appliances that are functional and easy to use. With a very wide selection of appliances, you can easily equip your home appliances based on your budget and product needs.

Polystar Electronics Review & Prices in Nigeria

The Polystar range is supported by robust sales and reliable service centers. Their philosophy is to ensure that their products are reliable, innovative and affordable. They have also been active in their drive to make their products more accessible to customers.

This is one of Nigeria’s leading electronics brand, and the company is making a very bold statement as the company just recently opened a multi-billion Naira Polystar Tower at the heart of highbrow Lekki area of Lagos.

The building, which rises to about 10 stories, with a rooftop terrace, has been described as the biggest wholly-owned office building by an electronics company in Nigeria.

While the interior of the building is sprawling with several state-of-the-art facilities, fittings, and fixtures, one of the outstanding fixtures present were the never before seen industrial air conditioners, wholly made by Polystar.

It is impressive to learn that an indigenous owned electronic company in Nigeria like Polystar could produce such electronic masterpieces that could compete with the best of other global brands.

Polystar Products Line includes;

  • LED TV (3D TV)
  • Refrigerators and Deep Freezers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Gas cookers
  • Washing Machines
  • Water Dispensers
  • Industrial Fans and
  • Rechargeable Fans.

Polystar Television

A TV is a big part of our life, and your new TV could be your family’s best friend for years to come. Today, TV has become an integral part of any household as a refrigerator or a cupboard. It is a healthy and good source of both education and entertainment. With the current advancing technologies and mind-blowing innovations, it is without a doubt that the Television has evolved.

From the monochrome to the colored TVs; from the CRT models to the flat screens; from being limited to viewing only local channels to today, streaming Netflix shows/movies. Polystar Televisions are not an exception to this advancement in television technology.

Polystar Televisions come in various sizes from 32 inches up to 65 inches and designs including flat and curved TV screens. They come fully stocked with amazing features that makes them so irresistible. Some Polystar television has the energy saving function that allows you stay entertained without consuming much power.

Other features include a USB port that allows you to easily connect devices to the Television. The Polystar Television delivers impressive high definition resolution for an amazing viewing experience. These ranges of smart TV are known to be strong and reliable.

With a vibrant Full HD display with color enhancing technology, you get to enjoy great graphics to satisfy your desire for entertainments. With many other amazing features, Polystar televisions give you the very best quality and good value for money.

Polystar – 32″ LED TV – PV-HD32D15DVBT (NGN 51, 000 – NGN 72, 000)

Key specifications.

  • Type : Smart TV – LED
  • Technology : Plasma
  • Resolution : Ultra HD resolution
  • Features : HDMI, USB, Wifi, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, N-Screen Web Browser

55″ SMART TV: PV-GLHD5515DVBT (NGN 188, 000, 225, 000)

Key Specifications

  • Type : Smart TV – LED
  • Operating System : Android
  • Chipset : Quad-core CPU and GPU
  • Technology : DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial)
  • Resolution : Ultra HD resolution
  • Features : WiFI, USB Ports, HDMI, Smart Energy Saving, ES file Explorer, PC Input.

Polystar Cookers

Polystar Cookers are efficient, durable and reliable. They often come in smooth stainless steel body with a finished design that makes them perfect for your kitchen space.

The bodies of these cookers are easy to use and maintain, all you need to do is to soak a kitchen towel in water and use to wipe its body after use.

Polystar cookers feature a varying number of burners from 2 burners on their table top models, up to 6 burners on their Range cookers.

They also come in different designs and have different kinds of fuel source; Gas, electric or even dual fuel source. There’s so much more to Polystar cookers.

Polystar Gas Cooker 4 Burners And 2 Electric Cooker – PVFS-90G2 – (NGN 170, 000)

Key features:

  • Type : Gas Cooker
  • Number Of Burners/Plates : 4 Burners, 2 hotplates
  • Features : Mirror Glass Door, Oven Burner, Cast Iron Grates, Glass Cover


Key features:

  • Type : Gas Cooker
  • Properties : 4 Burners, Gas oven
  • Features : Glass Lid, Gas Grill, Eco Euro Pool Burner, Gas 4, Gas Oven, Oven Tray and Grill, Glass Oven Door

Polystar Refrigerators

Polystar Refrigerators are the ideal cooling companion in homes and offices. Some advantages that Polystar refrigerators have include low power use, low noise operation and fast freeze functionality. They often feature an 100% HFC& FCKW free design that makes them one of the most energy efficient appliances.

The Polystar refrigerators often have ample storage capacity, giving you enough space for food storage. They make it possible for you to buy food in bulk which in the long term will save you a lot of money.

They also have high speed cooling that ensures that foods are cooled in a relatively short time. They are of very good quality.

One other advantage of Polystar refrigerators is that they give you the opportunity to arrange food items in an orderly manner. They feature high efficiency compressors and easy to clean interiors. They are conveniently designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen décor.

Single Door Refrigerators (NGN47, 000 – NGN118, 000)

Key Features:

  • Type : Polystar Single Door Refrigerators
  • Capacity : 177 Litres – 284 liters
  • Features : Adjustable Thermostat, Manual Defrost, 100% HFC free & FCKW free.

Standard Refrigerators (NGN 83, 000 – NGN 230, 000)

Key Features

  • Type : Polystar Standard Refrigerators
  • Capacity : 83 Litres – 429 liters
  • Features : Adjustable Thermostat, Manual Defrosts, 100% HFC free & FCKW free.

Polystar Air Conditioner

Polystar Air Conditioners are designed to be harmonized with the interior of your home with minimal and basic style for the beauty of your home. The white design on the front of their products reflects the surrounding environment to emphasize the interior and it delivers amazing beauty through the solidity of the material.

These air conditioners deliver cool air to every corner of your room. They feature a 4 way swing function that blows the air quickly and efficiently in many directions.

There’s also a comfort sleep mode that ensures the utmost comfort sleep environment by automatically adjusting 3 different functions.

Polystar 2hp Split Inverter Air Conditioner – Pv-18inv (NGNG 172, 000)

Key features:

  • Type : Split AC
  • Cooling Capacity : 2 Horse Power
  • Features : Powerful Cooling, Odour removing function, Durable build

Polystar 5 Tons Floor Standing Air Conditioner PVF503C – (NGN435, 000)

Key features:

  • Type : Floor Standing Air Conditioner
  • Cooling Capacity : 5 tons
  • Features : 42000 BTU, Durable Build, Powerful Cooling, Odor-Removing Function, Rotary Compressor, Gas Type: R22 (Eco-Friendly)

Polystar Floor Standing LED Air Conditioner – 2 Tons – PVF-202C (NGN 195, 000)

Key features:

  • Type : Cooling Only
  • Cooling Capacity : 18000;5280 BTU
  • Features : Standing AC, Auto Swing, Wireless Remote Control
  • Moisture removal : 1.5

Polystar Washing Machine

The best washing machines can make laundry day a little less tedious and Polystar washing machine is exactly that.

Whether you need a budget-friendly washing and spinning machine that can handle a large family’s weekly load, or a smart machine that can be controlled from the other side of the house, Polystar has everything you need.

Polystar washing machines often come in a compact design that lets them fit perfectly into any home. They have various designs from Top loading machines to washer dryer combos.

They are easy to use, install and maintain, and they can be powered with a generator as well. Polystar washing machines ensures better quality wash at all times.

Polystar top loader washing machines are very economical and sometimes feature a mechanical water control level.

They have several capacities that are capable of fitting into any laundry needs. They are so efficient such that they help you save money on your utility bills, using only as much power and water as needed.

Polystar Washing Machine – PVWD-12K- (NGN 89, 000)

Key features:

  • Type : Washing and Spinning Machine
  • Capacity Washing : 9.8kg
  • Spinning : 6.0kg
  • Features : Plastic exterior, low power consumption

Polystar Top Load Washing Machine PVWD-6.5kg (BF16) (NGN31, 000)

Key features:

  • Type : Top Load Washing Machine
  • Capacity : 6.5kg
  • Features : Plastic exterior, low power consumption, Water Proof Grade: Ipx4, Magic Filter Screen

The prices may differ depending on the platform your are purchasing from. For best deals, we advice that you check out the daily deals at the section of some popular e-commerce retail stores close to your region.

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